Friday, May 21, 2010


Exact opposite, contrary, contrast, converse, and counter: No matter which definition you choose, you'll be correct when describing the relation between Islam, and any other religion, or government.
The definitions above are the precise reason Islam, and any other religion can not occupy the same space for any length of time. Islam will not conform to what they refer to as man-made laws. Muslims believe in Sharia Law; the laws handed down from Mohammad. It is against Islam to adhere to a law from anywhere, or anyone else.
It is impossible, if one understands the Islamic faith, to expect any loyalty to the United States Constitution, or any oath they may take to defend the Constitution. The western world can not expect a Muslim in the U.S. military to carry out any orders that are contrary to the Qu'ran. It, is not the way of Islam to pledge allegiance to anyone, or anything other than Allah, or Mohammad.
It is irresponsible for the military to expect a Muslim to carry out orders that are forbidden in the Qu'ran, i.e., killing of fellow Muslims for killing Infidels. A Muslim, will not follow this order. It is impossible for a Muslim to hold any U.S. government office, as he/she swears allegiance to Allah and Mohammad only. To expect a Muslim in public office to defend, and or enforce constitutional law, is an exercise in futility, because it is against all things that Muslims believe in.
Imam's in America have made it perfectly clear that they are not in the United States to be one of many religions, but instead, they are here to replace the Christian and Jewish faith's with Islamic faith. That is the goal of every single Qu'ran believing Muslim in America. Make no mistake about that! The idea that Islam and Christian and Jew can exist in the same country, is a far, fetched idea, to say the least. Christianity, is a religion of tolerance, Islam is a religion in intolerance. Just ask yourself these questions: How many Christian Churches are in the Middle Eastern countries? Why are Christians not allowed to own property or businesses in predominately Muslim countries? Why are women in Muslim countries considered to be only 1/2 of a man? Why in many Muslim countries are women/girls subjected to genital mutilations? If you are really open minded, and liberal in your thinking, ask this: Why are gays and lesbians hanged in Muslim countries?
Before we advocate tolerance of Islamic faith in America, we had better consider the ramifications of such and invitation. Once Islam has a foothold, they will not let go, and they will not go away. Remember the ultimate goal of Islam, is to rule the world. Also, keep in mind, that the Qu'ran believing Muslim does not care if you are Christian, Jew, Straight, Gay, Black, White, Red, or Brown in color, if you don't worship Allah, you are an Infidel, and you must be converted, or you must be eradicated. They do not care if they must behead you, your wife, or your children to accomplish their goal. It is all for the glory of Allah.

Keep a very close eye on the Mosque near you!!!

Synthetic Life, God Help Us

So, they've created life in a laboratory, but have they really? Only God can create life, that is real life. Synthetic life, I guess it can be done in a laboratory.
I caution scientists in one regard. Synthetic life is not, I repeat not native to the world that the Lord has created for us. I caution against allowing a synthetic life form loose upon this earth. Under the guise of helping humanity, this "thing" is supposedly able to be programmed, as it were, to absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gases. I pose this question, what if this synthetic life form absorbs too much CO2, will you be able to stop it? Remember CO2, contrary to the false scientific claptrap we've been fed by the global warming folks, IS NOT a harmful greenhouse gas. CO2 is a necessary gas that plants need to survive. If a synthetic life form starts absorbing CO2, what will the synthetic life form become? Will all the plants die?
Science is treading on very thin ice here. I have no doubt that one day soon we'll be reading a headline that says: SYNTHETIC LIFE FORM ESCAPES FROM LABORATORY, WE CAN'T FIND IT, WE CAN'T STOP IT!!! RAMIFICATIONS, UNKNOWN...


Thank you Nils whoever you are!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Here's one that will burn your britches. Check out the above link to Family Security Matters. It appears that our tax dollars are being distributed to, okay, I'll say it, Islamic terrorist sympathizing organizations. You gotta love it!!! Only in America, who'd a thunk it???
U.S. taxpayers have shelled out 1.6 billion dollars, yes that ONE POINT SIX BILLION DOLLARS to a, (get this), ISLAMIC ONLY ENCLAVE in Philadelphia, PA. No wonder they call Philly the City of Brotherly Love. I just wish they were being a little more brotherly lovely with their own money, not ours. The Enclave is the brainchild of none other than Islamic Convert Kenny Gamble, author of the songs, "Love Train", and "Me and Mrs. Jones". You will all be happy to know that Kenny's new name is "Lugman Abdul Haqq", what's in a name? These Islamic Only Enclaves are to be considered sovereign and are to be ruled by Sharia Law. You will also be happy to know that the National Ummah Movement, that's the name they use to get the taxpayer funding, intends to establish these Muslim Enclaves throughout the U.S.A. That's what every American city needs right now, a Muslim Ghetto to patrol. I wonder how they managed to extract that kind of cash from the U.S. Government Coffers? Do you think these Muslims had some inside help from, well, maybe, the White House? I think our Muslim In Chief may have had something to do with it, don't you?
Now, here is another item that's been getting stuck in my craw. Hispanic Churches in America. If that isn't the height of enablement. Why are we as Christians expected to support Hispanic Churches in our communities? This is the United States of America, is it not? Do we not speak English in America? Then why are we shelling out dough to support Hispanic Churches that only enable, and condone the practice of harboring Illegal Alien Hispanics? I have in the past, written about clamping down on businesses that hire illegals, I feel like a hypocrite donating to Hispanic organizations, like churches and community centers where the language spoken is Spanish. As of this day forward, I will not donate one more dime to any organization, Christian or otherwise, that will result in the enabling of Hispanics to continue to break this country's Immigration Laws. If a Hispanic church can show me that their goal is to educate and teach these illegals that number one, they are here illegally, and they are breaking the law, and number two, they are teaching the illegals to read, write, and speak the English language, then perhaps, just maybe, will I be convinced to donate funds. As it sits right now, the established Hispanic churches are in fact harboring, aiding and abetting, and are equally as responsible for the illegal invasion of our country as the aliens themselves. For all intensive purposes, they are breaking the law, and should be served with cease and desist orders.
Because I am a Christian, and an American Taxpaying Citizen, I am truly concerned about the Illegal Mexican Invasion, and the Christian church's attempts to encourage this illegal activity. I am not racist, I do not dislike Mexican people. I do however take offense at this blatant trespassing practice that we are being forced as Americans, to endure. I am also offended by the President of Mexico, coming into my country and being allowed to berate Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, because she has exercised her obligation and sworn duty to sign into law, some protection of the citizen's of her state. I also take umbrage at the fact that our Muslim In Chief has spent our tax dollars entertaining this hypocrite President of Mexico. Has anyone ever read Mexico's Immigration Policies? Perhaps someone in the White House should read them to El Presidente'. That won't happen though, our so-called president will be much to busy apologising for America stealing Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California from Mexico.
Yes we have Muslims to the right, and Illegals to the left. We are in a battle to save our own sovereignty in this Politically Correct, and Tolerance Crazy world. We are presently engaged in multiple wars, on multiple fronts. We are fighting wars of Multi-culturalism, Morality, Multi- nationalism, and the impending Socialism/Progressive Fundamental Change, that is being forced upon us by our own leaders.
This country needs Spiritual and Patriotic Revival. Without God, we have no country!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama's Faith Based Initiative, My Bazooka!!!

The only thing that's Faith Based in this initiative, is the fact that many religious leaders, Christian and otherwise are buying this claptrap, hook, line, and sinker! I have read the entire Initiative, and it adds up to nothing more than an Obama takeover of religion in America. To Barack Obama, and his fellow Progressives, the church is a final obstacle in their way of total control over the American people. Obama has already managed to take over industry, i.e., General Motors (Government Motors), the health care system, the banking system, the mortgage and student loan business. Those are just a few, we've all been wondering, what's next? Well here it is; Obama needs the churches, and he's going to try and sucker them into his web of deceit with promises of low interest loans, supposedly to help the churches "Green Up" as it were. Just as the churches of America fell into the "tax exempt" status trap, which was nothing less than the churches sacrifice of freedom of speech in exchange for money. Money, has a way of turning even the most pious clergy into drooling subjects of false prophets. If there ever was a false prophet, Barack Obama is one, if not "The One". This Obama Faith Based Initiative is nothing but a diabolical attempt to redistribute the wealth of churches. It is a direct antithesis of the provisions set for in the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Remember, the First Amendment? Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. So, according to our Constitution, Obama can't establish a government sanctioned religion, so the next best thing is to take control of the existing churches. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong!!! Through taxation, and regulation of the churches, Obama can, and will dictate where the church's charitable donations will be spent. You see, it's another way to control, and redistribute wealth, nothing more, nothing less. It is not Obama's intention to strengthen churches, but to weaken them.
Our Pastors, Priests, and all clergy must take a stand and reject this Obama Faith Based Initiative. I urge all leaders, of all churches to be on the lookout for anything coming from the government, be very wary, as the Obama Trojan Horse is knocking at the door of your church.
Something else clergy should know, the Faith Based Initiative will be under the control of the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency). What's that all about? It's about encouraging churches to push the Green Movement, Cap & Trade Bill, Global Warming Agendas. The Progressives want these Environmental Issues preached from the pulpit. Understand, the government won't allow you to speak the truth about the impending threat of Islam, the sins of Homosexuality, or the subversive and corrupt way our government has infiltrated every aspect of the people's lives. But, the government will coerce the churches into preaching the Progressive Social Justice Agenda. Be aware, Pastors, Priests and clergy of all churches, if you sign on to this Faith Based Initiative, you'll be shut down, if you attempt to preach the Gospel according to Jesus Christ instead of the Gospel according to Barack Hussein Obama.
Don't say you haven't been warned!!! Satan has our nation in a strangle hold, make no mistake about it. We have a President that is adept at only one thing, and that is deceit, a gift from the Devil himself.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Obama's continuing solicitude toward the faith of Muhammad is inexplicable, and as these acts of denial continue, it is becoming dangerous" - Jihad Watch

The mere utterance of the terminology " radical Islam" really makes me cringe. By using that term, it appears to give credence to the fact that there are many non-radical Muslims in the Islamic Faith. I'm afraid I have to differ from that stand point. From my research, I see that most of Islam is very radical in their thinking, as it is preached to them from childhood. They are trapped by their own beliefs. The suicide bomber and the jihadist are held in high esteem among Muslims, even the so-called moderate ones. The fact is, that if a Muslim is a follower of Muhammad and a believer in the Qu'ran, they are every bit as radical in their thinking as the jihadist is. The Qu'ran teaches that Jews and Christians are infidels, and both must be converted to Islam, or be eradicated. If you are Muslim, and you believe in your holy book, then you are a radical. Islam is self-evidently "radical". As no other religion on the face of the earth encourages it's followers to murder non-believers. The word "Islam" means: submission.

I prefer to think of Islam like the Africanized Honey Bee, it infiltrates European Honey Bee hives, and destroys it from the inside, killing all those who are not Africanized. Sure, many of the European bees will manage to escape, and maybe if there is a female, they will begin a new hive. The reality of it though, is soon enough the Africanized bees will attack the new hive too. And so on, and so on. Another analogy would be to assume that only a few "radicalized" African bees engaged in the decimation of the European hive. If the European bees felt that way, they would be making a seriously fatal error. Americans, I believe are being led into a fatal error in judgement by our President, and many of our clergy. Acceptance of Islam as a valid religion, is akin to turning ones back on the one true God. It is my opinion, and perhaps that of many who have been studying the behavior of Islam, is this; as Islam infiltrates western civilization and our governments, and our religions, and if they continue to gain acceptance through tolerance and political correctness, the fatal error in judgement will ultimately result in America, Canada, and Mexico becoming Islamic nations. To assume that there are many Muslims who do not follow the Qu'ran, Hadith, and the teachings of Mohammad and are not in favor of the establishment of Sharia Law here in the western hemisphere would be making the huge fatal error. All, and I can't emphasize the word "ALL", enough, Qu'ran believing Muslims are radical in their thinking, and in their faith. The goal of Islam is to rule the world and for Islam to be the ONLY religion. It is the obligation of ALL good Muslim's to make this happen, and at all costs.

Keep this in mind, the African Army Ants move in swarms, devour everything in sight, they attack and fight as one entity. They have one thing in common with Muslims, the Army Ants are all blind. The ants have been blinded by a design of God, the Muslims however, are blinded by Mohammad, Islam, and the Qu'ran. The results of an attack from either, will be the same, total devastation, and total rule.

Be aware of your neighbor the Muslim, they are taught not to be your friend, they are taught to lie for the glory of Allah. Do not place your trust in them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Janet Napolitano, Is She Really A Bafoon, Or Can This Be An Act?

The Answer Is: "A"
It appears that America's illustrious Homeland Security Chief is on the wrong border. She apparently wants to seize 4.9 acres of private land on the Vermont/Canadian Border. She says it's vital to national security, because it's those sleepy little towns terrorists will target in order to bring WMDs into the United States. She may have a point there, and I am the first one to insist that America's borders need to be secured. The problem is, that Janet Napolitano really needs to concentrate her efforts on our southern border where illegals from all over the world, are literally walking across the border carrying God knows what, and doing it in broad daylight, by the thousands a month. In a news conference she said one of the most idiotic things ever to come from this Obama administration, and believe me that takes some doing to achieve the most idiot statement award. When asked about securing our southern border, she stated; "our southern border is as secure as it's ever been." That's right Janet baby, it was never secure, it isn't secure now, and if you continue to concentrate on the Vermont/Canada border, our southern border will never be secure.
Just for future reference Ms. Napolitano, if Canadians come to America illegally, can they get free health care, food stamps, discount housing, and social security benefits? Oh, yeah, and a pathway to citizenship that they won't want, anymore than the Mexican Illegals do.
Secure our borders Janet, but secure them all!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010