Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"To the victor, belong the spoils", a phrase coined by New York Senator William Marcy 1786-1857

If any, or all of you have been tuning in to the Glenn Beck Program this week, then you know that Glenn has presented a very dismal and depressing example of America's future. The most frightening thing about the picture of our future, is that it may soon become reality. Glenn Beck is correct about what will occur after the Fed pumps 600 billion more dollars into this world economy. It will inevitably result in a drastic, if not fatal devaluation of the American dollar. Glenn is also correct about George Soros and his minions being the manipulating arm in this diabolically designed demise of the United States. Because the United States is the last Christian bastion on the globe, we are the prime target of Satan. George Soros was merely practicing when he choreographed the collapse of the economies of many small European countries. America and Christianity is Soros' final conquest. George Soros is no longer hiding for two reasons; one, Glenn Beck has exposed him, and two, George Soros is emboldened by his previous successes. There is no doubt in my mind that we are dealing with plans laid Satan himself. Soros is most certainly in league with the Devil, and they will not stop until America, and Christianity are no more. The ideology of a One World Order, can not come to fruition if a free America, with God as it's Divine Creator and Jesus as it's Saviour continues to thrive. This is why for many years now, God and worship of Jesus Christ have been systematically removed from government, schools, and public places. A nation without God, is a nation of lost individuals who can and will certainly be led like sheep to the slaughter. One World Order, One World Governance, One World Slavery.

For a number of months, I've been trying to figure out whether it is the Soros group of elite Progressives that will dominate the world, or Islam. I am now 90% sure it will be Soros and his Progressives that will win out. Like everyone and everything
else, Islam will fall by the wayside, not without a fight however. Unfortunately for the Muslims, although they are many in number, they have no one leader, and amongst themselves they will continue to fight. The Progressives on the other hand, will control the world's wealth, food and energy. Withholding all or any one of these necessities for an extended period of time will cause the eventual surrender of even the strongest enemy, victory through attrition, if you will. In the mind of a demon like George Soros, all will have to conform to the One World Order, or they will be eliminated.
On this day, 11/11/2010, Veterans Day. A day set aside in America to say thank you, and extend the respect and admiration to all Veterans from this grateful nation. It seems reprehensible that Barack Obama the so-called Commander In Chief of America's armed forces would be calling for $100 billion in cuts for defense spending. A move that will certainly make this nation weaker, and less able to defend the freedom and liberty that is America. As a Veteran myself, it angers me, depresses me, and places a revulsion in me that I have never experienced in my lifetime at our United States Government. In knowing how many men and women have sacrificed for our freedom, and so many giving the ultimate sacrifice, should our president and congress have the right to sell our republic down the river? Are those sacrifices to be in vain? Freedom Is Not Free, it never has been, and never will be. The time is now to take a stand against Islam, Progressive Socialism, and the One World Order. Pray for a Holy Ghost Awakening and a revival in this land.
This is the message from "The Watchman"
God Help Us