Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Last Piece of the Puzzle
Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov't Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers | CNS News
  Now that this last piece of the puzzle has been laid, the U.S. economy will collapse under it's own weight.
  My friends, "reality" has now come to a point where we will all have to deal with it, it can no longer be ignored, it can no longer be something coming down the pike, or something expected in the distant future, reality is here and it is now in real time.  As I've written a number of times in previous posts;  "Reality is not an inherently dangerous concept, but it can be extremely cruel if not recognized for what it is." 
  Here is the reality:  Our nation, under the leadership of the present administration has tipped the proverbial scales of national destruction and tipped them past the point of no return.  Once the point of no return is reached, the nation and it's people will be forced to complete the entire trip.  Allow me to explain:
  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, (I hope you're sitting down)!  108,592,000 (that is 108 million, five hundred ninety-two thousand) are "means-tested" recipients of government benefits.  Broken down:  82,457,000 people receive Medicaid.  49,373,000 receive Food Stamps.  20,223,000 receive Supplemental Security Income.  There are 23,228,000 receiving benefits from the Women's, Infants and Children's program.  13,433,000 people in government subsidized housing programs.  5,098,000 in the temporary needy people and families program.  Okay, we've determined those numbers to all be in the millions of people, and they add up to the original number of 108,592,000 give or take a couple of hundred people at any given time.  The United States has a population of just over 300,000,000, the exact number cannot be determined, as our government has no realistic idea of who was, is, or may be in this country.  Either way, a number approaching or surpassing 1/3 (one third) of the population is receiving some type of government assistance.  Now here is the shocker:  According to the Census of 2011, the number of full-time workers/tax-payers in this country is approximately 101,716,000.  The basic math tells me that our nation now has more receivers than supporters, 6,876,000 less.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is a substantial number.
  Some people ask me; what does "means tested" mean?  A simple way to put it is by example, so allow me to try.  You are a family of four (4), you take your family to a nice restaurant order a pretty fine meal, so far so good?  The management comes to your table, with the check, on the check are charges for two (2) family of four meals.  You question the bill, and here comes the explanation:  "Sir, the manager has determined that you are a family of higher means (income) than another family of four eating right over there.  That family sir, has less income than you apparently, or at least that is what they've related to us.  We are not allowed to question them because inquiry of their income would be offensive.  As a result, we did a "means test" and determined that you will be required to pay not only for your family, but you will have to pay for that family also.  We, the management have taken the liberty to add both server gratuities on you check.  Thanks for dining with us, come back again real soon. "That is how "means testing" works.  Simply substitute the word "management" with the word "government".  Basically it is redistribution of wealth, yours!!!  Welcome to Socialism/Communism/Progressivism at it's finest.  For those who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, especially the second time, may I strongly suggest Harri-Kari. 
  There is no question that the demise of the U.S. has been in the planning stages since it's inception.  Now, all that Socialist planning and scheming has come to it's full fruition.  The long understood way to destroy a country financially among Socialists and Communists has been to find ways to overload the system.  Today, under Barack Obama's diabolical eye, they have accomplished just that.  The day our nation supports more entitlements without enough income to pay for those entitlements is the day the "death spiral" began.  We are now a nation with $17 trillion of real debt and looking to borrow even more, we already have $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities for our grand children and great grand children to shoulder, how can this be sustained?  (Hence, the last piece of the puzzle, all the Socialists/Communists have to do is wait for the collapse.)  The truth is, it cannot be sustained.  At the end of America's death spiral will be a crash of, (dare I say it?) , Biblical proportions.  In essence, and at best the United States of America will be a mere shell of what we used to be.  The biggest culprit "APATHY".
  So what will become of us?  Logically, the all giving, all knowing government will be forced to cut costs, desperate times will result in desperate measures.  First there will larger cuts to the nation's defense budget and of course defenses.  The government, in a last ditch effort will print billions in worthless paper money that will result in inflation not seen since the Weimar Republic.  Then the cessation farm subsidies.  Then the government will cease to buy from the private sector, which in turn will force more and more people toward unemployment compensation.  Stores will have food shortages, but the entitlements to this administration's pet lobbies will be the last on the chopping block.  People will be hungry, there will be less and less jobs, gasoline and energy costs will go through the roof.  There will be uprisings in the streets of this once great nation, there will be blood spilled.  This is the reality of Socialism and Communism.  Eventually government entitlements will be brutally curtailed most will be halted completely.  Because of the earlier cuts to law enforcement, violence will be everywhere, desperate people will do desperate things. 
  I strongly urge preparation for what is inevitable, and it is inevitable.  People will need to turn back to God, as prayer from a penitent and repented nation is the only way to regain the blessings the Lord once bestowed upon us.  At the same time, stocking up on bullets and bottled water should be at the top of the to-do list.  You will, more than likely need both of those items.
  Because we have traveled beyond the point of no return, our nation must experience it's own death. 
  All may not be lost however, because we, for the most part are still Americans, and we are resilient.  So, although America, such as it was, will be no more, when the spiral ends, and the dust settles, and if other country's haven't already divided up the spoils of our fallen nation, we can, and we will rebuild.  God willing!
The Watchman

Thursday, October 24, 2013


  "Defund Obama Care!"  "Repeal Obama Care!"  "Don't Tread On Me!"  "Taxed Enough Already!"  "Remember the First and Second Amendments!"  "We're a Constitutional Republic!"  "We the People!"
  Nobel words all!!!  So why are we now begging Obama to please Sir give us just a little more time, please Sir just 6 more weeks...  How pathetic, I think I'm going to puke!
  Where is it written that the American people have all become loyal, reluctant perhaps, but loyal subjects to the Obama dictatorship?  When Republicans were elected to a majority in the House of Representatives, each and every one of the newly elected ran a campaign with one unified goal on their agenda.  But now, well, where are we now?  Has Obama care been defunded, has it been repealed, has it even been reined in?  No, nothing has happened.  So were all these new Republicans overstating their authority and did their ambition overwhelm their logic, did they even have a remote chance of accomplishing what they were sent to Washington, D.C. to achieve?  I remain disillusioned, dismayed and extremely disappointed.
  Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the Obama Care website roll out happened, or should say didn't happen.  When the website failed, the failure became the number one topic of news agencies and the Republican representatives, not to mention conservative talk radio.  It's almost as if there really was no Obama Care Act in the first place, now it's all about the incompetency of Obama and his minions.  It grieves me to see our highly educated representatives come under the influence of another Obama magical show of prognostication.  It makes me ask the question:  Just how much of the Greatest Sham on Earth can our elected reps. sit through before they realize they've already witnessed this particular performance, time and time again.  Why I ask myself have our once gung ho representatives gone from repeal and defund too, please, oh Ruler of the people, can you just give us more time to shove this mandate down the throats of our constituents?  Please, Sire Obama, please fix your website so that your people can sign up and pay for something they never wanted in the first place?  What happened?  What on earth happened?!?  In the last two days I've heard more groveling on behalf of the people than ever in history.  I'm of the inclination that if the website never comes online, that will be a good thing.  I'm of the inclination that if no one signs on, Obama Care will surely fail, how could it not?  So why are the very people we sent to D.C. to basically obliterate this illegal legislation, groveling before the president to extend the time before we the people will be eventually kicked in the face?  If any one of these truckling, sniveling representatives ever gets re-elected after this piteous display of pleading for mercy from Obama, on behalf of the people, I will throw up. 
  Something I feel led to reiterate, Obama and those he has placed in high office are not by any stretch of the word incompetent.  They are diabolical, they are underhanded but, they are not incompetent.  Anyone who believes that this website failure was the result of Kathleen Sibelius' incompetence is sadly mistaken.  She is an Obama stooge, she has done what she was told to do, and no, she will not be punished for her website failure, simply because the so-called failure was planned.  It was planned to distract the people from asking "why" do we need Obama Care in the first place.  In Obama's eyes, "mission accomplished!"  This sideshow website failure rates right up there with Obama's mysterious fainting woman act.  Is anyone actually buying into the fainting-lady performance anymore?  Do I have to remind you that fainting ladies have been booked for almost every one of Obama's speeches.  I would guess that a quick scan of the president's teleprompter will tell the tale.  Cue:  Obama..turn around,catch fainting lady...    at just the right moment, makes him look caring and concerned, when in reality he couldn't care less.  Theatrics, nothing but theatrics.
  I will be the first one to admit that our American form of health care could have used some revamping.  We'd all like to see those who are without health care, get good health insurance at an affordable price.  We'd all like to see the price of prescription medications rolled down so that people could afford them.  I, for one, think that the price of medications in America are over the top and very unaffordable for a number of our citizens, especially those with diseases as devastating as cancer, but implementing social health care will not make these things more affordable, instead the costs will double for some, and triple for others, and that just shouldn't be.  There is no reason that a nation as strong and as caring as this one is to not be able to find a better way than a world failed Socialist system.  The Socialist's aim is not to raise the standard of living for the less fortunate, it is to lower the standard of living of the more fortunate.  Obama's Socialist/Communist agenda is not much different from all the previous failed Socialist governments around the globe.  There is but one slight difference, it's called Global Socialism, and it's more commonly known as the One World Order.  Don't kid yourself, it's coming and many Americans are already on the One World band wagon.  Why, because the thought of free stuff, without working appeals to many, at least for awhile.  
  I would like to see a national "  WE WILL NOT COMPLY" campaign begin across this nation.  We will not enroll in Obama Care, we will not pay the fine, and should government agents approach our homes with intent to collect or arrest, we will respond in a strong, determined and resistant way.
  People, bear in mind, Obama Care is not about Obama's unending concern for your health, it's about Obama's agenda to control the people.  We are the people, you are the people.  United we stand, divided, Obama and his elitists win.
  God help us!
The Watchman

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


    Just what is Obama Care exactly.  Perhaps I should start out by referring to it as the "Totally Unaffordable Health Care Act", after all, that is exactly what it should be titled.  Then again, should the words health care act even be included in the title of this apparent debacle?  Once again, I catch myself lending credibility to this national sham, by referring to it as an "act" in the first place.  Whatever you choose to call this administration scam, the wrong perspective is at work here.  Allow me to explain.
  Remembering, that this is my opinion, and although I believe what I'm writing to be factual, my opinions are simply food for your thought, and as always, you are free to draw your own conclusions.
  It is my opinion that "Obama Care", or it's implementation have nothing what so ever to do with actual health care, government funded or otherwise.  I wholeheartedly believe that Obama, Jarrett, Holder, or any of the other evil minions in this administration, do not care one iota about whether the American people have health care, or not.  I do believe however, that should two thirds of the U.S. population die of some mysterious disease or convenient crisis, it would merely make Obama's agenda easier to implement. 
  Has anyone other than a few of us asked themselves why is Obama pushing the Obama Care act in the first place?  If you do ask that question, your only reasonable answer would be; I don't know.  In my reasoning, it's not health care or the concern for health care on a national scope that is this administration's motivating factor.  It's control, control, control.  
  There is no possible way that anyone could convince me that after 3 years of planning and tax-payer investments of hundreds of billions of dollars, that our government as lame as it is, couldn't come up with a website that works.  The mere thought is unconscionable.  The fact that this government website isn't working, is because it wasn't designed to work.  The "unworkability" in itself, is what it was designed to do.  In perspective; what is the focus of the press, and all the news media, conservative and liberal alike?  Is anyone actually focusing on the very reason for an Obama Care system, or has the main focus be directed, and quite brilliantly I might add, on the unworkability of the website?  
  Does anyone out there really think that if this administration, or any previous administration for that matter, had a genuine intention of making sure all Americans had access to affordable health care, that it couldn't have been accomplished with a lot less money, and without destroying the entire American health care system as it is/was?  I'm here to tell you, that if concern over the people's health care was the prime mover for government intervention into the free market, it could have been done with much less ado.  There would be no reason to make mandates that would all but abolish the first amendment.  But think, health care is not the prime mover, is it?  Allow me to answer that, no!  The reason for the failing of the website, is to distract from the question; is there really a reason for Obama Care in the first place?  By the time the government solves the website problem, the people will be so tired of hearing about it, they'll rush to the new working website, just to get it over with.  I contend that there is no legitimate problem with the website, and that it can, and will be rectified at just the right moment and most opportune time, with a keystroke or two.  By then, this tyrannical administration would have spent hundreds more billions of dollars, wasted nearly another trillion dollars on a program that is unethical, unnecessary, unwanted and irreversible.  In other words, Obama is still intent on breaking the bank!  Does anyone still believe that our president has the health and welfare of the American people at heart?  I never did, and I never will!  When the dust settles in two or three years, and Obama by some fluke of the justice system is still our president, the American people will have lost everything, because the mandates in the so-called "Affordable Care Act" will be unaffordable, unsustainable and unbearable.  Unbearable enough for the American people to consider the New One World Order as an alternative to mass starvation, mass unemployment, violence in the streets, and a general lack of morality, brought upon us by an oppressive government.  
  Make no mistake, the "Unaffordable Care Act" is another precursor to population control as laid out in the UN Agenda 21.  There will be "death panels", there already are.  There will be genocide, euthanasia will become a common household word.  People born with affliction and those who are no longer able to contribute to the common collective society will be eradicated, all for the good of society and preservation of the planet.  
  The American people are being manipulated by the administration.  Don't believe me?  Google Obama's Czar John Holdren, author of a book titled "Nudge".  I assure you, you'll be astounded by the once outlandish statements this guy made.  Only, in this new society, that has been formed and molded by people like John Holdren the statements are no longer outlandish.  
  The Obama administration, Obama Care, Climate Change, and numerous other programs that make absolutely no sense are connected to UN Agenda 21 and the establishment of the One World Order.  The American people can ill-afford to be so easily distracted by idiotic things like faulty government websites.  The old saying: "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."  I've got a new one for you:  "If it appears senseless and it and it comes from the government, it is senseless and it's meant to steal away more of your liberty, so don't believe it!"
God help us.
The Watchman