Saturday, September 24, 2011


 Appeasing Islam in Nashville Metropolitan Schools, what a wonderful country we live in!!!  Still say the Muslim influence isn't a threat to our way of life?

Do the people in the Nashville Metro School system know that in 2010 Metro schools began supplying prayer rooms for Muslim students?  Dr. Jesse Register; Director Of Schools for MNPS (Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools) was instrumental in establishing an Educational Resources Committee for Muslim Students.  A letter was sent out to Muslim families that stated:  "In a meeting with Dr. Register with representatives from the Islamic Center of Nashville, Salahadeen Center, Masjid Al-Farooq and Masjid Al-Islam, an official committee has been formed to act as a liaison and educational resource for Muslim families and Metro Nashville Public Schools to meet the needs of students while maintaining their Islamic identity.  For more information you may contact any of the centers or Sr. Berthena or Sr. Kasar."
  When was the last time Dr. Jesse Register and leaders of Nashville's Christian churches or Jewish Synagogues met to discuss Nashville's student needs while maintaining their Christian or Jewish it identities?  I'm just asking!!!
  Prayer Accommodations at School:
The letter went on to say:  "  For your children's interest, accommodations for students taking a few minutes to catch their Dhuhr prayer are available.  Please contact your child's appropriate teacher of that particular period via email.  (emails can be found on metro's website, and copy your school's guidance counselor.  Your child can also personally request the teacher as well.  Letters for prayer arrangements during Ramadan (along with PE and lunch alternatives such as the library) have already been sent to all schools.  Letters for other specific accommodations have been revised and will be sent out".
  Parents of MNPS when was the last time Dr. Register sent you a letter that would allow your Christian or Jewish student special times during the day when they could spend a few minutes catching up on their "Lord's Prayer" or for reading and studying the Torah?  Let me guess, never?  Has there even been a special accommodation for Christian students to celebrate and pray during the Christmas season or the Easter Season?  Has Dr. Register ever offered to make special accommodations for Jewish students during Hanukkah or Passover?  While we're on the subject, I am positive that there are also Hindu and Buddhist students who are also worthy of some special accommodations, but do they get any from MNPS?  No, I am sure they do not. 
  Of course the parents of the students within the Nashville Public School system shouldn't feel alone.  It seems that Muslim students are getting special treatment and accommodations from coast to coast in America.  I took the liberty to provide a link above to the website "Jihadwatch".  It will be of no surprise that public schools and universities all over America are bending over backwards to appease Muslim students and their parents.  Some additional special accommodations for Muslim students are prayer rooms for daily prayers; the consideration of request to make Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that ends Ramadan, a school holiday; and the installation of footbaths in restrooms to make it easier for students to follow prayer rituals.  I wonder if Catholic students will have access to "holy water" founts for making the sign of the cross when entering and leaving their prayer rooms?  Oh oops, I forgot, Catholic students, won't be getting prayer rooms, neither will other Christian denominations.  It is only those who follow Islam that are privileged in American school systems.  As I mentioned earlier, students in Nashville aren't the only one being indoctrinated into thinking that Islam and Muslims are special people and deserve special recognition and special accommodations.  In Cobb County Georgia, at the Campbell Middle School, 7th graders were given a special homework assignment.  A homework assignment that implies the polygamy is acceptable, and that pushes Islam as a wonderful and exciting religion of peace.  The homework assignment caused only one parent to complain, and that is what really bothers me.  One parent, one and only one Christian parent had the guts to complain to the school and to channel 2, a local TV station.  I would urge you all to click on .  In the comments section about three comments down is a link to the actual assignment paper the students were to fill out.  In my humble opinion it is a pure and simple indoctrination of our young people into Islam.  No doubt, no way.  I can not believe that more parents weren't screaming bloody murder at the school.  But, as far as I know, one parent, only one had the guts to stand up and question this assignment.  TV journalist, Channel 2's Tom Regan asked the school about this assignment and was told "it was used to compare pros and cons of the school dress code."  This school representative must be taking lying lessons from Barack Obama.  It is all balderdash, to mislead and cover the deep infiltration of Islam into the American public school system and it's subsequent curriculum. 
  Because of the minute public outcry over the 7th grade school assignment, I feel the need to caution all parents around this nation to make yourselves aware of what your public school is teaching your children.  Look at the homework your child brings home, read your child's Civics book, read your child's history book.  Be vigilant, or you may be surprised when your daughter comes home sporting a burka or hijab, and tells you she is now the 4th wife of your local Imam.  The fact that she is only 10 or 12 years old, makes no difference to the Muslim men in your community. 
God Help This Nation
The Watchman

Friday, September 23, 2011


American High School Football Players In Arab, Alabama Offending One Muslim By Praying To Jesus Christ

In the town of Arab, Alabama, (how ironic).  For the past ten years  the High School football games have been started with a prayer.  Not anymore though, no sir, Christians in Arab, Alabama can no longer pray for their children at the beginning of football games because, (and here's the ironic part) one Arab Muslim wrote and complained of being offended by Christian prayer.  So, like a good little dhimmi (that's a slave to Muslims) the Superintendent of Schools in Arab, Alabama has banned prayer at the football games.  Is it me?  Am I the only one that sees something wrong in this picture?  Can it be possible that Superintendent John Mullins has been stripped of his manhood and can no longer stand up for the other 99% majority of students and families in his town?  Have Muslims become so feared by Christians that the Christians are bowing to the Muslim's every whim?  Are the Christian majority in Arab, Alabama actually going to put up with one (1) Muslim dictating the entire town's behavior.  Perhaps Superintendent Mullins just has no fight left in him.  I'm sure glad he wasn't around during the founding of this nation, if he were, America would still be a few colonies, and we'd all be sitting at high tea and eating crumpets.  Superintendent Mullins, you should hang your head in shame!!!   You have abandoned, your students, your student's parents, your faith and your God.  How did you put it Mr. Mullins "this isn't worth going to court over."  Are you kidding me?!?  If the survival of your faith isn't worth fighting for, may I ask you "What is."???
  What ever happened to Christians standing up for their rights in this country?  Are the people in Arab, Alabama going to go to this week's football game and pray aloud anyway?  If not, they should be!!!  What do you think would happen if Christians had as much guts as Muslims do?  Muslims aren't afraid to block the streets when it's their time to pray.  Christians bring upon themselves the persecution foretold in the scriptures because they are weak.  I can't help but think there is that one Muslim in Arab, Alabama laughing uncontrollably at the fearful Christians in his town.  Yes, one single solitary Muslim now controls the entire town of Arab, Alabama.  Why?  Because Christians like Superintendent John Mullins feels that their faith is not worth fighting for.  I just wonder how many Christians in Arab, will turn tail and run from the one Muslim who is offended by public prayer to Jesus Christ?  If you can't stand up for your faith and beliefs in a court of law, what will you do when Islam tells you that you must now bow to Allah or die?  Is that what Superintendent Mullins is trying to convey to his community, that opposition to Islam is futile and that Christians may just as well lie down prostrate before Allah.  If the people of Arab do not fight this Muslim take over, then Muslims around the nation will be emboldened and will most certainly become more forceful in their demands for special treatment from their communities.
  Get your heads out of the sand American Christians or you won't be able to pray to your God in your own country!!!
In the words of Superintendent John Mullins:  "We wish we could continue praying but we can't".  That my fellow Christians is one of the most pathetic and weak quotes that I have ever heard.  It should be a wake up call to Christians in every city, town, municipality and boro in America...Will it be?  I PRAY THAT IT WILL!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Prayer Banned At Football Games by Alabama Superintendent

Thursday, September 22, 2011

FBI, TSA investigating Arabic writing on underbellies of Southwest Airlines planes - Jihad Watch



Yes my friends the FBI, and TSA are investigating the Arabic scrawls that have been chemically etched into the underbelly skin of several Southwest Airline aircraft.  The writings are being called mysterious messages.  A full blown investigation has been launched to find and prosecute the culprits.

As a retired employee of a major U.S. owned airline, I'm sure I can shed some light on the location of the perpetrators of this mysterious writing.  Number one, don't be looking at the Christian Islamophobes.  Number two, the type of chemicals required to etch into aluminum is more than likely isolated into two separate but together work groups, but commonly share a location.  The two work groups are, aircraft mechanics and aircraft cleaners.  Both groups normally share space in major bases where there is mechanic and cleaning done simultaneously, that would be a large busy aircraft hangar.  Large hangars provide places where cleaning crews do jobs like interior cabin cleaning, and, you guessed it, underbelly aluminum polishing work.  Giving Southwest Airlines the benefit of the doubt, I don't believe they would have any Islamist's working as aircraft mechanics, so that would leave only one group that might employ the less skilled cleaning personnel.  The chemicals the would be corrosive enough to use as an etching compound can be found in the hangar, along with many metal cleaning compounds that may have been discover to actually etch into metal.  I'm not sure, as I haven't tried.  In this day when political correctness supersedes common sense, and appeasement of the enemy comes before actual prevention and security, so as not to offend Muslims, I would not be surprised if Southwest Airlines had a large contingent of Muslims working in and on their aircraft at hangars throughout their system. 
  The simple fact that Southwest Airlines has chosen to refer to these writings as mere vandalism tells me that seriousness of the situation has not sunk in yet.  I mean, who would think that Islamic Jihadis would ever actually the U.S. airline industry?  Who would ever think that all the peaceful Muslims who worship in such a peaceful religion as Islam might be hiding jihadis in their ranks? 
  It has been reported that the TSA is also making inquiries regarding this "graffiti".  "GRAFFITI" ????  Suzy loves Harry is graffiti, Kilroy was here is graffiti, time waits for no man is graffiti.  Etched Arabic symbols and writing on the bellies of U.S. passenger aircraft, that can only be visible when the aircraft skin is heated up, is not graffiti.  It is a threat, and it's not a threat from those of us who are still clinging to our guns and Bibles.  It's a threat from the enemy element that our government and our naive politicians have invited into our country.  No, it's not graffiti!!!  Perhaps it hasn't occurred to those in power either at Southwest Airlines, the TSA, Homeland Security or the Justice Department.  The writings were etched with a chemical that can only be seen when the aircraft fuselage is heated was done that way on purpose.  The messages/symbols were not meant to be seen by just anyone, they were meant for someone who had a way applying heat to the outer aircraft skin, for the sole purpose of reading that particular message.  Graffiti, my horse's patoot!!!  I'm going out on a limb here I know, but my thought is these messages have been transmitting vital information back and forth, perhaps even coast to coast for some time now.  The TSA or FBI hasn't revealed how these etched messages were discovered, but I'm thinking it was by shear accident.  Let's face it, this wasn't done by a homeless person with a spray paint can.  If I were the FBI, TSA, Homeland Security Secretary or in command of the Justice Department, I would be heating up the entire under bellies of every single plane in Southwest's extensive fleet, my gut tells me the process will be even more revealing than just a couple of symbols that some ramper spotted accidentally.
God Help Us
The Watchman

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Is he even more ruthless than we thought?

Washington Times:  October 31, 2001 
  Osama Bin Laden checks into an American hospital in Dubai on July 4, 2001 - July 14, 2001.  CIA source reported that Bin Laden was treated for renal infection that has spread to his liver.  Also noted that a kidney dialysis machine was imported to Afghanistan for Bin Laden in March 2000.
CNN:  January 21, 2002
  Doctor Sanjay Gupta confirms from Bin Laden's video that he looks to be suffering from severe illness, states that kidney dialysis requires electricity and clean water, and a person who knows how to run the dialysis machine.  Infection is an extreme possibility if not done properly.
All News Media:  May 2, 2011
  A raid on a compound in Pakistan was conducted by the Navy's Seal Team 6.  Under orders from President Barack Obama, the world's most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden was executed when he resisted capture.  The body of Osama Bin Laden was positively identified by DNA testing and flown to an American ship off shore, the body was then buried at sea, according to Islamic ritual.  No pictures of the compound where Bin Laden was killed will be released.  It is sufficient to know "BIN LADEN IS DEAD"!!!
  When news of Osama Bin Ladens death came across the news wires, and all the media channels on television where lighting up with this great news and the brave thing that President Obama had done in commanding the "kill order", in my heart of hearts and my gut was telling me, don't believe any of it.  I couldn't get it out of my head that all along I've had this feeling that Bin Laden had passed on to Allah from a remote cave somewhere in the Afghan mountains years ago.  There were just too many things that didn't add up.  The public announcement by VP Joe Biden, for one thing, even the crash of the chopper at the alleged Bin Laden compound that resulted in the deaths of some American servicemen who by the way were on a secret mission, and the Obama administration didn't even wait until family notifications "in person" by a military representative had been made.  When it was announced that photos of Bin Laden's body would not be forthcoming, ever, because that would be somehow disrespectful to Muslims, well...that didn't wash with me either.  When this administration stated unequivocally that positive DNA identification had been made, I had to ask myself how that could be accomplished so quickly.  After all, DNA tests on crime scene evidence here in America where DNA laboratories are set up with the latest equipment take several days to several weeks to make positive DNA identification.  How was the military able to accomplish that test in a matter of hours, especially on board  a helicopter or Osprey, or even on board a US Naval vessel that wasn't even a hospital ship.  Seem fishy to you?  Well, it seems very fishy to me too.  I just want all of you out there who are skeptical about what the news media reports, and what this present administration has to say, you're not alone.
  A very revealing article written by Ann Barnhardt on 8/7/2011 is something that everyone should read.  Ann has contacts that many writers and journalists aren't privy to.  Her articles are very well researched, and very well written.  She has penned a recent article titled:  THE EXECUTION OF SEAL TEAM SIX, I have read the article over and over again, I have no reason to doubt her resources.  I will leave you a link to her article, then you can decide for yourself.
  Here are more questions that came to my mind when the news of Bin Ladens alleged execution was released.  Are they just coincidental or more sinister than that?  Needless to say, all of you know that my opinion of who and what Barack Obama really is, is sinister enough.  When you put these incidents together, "fishy" will most certainly enter your mind.
  April 20, 2011:  Author Jerome Corsi's book "Where's the Birth Certificate" announced as pre-sales on May 17, 2011.  The book itself hits number one on Amazon a full 28 days prior to it's official release.  Obama a little worried???
  April 27, 2011:   Obama and company release a PDF image of the alleged long form Hawaii birth certificate.  In a matter of hours, experts in the field of graphic design debunk the newly released certificate as a fraud.  Obama a little panicky???
  We all know by now that Obama must be looking for some way to distract the American people and the world from this fake birth certificate fiasco.  With his henchmen and henchwomen, he is desperately looking for a bombshell to give the media.  The grand illusionist stumbles across a just the thing.  We'll have a raid, we'll use Dick Cheney's alleged death squad to carry it out, we'll find Bin Laden, we'll kill him and I, Barack Hussein Obama will become America's hero for giving the kill order.  What a great idea.  Unfortunately for Obama, he and his minions always leave to many errors.  As it was revealed, there was no kidney dialysis equipment found in the alleged Bin Laden compound.  No pictures, no Bin Laden corpse, no statements from Seal Team 6.  Not one shred of solid evidence surrounding Osama Bin Laden demise.  My personal conclusion, "Bin Laden's been dead for years, there was no Bin Laden in the alleged Pakistan compound, perhaps a low profiled unsuspecting Muslim Bin Laden groupie, but certainly not Bin Laden himself.  In my mind and in my heart, this entire Bin Laden execution episode was in fact just another sensationalized trick perpetrated on the world by the best at his game, one Barack Obama.  Could I prove it to be a hoax? No.  Was there any hard evidence that Obama's claims of the execution of Osama Bin Laden?  No!  Did I believe the President? NO!  Without substantial proof, or at least further evidence of this diabolical ruse, I shelved it.  Then came August 6, 2011:  A Chinook helicopter was shot down in Wardak Province, Afghanistan.  It was confirmed that 22 of the 30 Seal Team 6 members where killed when the Chinook went down.  My mind tells me, something is really wrong with this picture.  Number one, Seal Teams work in secret, number two, their deaths were reported to be a revenge killing because of the execution of Osama Bin Laden, I ask, how did the Taliban know that almost the entire Seal Team 6 would be on that Chinook?  Nothing about the raid in Pakistan where Bin Laden was alleged to be killed to the shooting down of a helicopter containing Seal Team 6 members adds up, nothing.  Way to coincidental, way to suspicious.  Who was it that told the Taliban where and when that Chinook would be taking off, and who was in it?
  Yes, it is my considered opinion that Bin Laden has been dead for years.  That the entire raid was a ruse and a distraction to make Obama look like some kind of hero.  I also believe that it may well have been the Obama administration that sent 22 Seal Team 6 members to their death at the hands of the Taliban.  The remaining Seal Team members will not speak the truth after seeing what just happened to their comrades in arms, certainly a very stern warning for silence from the Obama White House to all would would betray the President.
Check it out, you will not disappointed, but you will be stirred to question what the news actually reports.
  Always read between the lines, and never ever believe everything you hear.
God Help Us
The Watchman