Saturday, November 5, 2011


America's moral compass needle should be steady at NNE

Throughout America's past our "Moral Compass" has wavered.  At times in the old West's brief but wild era, the law was the gun, and the enforcer was the man behind the gun.  Common sense eventually prevailed as written law and order came to the Wild West.  Churches replaced saloons and court houses replaced the hanging tree on the prairie.  America still had a long way to go in order to right the Moral compass again, to a point where our founding fathers hoped it would have stayed.  People are people, and we are all by God's design, fallible and sinful.  
  Very few are alive that actually remember the Roaring 20's.  Talk about the American Moral compass being literally cast upon the trash heap time.  Brought about by the ending of the First World War (The Great War 1914-1918).  The defeat of Germany's Kaiser and the return of the "Dough boys"  (soldiers) gave America a reason for celebration.  America just didn't know when to stop celebrating.  The Roaring 20's were just that, a celebration.  Drinking, gambling, debauchery and depravity was the norm, at least for those folks who ruled the night.  Speakeasies with their "bathtub gin" and rampant immorality, dotted the back streets of almost every big city and small town from coast to coast.  At night the cities came to life.  There were crimes of lust, murder, mayhem and the practice of the sinful life was now the one of respect.  America was upside down and it's Moral compass needle was hovering in the SW quadrant for quite some time.  Eventually however, once again America came to it's senses, and an outcry for law and order by the people prevailed.  The Speakeasies were shut down, people went back to work, industry boomed, a semblance of self respect and honesty was restored, thanks to the inherent and aggressive persistance of the Christian majority.
  The onset of World War II, (1939-1945), and America's participation in it, especially after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor against America's Naval and Air Forces.  Was the beginning of the break up of the American family.  Men; fathers, sons and brothers were either fighting in the European or Pacific Theaters, and the women and children were at home, basically left to fend for themselves.  The women; mothers and wives and daughters went to work in factories making ammunition, airplanes, ships and anything else their men needed to further the war effort.  For the better part of six years, women held what was left of their family together, without the man.  It was after World War II that many women decided that perhaps a career outside the home was better than dependency on a man.  The break up of the family is not to be blamed solely on the women however, but more so on ramifications of the war itself.  Consideration must be given to the fact that no less than 415,000 American men never made it home.  Literally hundreds of thousands of wives and mothers were forced to support themselves and in too many cases, support their broken families.  Keep in mind that there were no government social aid programs for these women to fall back on.  All charitable financial help was to come from churches and civic groups.  It wasn't long after the end of WWII that the returning warriors of the war began to once again to build/rebuild their lives, and their families.  What we know now as the "Baby Boom" generation had begun.  It was a product of the ending of the war and propagated by what we call the  "Greatest Generation".  They came out of World War II with a strong work ethic, and a sense of responsibility and integrity.  The Greatest Generation wasn't called that for those things alone, but because of their high degree of morality.  A belief that they could make the world a better place for their children, and a determination to do so!  There was a huge growth of Christian churches and a subsequent intention toward keeping America's Moral compass pointing as close to true north as possible.  The Greatest Generation's focus on their children's education was their way of insuring a better, safer and moral America.  Every morning, public and private schools began with the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance and in more classrooms than not, a prayer thanking God for our blessings.  The parents of the Baby boomers made sure that a high degree of morality was displayed for us to see and hear and participate in.  Television programs that targeted young people were scrutinized for their content and high moral caliber.  Shows like Disney's Mickey Mouse Club, Captain Kangaroo, even the cowboy shows like Lone Ranger, Hop-a-long Cassidy, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, all had a moral and honest message to children.  We, the Baby boomers were literally inundated with stories of self responsibility, self reliance, and heroism, after all, it was the American way.
  What happened?  What happened to all that morality?  The Communist influence somehow managed to sneak into America under the cover of darkness.  Socialism was taking root in the sixties under the guise of Progressives.  There came a need for Social Programs, more and more.  The protests against the Vietnam war were a direct result of Progressives.  It began by protests against the war itself, but the hostility didn't end there.  Through leftist manipulation the hatred was turned toward those of us who were in the military.  Suddenly the soldiers were the enemies of the protesters.  We went to war with a sense of duty and came home to an attitude that we should be ashamed of our service.  Peace and love, right?  Not if you were in the military or a returning Vietnam war Veteran.  It was not all bad however, out of the protests of the sixties, a spiritual revival came about.  It was surely Divine Providence that led our nation back to God in a big way.  The Communists, Socialists and Marxists went back into hiding, yet still knowing that they were successful in planting many seeds of discontent, especially among the youngest and last of the Baby boomers.  These seeds, many of them fell on fertile ground.  Hatred for God, American patriotism and Capitalism festered and smoldered until recently.  Somehow, while good Christians looked the other way, a rebirth of  a newer and more powerful Socialism has come about.  America is now in a very dangerous and extremely precarious situation. 
  The new rise of the left has recently given us:  Political Correctness, Gay Liberation, Multi-culturalism, Moral Relativism, Spiritual Pluralism and a hatred for God and Christianity as never before seen on the face of the earth. 
  America has elected a President who hates America for what it is, and promised to fundamentally change it.  A President who has endorsed and championed every abomination against God.  A President who has announced to the world that America is not a Christian nation.  A President who has shredded the Constitution of this nation, as though it were a worthless piece of parchment, instead of a document conceived through Divine Providence.  I heard a conservative talk radio host call Barack Obama derelict in his duties as President.  That of course is a matter of opinion.  The way I see it, Barack Obama is only derelict in his duties as President from American Christian standards.  Barack Obama's standards are much different than ours.  It is his intention to create chaos in the streets of America.  Now, I say, look around in the streets of America, is Obama derelict in his duties and according to his plan?  No!  Obama has instilled a war of the classes that hasn't been seen since the French revolution.  The coming insurrection isn't just coming anymore, it is here.  It is presently in it's infancy, but it has been born, and it will get worse, much, much worse before it gets better.  If the insurrection is successful, America will never, ever recover.  As we see the nations of Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK fall, so shall we as a nation fall.  When America falls, the last bastion of Christianity will fall with it.  America's moral compass needle will be point due south.
  Just as the protests of the sixties gave birth to a new spiritual revival, the protests we see today "Occupy Wall Street" will give birth to a new and violent Social firestorm.  The persecution of Christians will be the outcome of this anti-God movement.  Islam will be spared as it aids in the Socialist takeover of the world, but it too will fall to the sword of anti-spiritualism.  The new One World Order will be Godless and there will be no tolerance for spirituality of any kind in it.  The elderly the physically and mentally challenged will be deemed as no longer useful to society, and in order to save the planet, will be systematically eliminated.  
  The wages of sin is death.  
"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion....Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." (President John Adams
  Where is America headed?  Will Christians continue to look the other way?  If Christians do not stand up for Christ, are they really Christians, or Christians in name only?  The scientists of the world have a "World Dooms Day Clock"  midnight of course is the end of the world, either by some cataclysmic natural disaster, or by some man made global thermal nuclear war.  Most scientists have little or no faith in God, or the second coming of Jesus Christ or the Rapture.  So a spiritual ending is given little credence in the scientific community.  Science has set their "Doomsday Clock" to 6 minutes before midnight.  If America had a "Doomsday Clock" of it's own, would it coincide with the position of the needle on it's Moral Compass?  (A point to ponder).
God Help Us
The Watchman