Friday, May 27, 2011



In a discussion among friends, the subject of the television program "The View" came into play, however so briefly there was enough comments that piqued my interest.  I must admit that I occasionally stumbled across "The View" while channel surfing, but after only a few minutes of watching, I arrived at the conclusion that this program had nothing to offer, at least not to a man anyway.  That thought soon gave way to the urge to surf myself away from the program.  Prior to writing this particular article, I decided to actually surf the Internet and watch a few of the past months episodes, then I researched some of the lady's who of course star as the hostesses of "The View".  After this period of painstaking research (emphasis on the word "pain") I was ready to write this commentary.  Trust now, these thoughts are only my opinion and I suggest that you research for yourself, and decide whether to watch the program or not.  WARNING!!!  DO NOT WATCH "THE VIEW" WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING HEAVY EQUIPMENT AS IT MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS AND SEVERE NAUSEA.
  I managed to force myself to watch several episodes and found the program to be (with all due respect), idiotic, extremely racist and at best, inane!  Whoopie Goldberg, takes every opportunity to play her race card, "I'm black and I struggled" but through all the white man's, adversity I made it...story, blah, blah, blah.  Sherri Shepherd the program's alternate black follows Whoopie's lead almost every time when the race card is played.  In one episode Whoopie commented on Michael Vick's "dog-fighting" case by saying that it was no big deal, because it was part of Mike Vick's cultural upbringing.  All I can say, is it's a good thing Michael Vick isn't white.  Whoopie, a very confused black woman with a real chip on her shoulder is at very least misguided.  In one episode she said that Roman Polanski's rape of a 13 year old child, wasn't really rape-rape.  I had to ask, what????  When Elizabeth Hasselback (the token conservative) criticized Jesse Jackson for using the "N"-word, Whoopie and Sherri attacked her for even daring to speak against Jackson.  Can you say "double standard"???  I think it was the comments made on the episode following the Royal Wedding that intrigued me the most.  For a group of women who constantly make accusations regarding the racism of others, this group of women couldn't stop themselves from throwing insult after insult.  Here are a couple of examples:  After watching the wedding clips, Sherri Shepherd cries out "where are the black people?", (I almost fell from my desk chair).  She went on to say:  "Our producer was looking for the black people in the wedding an we found our Rosa Parks moment, because we were like "where are the black people"?  It was like where's Waldo, where are the black people?  We found one little black child in the choir but where's the black people at this wedding?"  I began to wonder, are these people so obsessed with conjuring up a way to play out a racial overtone that they will actually scour group wedding pictures so they can count the number of black people in attendance?  The entire statement was false and nefarious, as there were in fact black people at the wedding, contrary to Sherri's racist outburst.  Later in the program she (Sherri) did admit that there were indeed black people at the wedding, she did not however attempt to apologise for her racism.  To cover it up, she mentioned that the black people were all sitting together, but they were up in the front...but...she couldn't abstain from making one more racist comment "but they are up front of the wedding, so I ain't complaining."  Then came, "I don't know why they put all the black people over there."  As if to insinuate that the Royal couple actually went through the guest list and placed all the black guests into the "Royal Wedding Black Folk Section."  It was obvious to me that this Sherri Shepherd isn't aware of the fact that blacks believe that their race makes up 30% of the population, when in fact it's 11% and falling rapidly.  So regardless of how many group photos one scrutinizes, that chance of finding an equal number of blacks compared to whites is well, pretty much nil. 
  Now, to the other hosts of "The View", Barbara Walters and Joy Behar.  It appears that Barbara Walters is there to be a sort of one sided referee, and nothing else.  She is a poor referee considering her experience as a mediocre over-paid news person and journalist. Barbara appears to be scared to death of the Whoopie and Sherri, as they show no mercy to those who do not agree with their racial stance and commentary.  Both of these women will find racial bias in every subject of contention, even if they have to make it up.  So, I find Ms. Walters of little or no consequence to the dais.  Joy Behar, now there is one mixed up, washed up has been of a comedienne.  Joy has been accused of anti-Semitism by the Anti-defamation League, Catholic bashing by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights; she attacked John McCain, and walked off the stage on Bill O'Reilly when he stated the fact that the 9/11 hijackers were Muslim.  So with that in mind, this champion of civil and human rights, Joy Behar said this about the Queen of England:  "She looks like a bumble bee with a drinking problem.  I've never seen a Queen wearing yellow, she looks like a taxi-cab.  Keep the meter running Queenie."  Yes, these ladies (and I use the term loosely) are really thugs in women's clothing.  I am sorry to say, in my opinion there is but only one lady on the view, and that is Elizabeth Hasselback, and I truly question her choices, as she opts to remain on the program with the other four harpies who can't wait to for her to say something so they can pounce.  I guess it's a matter of a paycheck and if the other four have no one else to sharpen their talons and fangs on, there's always Elizabeth.  
  The statements on "The View" yesterday, really put my disdain for this program over the top.  If you recall, a liberal talk radio host referred to Laura Ingram as a "conservative slut".  Not to my surprise, the coven of "The View" found nothing wrong with Mr. Ed Schultz's derogatory, degrading and disgusting remark, as a matter of fact they found it quite funny, because they refer to each other affectionately as "Sluts" according to Whoopie and Joy.  Sounds like another reason to tune them out of one's regular daily TV line-up.
  I find that I can muster very little or no respect for a celebrity or one of celebrity status that agrees to be a guest on this program.  One would have to have a very low opinion of one's self to actually be seen talking to these women, either on or off the air. In my humble opinion, "The View" can do nothing for these people, except to drag them down into the gutter.  The perverted sense of notoriety that these stars who appear on The View have never ceases to amaze me.  Barack Obama's repeated guest spots on this program do nothing but bolster my very low opinion of him.  
  The women of "The View" are godless examples of what the American public will accept as talent these days, as Barack Obama is an example of just how much deception Americans will put up with in Washington politics.  "The View" is a program of low calibre with low calibre female hosts.  The show is very racially biased, anti-Christian, anti-Jew and exemplifies  non-existent moral fiber.  If "The View" were the only program on television, it would make tossing the TV into the trash the only viable option.  I will never watch this program, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to friend, family or enemy.
God Help This Nation
"The Watchman"                   

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just who is this man, exactly???

Barack Hussein Obama, just who is he anyway?  What does he believe in?  His faith is obviously in Allah, as his only concern is that Muslims and Islamic Law are accepted and honored.  I know that I am not the only one who sees this in our president.  I think there are only a few of us however, who are willing to say it publicly.  I find that fact very very sad.  There is only one reason other people will not call it as they see it, and that reason is fear.  Fear of being branded a racist or bigot.  Well, when my personal opinion is expressed, and those people who do not agree with me, they have the right to say "we disagree with you", they really do not have the right to brand me to be something I'm not.  My statement that "I believe Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim" is my opinion.  It appears that since Barack Hussein Obama has come on the scene, that it is somehow not correct to have a dissenting opinion of the president.  Well, my opinion of Barack Hussein Obama is based on his performance since his presidency.  I find Obama to be arrogant, self-serving, anti-Christian, anti-Jew.  I find Obama to be one of the most narcissistic man to have ever walked the face of the earth.  I find Obama to be a destroyer, not a builder.  I find Obama to be a liar, as I have only heard him be truthful to the American people on one occasion.  In my opinion Barack Hussein Obama is a divider, not a uniter.  I find from his performance that he is a most prejudiced man, as he is pro black and anti-white.  He is pro-illegal immigrant and anti-citizen.  I find Obama, by means of his agenda, to be anti-capitalist, anti-constitutional and anti-white hard working taxpayer.  To offset that, Obama is pro-big government entitlement, pro-dead beat, pro-abortion, pro-gay and regardless of what he professes, he is pro-Islam, pro-One World Order, pro-multiculturalism, and extremely pro-Socialist/Communist.  President Obama is anti-free speech, unless of course your opinion is in agreement with his.  Obama has no problem lying with a straight face, something I'm sure he mastered while studying the Qur'an in Indonesia.  Like any good Qur'an believing Muslim, he doesn't believe that Christian, Jewish and atheist Americans are human, and therefore lying is perfectly acceptable, encouraged and condoned by the Qur'an.  Punishment for lying is only if a Muslim lies to another Muslim.  
  Have I gone beyond the realm of political correctness in this blog?  You bet I have, because there is no such thing as "political correctness", the terminology is a liberal/progressive made up thing used to stifle conservatives, constitutionalists and Christians from speaking the truth.  Another deceptive piece of liberal/Progressive legislation is the "Hate Crimes Law".  A crime is a crime, always has been always will be.  The murder of a gay person, a Muslim person, a man, or a woman, black, white, red or brown is still a murder.  Placing a "Hate" label on the murder does not make it any more heinous.  Murder is murder, the word "hate" changes nothing.  I mean let's try to be logical here, nobody murders, beats up, or harasses someone they like, I'm just sayin'!!!  What the hate crimes law does however, is open a whole new context, as it can be used to stifle freedom or speech and or expression.  As a result of "Hate Crimes" legislation, a person can be arrested and jailed for what he was thinking, for his intent, and even for a result of a statement he made.  In other words, guilty by thought, and that's very, very dangerous.  Can't happen in America you say, well, that's exactly what the citizens in Holland thought.  Allow me to speak very briefly about a member of the Parliament in Holland.
  Geert Wilders, is a brave Christian man, a man of high moral standing amongst his peers.  Mr. Wilders recognised a very dangerous enemy infiltrating his homeland.  Because he spoke against it, and because the enemy is Islam, Mr. Wilders is being dragged through the courts of the Netherlands, on trial for, you guessed it, for something he said.  Not for something he did, but for something he said.  He said that Islam is dangerous, and that it wasn't just a religion, but an all-encompassing way of life, that will not obey the man made laws of the Netherlands.  This was determined to be a form of hate speech.  Because there is no 1st Amendment in Holland, Mr. Wilders is facing a rather long prison sentence for merely voicing his opinion, a thought, as it were.  Due to this trial and the intent on making Geert Wilders an example by the courts, the following is an excerpt from a statement written by a renown Islamic Scholar, Hans Jansen:  " The Dutch will, from now on, have to live with the unpredictable limitations of  freedom speech and, even worse, with the legality of attempts to sabotage the foundation of all Western politics; the separation of the three traditional powers of the Western state; the executive, legislative and judicial power."  The final two paragraphs of Mr. Hans Jansen are the most frighting in my opinion as they are true and they are a warning to America as to what is coming in our near future.  "From now on, someone who speaks in the Netherlands about Islamic theology, law or religious practice will have to be extremely careful.  Librarians will have to clean their shelves; books from whatever period may have to be removed.  Tourists who bring books or newspapers with them from the outside world must hope for the best.  Publishers and bookshops will surely spontaneously understand their patriotic duties.  The multicultural state shall have it's way.
  It goes without saying that Christianity, Judaism and Atheism cannot receive similar protection from the multicultural state because if that were the case, the Qur'an and all handbooks of Mohammedan law would have to be forbidden because of the offensive and abusive language these religious texts employ when discussing non-Muslim religious viewpoints, and as we all know, to forbid Islamic books would be a very unmulticutural thing to do."
  So you see, the infusion of Islamic peoples and their laws into Western society, will in the end change what we perceive as normal behavior.  As Islam grows, western civilized societies will in turn decrease demographically.  In our undening attempts at being politically correct by our unceasing desire to NOT offend, we are in essence offending ourselves, losing our heritage as it were, in order that Islam can preserve and empower their own belief system on the world.  What is happening in Europe and the Netherlands today, will be happening in America tomorrow.  Our President is on course with his Muslim/Progressive chaotic agenda, and his agenda must be stopped.  The result of a New World Order, whether it be under an Islamic Caliphate or a Progressive Communist regime, will bring about at the very least, a new and even more devasting and far reaching "Dark Age".
  God is our refuge, a revival of our Judeo Christian heritage that must begin in the churches throughout our land is imperative for our survival.  Hopefully awaiting the Rapture, is not an alternative to being prepared or fighting against evil.  It's time to take a stand against our enemy, and our enemy is Islam.
  Regarding the title of this blog, to Islam, the Jews are the Saturday people and the Christians are the Sunday people.
"The Watchman"