Friday, September 30, 2011


Dateline:  9/28/2011
Headline, CNN:  Iran planning to send ships near U.S. waters, CNN International

  My question, is what U. S. waters?  Off the East Coast, maybe in New York Harbor, why not just anchor close to the Statue Of Liberty, perhaps Ellis Island?  What am I talking about you ask?  What I'm saying is, thanks to our appeaser Socialist/Progressive and Chief, the United States of America no longer has sovereign waters.  Obama signed over all of America's coastal waters and even our inland waters to the U.N..  How soon we forget the damage Obama has done.  May I recommend you go back into my Blog archives to the date 6-21-2011, or just click on the link I provided at the top of this page too SOS-LOST-AT-SEA. Basically, if Iran wanted to, it could send it's warships right into the Saint Lawrence Seaway through the series of locks and canals and park their ship right at the dock at Great Lakes Naval Base.  Because, once again, thanks to Obama we (America) no longer own, or has control of the either the East or West Coastal waters, the Great Lakes, or the inland waterways, and that includes the shoreline adjacent to the water's edge.  Just a reminder, the Mississippi River isn't sovereign anymore either.  Actually none of the rivers in the United States belong to America anymore.  Need to use some land near any waterway in America, call the U.N. and see if it's okay before you build.  It is all under the control of the United Nations.  That's right, The Law of The Sea Treaty and UN Agenda 21.  Of course you know that Agenda 21 and the submission to The Law of The Sea Treaty is all for the good of the planet.  America may end up with warships from every country in the world at our doorstep, but at least we'll be environmentally safe.  What are the chances that Iran has a copy of the Law of The Sea Treaty?  If my instincts are correct, Iran can patrol America's waterways at will, as long has they've got the permission of the United Nations.  I doubt that Iran, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela or any other enemy of the U.S. has to ask permission to enter, because Obama already gave them his permission. 
  Did I hear a large group of America's useful idiots chanting "four more years! four more years!" the other night at an Obama fundraiser?  Don't answer that, I know what I heard, and it makes me sick to stomach.  Four more years of Barack Hussein Obama, and their will no longer be an America.  At least no a United States of America anyway.  If Obama manages to somehow to get re-elected, this Republic will not be recognizable to the world, it won't even be recognizable to those of us who still exist here.  I use the word "exist" because I feel that living in America will be merely an existence, should Obama be allowed to remain in the White House.  Obama has an agenda, a goal if you will, to take the United States down the Socialist path to the one world order.  Those who don't see this agenda for what it is, are blind, dumb, in denial or are in on the big Obama plan.
  I'm still trying to figure out why Barack Obama remains  president.  How is it that "We The People" can see this president as the traitor that he is, yet those in congress who are supposed to be representing the people refuse to see the damage that Obama is doing?  Perhaps it's true, Barack Obama has made congress irrelevant in the big scheme of things.  There is no doubt that whenever Obama doesn't wish to get something passed through congress, he simply appoints another czar, signs a new executive order, shreds more of the Constitution, and proceeds along his merry way, to another vacation.  Has Barack Obama really found a way to tie the hands of congress and the Supreme Court?  I'm beginning to think so!!!  What other reason would there be for Obama to still be president?  "Four more years!, four more years!", this country can ill afford to have Obama as president for four more months, let alone four more years.  You can't tell me that no one in Washington, D.C. can see that every time Obama signs an executive order that America gets weaker.  The United States has already been degraded from the most influential country in the world, to the laughing stock of the world.  We are being systematically reduced from being "the" super power, to a super power, and Obama isn't finished yet.  Plans are already in the works to reduce America's defense budget even more.  If allowed to continue on the same path, America will be one of the weakest nations on the face of the earth, and we will surely be at the mercy of our enemies, no matter how small they are.  Oh Yes, that's what we need, four more years... 
  Dear America:  I regret to inform you of the demise of our Republic.  Cause of Death:  Congressional fear of the President. 
  Please do not be surprised if there is no free and fair election for 2012.  As we no longer have a President in the White House, we have a dictator.  We no longer have a congress with power, but instead, a congress of gutless cowards who tremble in their boots when Obama gives an order.  If congress had any integrity and fortitude, impeachment proceedings would have begun a year ago.  When my representative writes a letter whining that the President is doing this, and the President is doing that, I get a sick empty feeling in my stomach.  Do these elected representatives not realize that they are in the position to stop Obama?  What do they expect me to do about it?  The entire game is called "help, help me, I have a broken wing, and the President is stepping on it".  Our congress really makes me sick, I say cowboy up, if you don't like what this President is doing, go on TV, make your case to the people.  But don't just whine to constituents in a letter.  If congress is too mealy mouthed to stop the President, then who can???  In my mind, there is absolutely no fathomable reason for Barack Hussein Obama and his family to still be occupying the White House.  
  Congress will not act against him, they will not vote to overturn his executive orders that are destroying this nation.  What are we going to do?  I don't know what we're going to do.  Pray, that's all, pray.  
The Watchman