Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"The Charge of the Light Brigade"
I would venture to say that Alfred Lord Tennyson might find the obvious correlation between the title of his poem and the new American military, just a little disturbing.
It probably won't be long now until Congressman Barney Frank (pictured above with friend) throws his hat into the ring for appointment to some/any post in the Pentagon. I have no doubt that since "Don't Ask Don't Tell" has been repealed, any position where Barney has authority over military personnel will please him, no end. Obama's signature hasn't even had time to dry on the document yet, and Barney Frank is already trying to make sure that the now openly gay servicemen are allowed to shower with the straight servicemen.
My hat goes off to, and my heart goes out to the Commandant of the Marine Corps for his understandable opposition to repealing DADT. There will be numerous distractions and problems that will come about from, this repeal of DADT, simply put, who must shower with whom will just be scratching the surface. The bottom line problem in my minds eye, will be keeping the straight servicemen from engaging in a mass exodus from military service. At any given time there are and have been a minimal amount of gay recruits and active duty servicemen, now, with the repeal of DADT, there will be more gays entering the military, this you can count on. Consequently, the predicament is reversed. Will straight servicemen and women be comfortable with the openly gay activities of their comrades in arms? Somehow, I don't think so!!! Suffice to say, there are more straight servicemen and women in our armed forces than there are gays. So, I ask you, what happens if the straights decide not to serve along side the gays? We do have an all volunteer military, do we not? Then, that does leave America in quite a pickle should the straight servicemen and women decide to search for another field of endeavor, does it not? As an ex-serviceman myself, I think this entire repeal of DADT has the potential to blow up in Obama's face. That is of course if Obama really cares whether the American military survives this radical change. I'm thinking that Obama and his minions are not only sure the American military will collapse in upon itself, but they are counting on it, and that's why so many are being sacrificed for so few. When the straight servicemen leave, then Obama will be left with a few gays to carry the entire weight of this nation's security, and he also knows, that the gay military can not handle it on their own. This will be just another nail in the United States of America's coffin. First destroy the economy, then take over industry and banking, and destroy that, then take over health care, and destroy that, strictly through its unsustainability. Then get control of the media, and now, destroy the readiness of the military. What a sweet little package our President has bundled up in two short years.
As I've said many times throughout the last two years, Obama is not dumb, he is not ignorant, he is not inept, and all the things he's doing that seem,well, stupid, are not stupid at all. Obama and his Progressives intended to fundamentally change America, (he said so himself), and that is exactly what he is doing. Those who say Obama is young and inexperienced, are simply playing into his hands. To state that his actions are those of an inexperienced President, is simply affording him a pass. It's so very obvious to see that Obama wants all of America and the world to think he is just making the mistakes of an inept leader, that all one must do is to look at what he is doing from his standpoint. Collapse America, and build a new One World Order. Has it not occurred to anyone else but us few, that America is the last bastion of freedom in the world? Do we not realize that it is America that keeps the One World Order from coming to fruition?
One thing that American people and the world's people need to understand, and that is, Obama is only interested in his agenda and the agenda of his leader George Soros and the Progressive minions at their beck and call. The repeal of DADT wasn't done so Obama could please the gays, and the Obama Care plan wasn't done to be sure 30 million Americans have health care. Obama and Soros have no interest in gays and lesbians, and they could care less if you or I ever have health care. All these entitlements are being put into place to add to the chaos, and believe me America, chaos is coming, and it's coming fast.
Look at the signs, prepare yourselves!!!
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Sito

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