Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, here's a couple of soldiers that will send the enemy running in fear. NOT!!! It's more likely the enemy will be laughing so hard, they'll just have to surrender, and perhaps submit to a spanking. I don't have anything against Gay people. I think their "practice" of homo-sexuality is an abomination unto the Lord. I think that many gay men and women could actually prove to be fierce fighters. I'm sure that many have already proven their military bearing on and off the battlefield. Of course they weren't openly sleeping with each other in the fox holes, or bunkers at the time. They also weren't holding hands, and kissing each other good morning on the way to the chow hall either. I have a feeling that if "Don't ask, don't tell" is repealed, our military bases will never be the same.
I don't think I have to tell our president that over 95% of our armed forces at this time, are straight, because he already knows it. This is just another way for our Muslim and Chief to weaken this nation. Obama knows that in order for this to work, straight men and women in the armed forces will have to be forced to share sleeping, and washing, and restroom facilities with openly gay men and women. Under don't ask, don't tell, the edge was off, a straight soldier was basically in the dark regarding the sexual persuasion of his comrade. The rules will no longer read that way, psychologically, the comfort zone will be stripped away, no pun intended! Of course the gays won't mind, but you can bet your "rainbow ribbons" the straight men and women will mind, and mind a lot!!! I'm afraid a mass exodus of straight men, and women from military service is in the offing, mark my words!!! I don't think there are enough gays in this country to man all the torpedoes, as it were.
The House vote to repeal the "Don't ask, don't tell" legislation passed 234-194. In the furthest stretches of my imagination, I could never actually find 234 idiots in congress, but there they are, proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Proof that you could find better qualified people to run this nation by merely randomly picking names from a phone book. Representative Patrick Murphy (Dem-Penn.) made this ridiculous statement: "I will not rest until the repeal of this discriminatory policy that hurts national security is signed into law." I'm still reeling from that one, how does the don't ask, don't tell policy hurt national security?
I feel that if gay military personnel have this yearning to tell everyone that they are GAY, then they should reveal their sexual persuasion to everyone, including the enemy. Lets just say we make these little rainbow flags for their uniforms, that way the Muslims will be able to recognize who they are shooting at. I know that Barack Obama knows how Muslims feel about gays, but he won't mind throwing gays under the bus, especially in a combat zone. For body count purposes, when ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the Obama media air their daily war body count on the news, it will read like this: xx Americans died in Afghanistan or Iraq today, GAY-XX, STRAIGHT-XX, UNSURE-XX. Oh, wait a minute, we haven't received a daily body count from any of those middle east conflicts since Obama was sworn into office. When George Bush was President, the American public was proudly informed, by the Lame Stream Media each day, on the nightly news of every media outlet, including FOX. I guess that fallen soldiers are not as important now that it's Obama's war. There is no doubt that Obama doesn't care about national security, the Constitution, or this country as a whole for that matter. I believe he has his eyes focused on bigger things. He is pushing for Global Governance, as are all the Progressives. Obama, has aspirations of being the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the Global Community. Bottom, line the "Conspiracy Theory" is no longer a theory. The conspiracy being hatched in Washington, to destroy America, with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm, is as real as the oil slick in the Gulf of America (Mexico). Make no mistake, Barack Obama is not stupid, naive, or even a bumbling idiot. He is however, very diabolical, evil, and determined to succeed. He has surrounded himself with many of the most dangerous criminals in the country. He has appointed self professed Communists, Socialists, and Marxists to the highest and most powerful offices in this nation. Obama is ruthless, he takes no prisoners, and the few honest men and women in Washington know this to be true.
The only chance this nation has, is coming up in November, it is imperative that all Progressives be voted out of office, or at the very least rendered irrelevant, whether they are Democrat, or Republican. We must vote on our principles, and our morals. Remember, a Republican Progressive is every bit as dangerous as a Democrat Progressive.
God Help This Nation

Thursday, May 27, 2010


President Obama is at it again, yep, his lips are moving, and the lies are billowing out faster than the oil in the Gulf Of Mexico. Why does it have to be the Gulf of Mexico, anyway? Can't it be the Gulf of America? Sorry, I digress. Back to the case at hand. It appears that Rep. Joe Sestak has made a formal statement, that the Obama White House attempted to bribe Rep. Sestak with a White House job offer, in order to persuade him to drop his name from the Pennsylvania Democrat primary. It seems the White House wanted to make sure that Arlen Spector got the nomination. "Benedict Arlen", as Senator Spector is now fondly referred too, couldn't really decide if he should remain a Republican and vote like a far left Democrat, or jump the Republican ship and become a Democrat... Well, we all know he decided to jump overboard from the USS Republican, and swim over to the USS Liberal. The trouble was that no one on the USS Liberal would through this guy a life preserver, they just watched him sink. The latest Democrat Primary, was "Benedict Arlen's" Waterloo as it were. The President tried to toss Arlen a lifeline, but it was way to late, and the USS Republican and the USS Liberal watched as old "Benedict Arlen" go down for that third time.

The real crime here is that Obama offered a bribe to help Arlen Spector, I believe that's illegal, but then again, the Obama White House is used to stomping the U.S. Constitution and most laws right into the ground. In Obama's own words: "I can assure the public that nothing improper happened." Fortunately for the American people, we've all heard that line from Obama before. Does the Louisiana Purchase ring a bell? This has got to be the most sordid, and underhandedly dishonest President this country ever elected to office. Barack Hussein Obama has lied to so many, about so much, that I'm having a tough time remembering what all he's lied about and to whom. I don't know how this chronic deceiver keeps it all straight. Worse yet, how does he sleep at night? The best is yet to come, however. Obama plans on making a public statement very soon to answer the Sestak allegation. This should be good. Obama's statement will more than likely be aired on prime time television. I caution everyone planning to watch, wear you tallest boots, perhaps hip-waders if you own some. I have a feeling the slimy stuff is going to get mighty in the TV rooms of America. If you don't live in Tennessee, then you didn't have a chance to experience that flood of a few weeks past. Well ladies and gentlemen, here comes your perfect opportunity wade through the mud and the muck of lies and deceit. No Coast Guard on this one, no rescue boats are coming, the American citizen will be on their own this speech night. Please don't be too surprised if Obama finds a way to blame this one on George Bush. Oh c'mon you know he can do it!!! Has Obama taken any responsibility for anything his covey of Commies he has on staff has perpetrated on this nation? No he hasn't, I rest my case.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


If there were any doubts that the open southern border policy by this, and past administrations is a breach of our national security. Click on the video above, it should certainly dispel any of those doubts.
If I were Governor of any state, that, right now is feeling the pinch of the illegal immigrant invasion, I would set up road blocks and check everyone for a valid driver's license. I mean everyone. We sure don't want to be called racists. Making a few of the road blocks at unannounced times would significantly decrease the number of illegals from any terrorist country. That includes Mexico, because Mexico obviously doesn't care whether or not we get their criminal element in our country.
To the President of Mexico: "Clean up your own back yard, before you try to lecture us about ours!!!"

Monday, May 24, 2010


Unconfirmed sources from Afghanistan are reporting that at least one Army Unit has been given new orders regarding "Rules of Engagement". Sources report that an order has been disseminated to the patrolling troops, that no longer are they allowed to patrol with a round chambered in their weapon. I hope and pray that this is just a rumor. However, if it is in fact the truth, my next question would be, who is the upper echelon nincompoop who issued this order? I would have him strung up from the highest light pole in whatever town he lives, for all the world to see. Whether patrolling the jungles in Vietnam, as I did, or patrolling the streets of Afghanistan villages, the danger is ever present. Split second decisions must be made. Yes, it normally only takes about 5 seconds to chamber a round from a closed bolt position. That is of course if your weapon happens to be working perfectly at the time. I am here to tell you, that the M-16's and AR15's were not perfect in Vietnam, and I am sure that they do not operate without mishap in Afghanistan either. The time it takes to chamber a round from the closed bolt position, safety on, is way too long. In that short it takes to chamber a round and move the safety to off, your enemy can and will pop you a new belly-button, right in the middle of your forehead. This is an unacceptable, and suicidal order, from an idiot commander!!!
If our President, and military commanders do not want the troops to win this war, then bring them home, all of them, and do it NOW!!! Soldiers and Marines must have every advantage conceivable over their enemy, this "No Round Chambered" order, is as ludicrous as they come. Our President may as well just sign death warrants for all our ground troops in Afghanistan, if this order is actually true, and Obama knows about it, and agrees with it, then he needs to be impeached for recklessly endangering our troops in harm's way!!! This is just more proof that no one should be in congress, or the White House that hasn't experienced military service.
In Vietnam, in and around 1969, orders came down that said, " do not fire unless fired upon" how stupid is that? Needless to say, had those orders been followed, the Vietnam Memorial Wall would have to be made twice as long, to accommodate the additional thousands of names. A fine example of this type of ignorant orders is: Beirut, 1982-1984, standing orders: 1. When on post, mobile or foot patrol, keep loaded magazine in weapon, bolt closed, weapon on safe, no round in chamber.
2. Do not chamber a round unless told to do so by a commissioned officer, unless you must act in immediate self-defense, where deadly force is authorized.
Allow me to remind you of the results of those orders, 241 Marines, sailors, and soldiers were brutally blown to bits by a car bomber that couldn't be stopped.
Our President is in a "Peace Through Dis-Armament" mode. He doesn't want to succeed in combat. He has no respect for our military, he hates our country and our way of life. He is an appeaser to the Muslims, and his loyalty to America and the American people, is very much in question.
I will make every attempt to either confirm this order, or debunk it. Either way, our nation is in trouble, and our President, and his Czars and other cronies, are the problem, not the solution.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mexican Invasion, Oh, Yes, It's Real Alright

In the above photos, you will see clear evidence that an estimated 70% of Illegal Mexican nationals skulking across our borders, do not have the touted yearning to be Americans. It is estimated as I said, that 70% of Mexicans place their loyalty to Mexico, so why are they here? Shouldn't their loyalty to Mexico make them want to be in their homeland, trying to make their own government attentive to their needs? The truth is, these people are illiterate, and they're being taught that America stole the southwestern states from the Aztecs. Which by the way, is totally bogus, as no Aztecs ever in history, occupied any of we call the American Southwest. The picture above left, is what Hispanic students did at Montebello High School in Montebello, CA. The point they were making, is that Mexico has in fact conquered California. The picture above right, is evidence to how far back this invasion began. The newspaper article that accompanied the picture, read as follows: Backers of illegal immigration near Los Angeles took down the American Flag at a U.S. Post Office, stomped on it, and replaced it with the Mexican Flag. Police officers from the Maywood, CA. police department had rocks and bottles thrown at them as they approached the pole, to remove the Mexican Flag. This occurred in 2006. The Montebello High incident was much more recent.

It appears that there is some serious skulduggery in the works here. I refuse to believe that all Mexican Illegals are intent on overthrowing the U.S. government, and seizing control of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California. However, Americans are enabling these Illegals through social programs, through churches, and charities, and employers, which must come to a screeching halt. There are however, some Mexican, and American leaders amongst the ranks of Illegals. These leaders are Progressives, and the Progressives have many Illegals convinced that America owes them something. It's simply a ploy to cause upheaval in our southwestern states. (Google "Cloward and Piven Strategy). Control, and redistribution of wealth. More smoke screens to keep America's eyes focused in one direction, while Obama is diabolically accomplishing something, somewhere else. The Progressives have no real concern for the Illegals they are coaxing into these demonstrations, they would like to give them all amnesty, that's for sure. If 12 to 20 million illegals are given amnesty by the democrat party, guess who the new citizens will be voting for in November. We need to understand, there is no real Democrat Party left. The Party was hijacked many years ago by Progressives. It is the goal of these progressives to undermine America's economy, which they are doing quite well. Think about it, this huge influx of Mexican nationals is causing tremendous financial strain to every state. The progressives are flooding the entitlement systems in this country to the point of bankrupting it. Why isn't the President doing something to stop this? Because President Obama is a PROGRESSIVE, he wants to see this nations economy collapse on itself. Once the financial collapse occurs, then the One World Government can be put into place. That is the agenda of Progressives. Look at how our systems have been overloaded since Obama's inauguration. Our auto industry has been collapsed, our banking and mortgage industries have been collapsed, our education system is in a shambles, virtually everything this administration has touched, has collapsed, and is now being control by Obama and his Czars. Obama has made both houses of congress irrelevant, and even the Supreme Court is not safe from the Obama multi-nationalist takeover. One World Government, with Obama in control, that's the ultimate goal, make no mistake about it. Obama is not afraid of the 2012 election, because if he has his way, the New World Order will be in place by then, and his position will be secure. No free election in 2012, unless America finds some way of ousting Obama, either by vote, or by force. Hopefully we can nullify his accomplishments by taking control of the House and Senate this coming November. In my heart of hearts, I am convinced that if things are not changed in this upcoming mid-term election, this country, and our way of life as we know it will perish. Our grandchildren will never know Freedom and Liberty.
God help our nation!!!