Friday, August 20, 2010

White House says Obama is Christian

White House says Obama is Christian, prays daily - Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010 11:06 a.m. - Las Vegas Sun

Now that more and more Americans are coming to the realization that Barack Obama isn't who he professes to be, the White House is scrambling to prove that Obama is a Christian. When speaking to Muslims and the Muslim community, he speaks as if he were in fact a Muslim. When he was still running for office, he spoke as though he were a devout Christian. So, what exactly is his faith? According to the White House press people, he is "obviously Christian". Using the term "obviously" and Christian when describing Barack Obama, is a misnomer for sure. When someone or something is obvious, it demonstrates certain characteristics that are in plain sight. Characteristics that are easily viewed, and recognized by others. Barack Obama's Christianity is at the very least, illusive. His loyalty to Islam, is certainly another story. The references he makes to his so-called Christian faith are about as prevalent as his references to being half white. I'm thinking "non-existent" is a better word. There are of course certain characteristics to being both a Muslim, or a Christian, Barack Hussein Obama bears none of the Characteristics of a Christian. To support abortions, especially to the late term, to support homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, are certainly not that of a Christian. I think that the media is spinning again as usual. They are confusing those who merely believe in Jesus Christ, with those who actually follow Jesus Christ and His Divine example. Truth be known, even Satan believes in Jesus Christ, but he certainly is not a Christian. I can hear the liberals now, well....Obama can't be a Muslim, because Muslims hang homosexuals, and they are strongly against abortions. This is true, I might even say touche' on that point, except for one small problem. Muslims also believe that it is justifiable to lie, as long as it is for the glory of Allah. The only thing that is an obvious indicator to Barack Obama's faith, is that he openly supports all aspects of Islam. He has no reservations about bowing to Saudi kings, and he can recite the Qu'ran like an Islamic Cleric. I have been a Christian all my life, and I have met with many priests, ministers, and Christian theologians, none of them, and I mean none of them can recite from memory anything from the Qu'ran. I don't think I'd be going too far out on a limb by saying that not near as many Muslims know the Qu'ran, as well as our current president. I have never heard Barack Obama refer to Jesus Christ, or the Bible in a Christian way. When he does speak of the Holy Bible, he refers to it as the "Bible", but, in his references to the Qu'ran, he always respectfully calls it the "Holy Qu'ran". It's the context of his speeches, that gives away Barack's true loyalty.
No, I do not think that Barack Hussein Obama is "obviously" a Christian, he is however, much more obviously a "Muslim". Isn't is a shame that Mohammad gave away his despicable faith by encouraging Muslims to lie for the glory of Allah. This is what is obvious, if you meet a true Qu'ran believing follower of Islam, and Mohammad, you can't believe a word he says to you if you are an infidel. If you are not Muslim, you are in fact, positively an Infidel. That's pretty easy to savvy, right? A Muslim will, and probably is lying like a prayer rug to you, all for the glory of Allah. Having one's holy book condoning lying, hardly instills trust, to those of us on the outside, I'm just saying!!!
Just for general principles, go to YouTube search, and type in "Barack Obama and the Bible." Watch the short clip, and see how well Barack takes passages totally out of context, and trashes the Bible, and Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. You will see, as I did and countless thousands of people around the world, that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT Christian. The closest Barack has ever been to a true Christian, is the "Christian Dior" dresses that Michelle Obama picks up, probably on the taxpayer's dime.
God Help Us

Monday, August 16, 2010


Location of Ground Zero Mosque: This photo needs to go viral NOW!

PHOBIA: A persistent or illogical fear of something.

Phobias, what exactly are they? Are they the fear of something imagined, or of something tangible? Do phobias exist in the minds of all normal people? Do phobias make normal people, somehow abnormal? When does a person's fear, become a phobia?

It seems apparent to me that everyone, has the right to be afraid of something, whether it be tangible, or imagined. The word "phobia", as far as I can tell was attached to the names of reasonable fears, to belittle, or make light of the fear itself. For instance, if you are afraid of spiders, then according to the Psychological folks, you are suffering from arachnophobia. By adding the "phobia" to the fear it's the Psychological people's way of saying, "okay you're afraid of spiders, but you shouldn't be, and there is something mentally wrong with you if you fear spiders. So, I think the word and or suffix "phobia" is a medical word for; "you are mentally challenged or imbalanced if you have a fear of something that the elite think you shouldn't fear. Take "Homophobia", if I am afraid that my grandchildren will be duped into thinking that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative life style. If I feel that the practice of homosexuality is sinful, and harmful to society, and against Biblical truth. If I speak out against the homosexual agenda, regarding same sex marriage, if the very thought of same sex sex repulses me, do all these make me "Homophobic"? And, if I am a "homophobic", then I am somehow mentally incapacitated, but those who believe the opposite of me, are mentally fit. My question is; who decided that? And are homosexuals really normal? And, who made that diagnosis, and why? If I have an opinion, and it doesn't go along with main stream liberalism, then suddenly, I am the one suffering from a "phobia." There is something wrong with that picture!!!

I'm a lot like most people who live on this planet, some things just scare me, or at the very least, give me pause. I contend, that there is nothing wrong with that. Some fears are healthy fears. When I was in Vietnam, I was afraid of the enemy in a firefight, and of getting shot. Are those healthy fears, or phobias? I never heard of Viet- Congophobia, or bulletophobia. I wasn't crazy, was I? Or, was I cautious? It's our fears sometime that keep us alive, or keep us from doing and accepting things that are inherently dangerous, or just plain wrong.

This brings me to the subject of this Blog Post. Yes, I have a healthy fear of Islamic Mosques being built near Ground Zero in Manhattan, NYC. After much study and research of Islam, it is obvious to me that the Muslims, backed by Hamas, (a known terrorist organization), and CAIR, (a known terrorist sympathizer organization), the Mosque they wish to build, will be viewed by the entire Islamic World as, a Victory over America and a Tribute to the Cowardly Muslim terrorists, who perpetrated the muder of thousands of Americans. Am I opposed to the building of this Mosque? Yes, I am!!! Am I opposed to the building of any Mosque anywhere in this country? Yes, I am!!! Am I opposed to the establishment of Sharia Law, and Sharia compliant anything in the United States of America? Yes, I am!!! Am I opposed to any so-called religion that encourages it's followers to force Islam on the people around the globe, and if they don't submit, to eliminate them? Yes, I am!!! Do I hold a fear that after seeing what the effects of Islam have been in the Netherlands, and in the United Kingdom, the same thing will happen here? Yes, oh yes, absolutely!!!

Because of the above stated fears, am I now "Islamiphobic"? I don't think so. As stated in the above definition of "Phobia", none of my fears are "illogical"or unsubstantiated for that matter. The followers of the Islamic faith have made no secret of their intentions to rule the world under Sharia Law, and according to the Qu'ran. So why, would the psychological experts call me "Islamiphobic"?

If you are in agreement with me, I encourage you to fight tooth and nail against the Islamification of America, and do it every chance you get. The truth about Islam, and the goals of the Muslims are out there for anyone to read. Get informed, or one day in the not too distant future, you will be awakened by the eerie sound of the call to prayer, that will emanate five times a day, from a Mosque in your neighborhood. You know, the sound that gives Barack Hussein Obama goose bumps, because he loves it so... If you are in agreement with me, you are NOT an Islamiphobe, you are NOT a racist, and you will not be denying anyone their religious freedom if you oppose Islam. Islam is NOT a religion, it is an Ideology, it is a way of life. Sharia Law is brutal and their punishments are at the very least, barbaric. If there ever was a government on the face of the earth that could be called "Draconian", a government under Islamic Law would be that government. If we allow Islam to propagate unchecked in America, it will surely be at our own peril.
Please click on the link above to realize the exact location of the near Ground Zero Mosque, and understand why it must not be allowed to be built.
God Help this Nation, and It's People