Saturday, January 1, 2011


To the right, we have the face of Homeland and Border Security. Below, we have the best way Janet "Butch" Napolitano could come up with to handle the U.S. - Mexico Border dilemma in the state of Arizona. The solution is hardly border security competence extraordinaire, is it? I suppose, if you can't find a way to fix a pothole in the road, the only solution left is to place a sign in front of it that reads " watch out for the pothole", problem solved. It's probably a good thing that Janet Napolitano isn't in charge of roads, highways and bridges, well at least not yet anyway!
I wonder who it is that's playing " Let's see how bad we can sabotage the war effort and not get caught." Is it George Soros, does he have anything to gain from the many losses of American blood and treasure? Is it Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps Pelosi's husband is supplying tuna to the troops abroad, and making millions of dollars, you know the longer the war lasts, the more tuna, the more tuna the more money, etc., etc. Or is it Barack Hussein Obama, who just lives for the challenge to continue slapping America in face, and laughing because America will not fight back. Obama knows that all Americans who speak against him will be branded racists by the media, and now that the scientific community has come up with an official medical malady name for those of us who do speak out... You didn't know about the new designator terminology? Well here's what it is: "Oppositional Defiant Disorder". That's the name of the mental disorder the government will claim we have, just before we are relocated to our new homes in the internment/re-education camps, you know the ones that don't exist.
Back to the Afghanistan war effort. What more can this administration do to sabotage the war effort? We must take into consideration what Obama has already implemented: New rules of engagement like; 1. You can't kill the enemy if he lays down his weapon and walks away, pay no mind to how many Americans this insurgent has already killed. 2. You can kill an enemy combatant who is in the process of setting up an I.E.D., but if he's already finished setting it up, and is walking away, you can't kill him. Since when does the American soldier have to make an appointment to kill the enemy you ask? Since Barack Hussein Obama became Commander In Traitor (I mean Chief), that's when. To add ammo to the enemy, America has now decided that homosexuals can serve openly in the military. So now, if you are a straight Soldier, Marine, Airman or Sailor and you wonder who's watching your back in a combat situation, you'll now have to watch out for those who will be openly watching your backside. Ohhh, and won't it be wonderful to be using the group shower facility and catch the guy across the stall staring admiringly at you, with that "I wish I was soaping your family jewels" look on his face. Anyone who thinks that there will be no adverse effects on our nations military morale and efficiency has another think coming. Repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell" may seem like a harmless gallant effort to overcome homosexual discrimination in the armed forces. But I assure you, as sure as the day is long, there will be such far reaching ramifications from this decision that all who voted for it, will rue the day they ever heard the word "homophobia". Someone once said: "Discretion is the better part of valor." He was right then, and he is right today. The repeal of D.A.D.T. was not accomplished through discretionary thought, and there will be no valor accompanying the decision.
This administration's final nail in the Afghanistan War effort coffin, and what prompted me to write this article, is the assigning of Janet Napolitano to Afghanistan to instruct the American and Afghan troops on the techniques of "border security". In my opinion, Janet Napolitano is as incompetent regarding Homeland Security as she will be advising the troops overseas on border security. This is a woman who has been unable, or unwilling to secure America's southern border with Mexico, and somehow she's miraculously qualified to instruct border security in a war zone. It's just another Obama decision that appears to make little or no sense, unless of course, you're Barack Obama. It is more than obvious to me that our President holds disdain for the armed forces, and is doing everything in his power to weaken and undermine the stability and integrity military forces of the United States. If Obama was alive during the Revolutionary War, his name would be Benedict Arnold and he would have been hung as a traitor to his country. You all know in your hearts that this is true. What can we do about it? We can pray that our newly elected conservative congress can put the brakes on the Progressive agenda of our treasonous President. If they can't, we as a free nation are doomed.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

Friday, December 31, 2010


" You know what makes me sad? YOU DO!!!
(What makes me sad is that I have to tell you that I am using a statemant from a Geico Ins. commercial, as they have probably patented the statement and would be more than willing to sue my pants off for using it without their permission. Isn't that pathetic and something to be sad about?)

What really makes me sad is the fact that the "Global Warming Scam" even exists in the first place, and because of the this made up crisis, we will no longer be able to use the incandescent light bulb. Also, energy costs will be going through the roof to stop the flow of harmless carbon dioxide gas. Because of "Global Warming", Americans are burning food in our automobiles and trucks in the form of corn ethanol, while the world's population of poor and hungry are getting poorer and hungrier. Remember when America was the world's bread basket, thanks to Al (I can't believe the earth is cooling) Gore, the world will still be hungry, but perhaps not poorer as Obama is taking our wealth and redistributing it to everyone else in the new global community.

What really makes me sad is changing terminology and names to somehow make things that don't exist seem more palatable to the American people. For instance: What once was "Global Warming" was changed to "Climate Change" but because the global warming crisis was debunked, as it was determined that the whole thing was based on false science, most recently the term has been changed to "Global Climate Disruption". Just another non-existent crisis, that isn't a reality at all. Here are a few more: "War on Terror" has been changed by the Obama administration to "Overseas Contingency Operation" as if we have already gone to plan "B". " Terrorist Attacks" are now "Man-caused Disasters." And last, but not least, perhaps the most ridiculous terminology change by the Obama administration so far, are you ready? "Illegal Immigrants" are no longer Illegal Immigrants, they are, get this, "Displaced Foreign Travelers." As if somehow Mexicans and or anyone else who are here illegally, merely lost their way while strolling along the border and mistakenly stumbled into the United States of America and couldn't find their way home. If that's true, these interlopers into our country aren't really breaking any laws, right. Wrong!!! But that's what the liberals would have you believe. If Obama had been president in 1941, the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor would have just been considered "Displaced Foreign Air Travelers", who merely strayed into U.S. airspace and while they were there, accidentally dropped bombs, torpedoes and machine gun rounds killing thousands of Americans, and by some wierd twist of fate, destroyed most of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. So, consequently the 9/11 attack was perhaps the result of a misunderstood accident. According to Obama, those pieces of worthless garbage who hijacked American aircraft and murdered some 3,000 people must have been "Displaced Foreign Travelers" too.

Yeah, that's right Obama, you know what makes me sad? YOU DO!!! It makes me sad that we have a Muslim/Progressive in the White House. It offends me that the First Lady has the gall to even suggest that America eat healthier when her butt has just about the right dimensional characteristics needed to be fitted with 17 inch saddle. It makes me sad that her own husband can't stop smoking like a chimney and pounding down greasy cheeseburgers. (Let's face it, if the Obama's were to lead by example, the entire world would be expected to be arrogant and lie to each other at the drop of a hat). People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, even if their house is a White House. It makes me sad that the entire United States Military is being forced to cow tow to the homosexual agenda. It makes me sad that the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs are in favor of the repeal of DADT. It makes me sad that thousands of unborn babies are brutally murdered each week in abortion clinics, here and around the world, and my tax dollars are being used to fund the despicable act of the slaughter of innocents. It makes me sad that anyone who professes to be a Christian can vote in favor of and or condone abortion, and at the same time be worried about animal abuse. It makes me sad that our current administration has placed a moratorium on American deep water oil drilling and then gives billions of American tax dollars to foreign governments so they can drill in those exact same areas. It makes me sad that every administration since Carter has run on the platform that America must become energy independent, and independent from foreign oil, but have done nothing to make that happen. It makes me sad that when George Bush led us into war in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11, was brutalized by the media. Now that the wars, both of them, belong to Barack Hussein Obama nothing is being said, not by the media, not by congress, not by Code Pink. It makes me sad that our president, can bald face lie to the American people every time he opens his mouth, and the media remains silent. It makes me sad that ever since 9/11 when Muslims (I mean Displaced Foreign Travelers) attacked and killed no less than 3,000 people on our own soil, that this Obama administration has done everything in it's power to convince the American people that we are somehow responsible, and we are the ones who need to be tolerant and reach out to the murdering Muslim Faith, so they won't be offended. It makes me sad to hear Katie Curic say something so stupid like "America could use a Muslim sitcom like Cosby". Can someone who gets paid millions by the media really think that there could ever be a "truthful" sitcom about Muslims. Trust me Katie, do some research, there is nothing funny about Islam or Muslims. I think a program about Muslim life should be put on TV, but I think it should depict actual life of a Muslim family that is controlled by the Qu'ran and Sharia law. Maybe Katie could get a good laugh at the male star stoning his wife because she spoke to some other man she wasn't related to in public. Yes, a truthful depiction of Muslim life would certainly bring the guffaws to the liberal audiences everywhere. You know, perhaps that is what America needs to see after all. Thanks Katie!!!

I for one am happy that another year of the Obama administration is coming to a close. A lot of damage has been done in the last two years to our country, our economy, and to our once impeccable reputation around the world. It is unfortunate that there are still two Obama years to come. I pray that the new conservative congress can, at the very least slow any more damage. Although it is apparent that Obama has determined that congress is no longer relevant for him to forge ahead with his agenda. I pray that somehow the Lord will step in on America's behalf. I pray that once again the American people will turn back to God, and get a firm grasp on His Divine Providence, and pray for mercy. I pray that the new year brings about a change for the better. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen

"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Can you spot the Illegal Aliens in this picture? If you guessed all of them, you are correct. What a fine lot, wouldn't you agree?

On a talk radio program the other day, the host was talking about stores and other merchants that cater to Illegal Aliens, and that the Illegals are easy to spot. The studio telephone line lit up immediately. On the line was a liberal listener who accused the host of being racist. The caller also said "that there is no way that you can spot an Illegal Alien just by observing them". The talk show host rebutted the caller's statements, and so do I. Anyone who thinks an Illegal Alien cannot not be picked out of a crowded Walmart store, simply has his/her head in the sand, or elsewhere. If you are behind some little brown people in line at a Walmart checkout, and no one in the entire family/group speaks a word of English, this is a clue as to their legal/illegal status. If they have two overflowing carts and the assumed husband/honcho in the group pulls a wad of cash from his pocket gives some to the checker, and pays the rest of the bill with a government entitlement card or Food Stamps, chances are, the entire family/group are in the United States illegally. If the whole family/group are wearing the latest $100.00 a pair tennis shoes, and they all appear two sizes too big, chances are, they are illegals, and they just came from the shoe department of a J.C. Penny store down the road. Oh yes, Illegals are easily spotted, so much so, that is escapes me how I.C.E. agents have a difficult finding them. I would certainly like to volunteer my services to I.C.E. and for a nominal fee of say $50.00 a head, I will gladly point out the Illegals at any Walmart or other store of I.C.E.'s choosing. I would venture to say, that within a few months I would be able to retire quite comfortably on the money. Suffice to say, it's not that I.C.E. can't find them, it's because they aren't allowed to profile, and well, I am!!! One of the easiest ways to spot an Illegal in a grocery store, is when you try to maneuver around all eight of the children to get to a box of cereal, the tell tale sign is when you say "excuse me" and both mom and pop give you that blank stare and smile, because they don't understand a word you said. They are easy to spot in the parking lot too, they will be the ones going the wrong way in the parking aisles, and they are all smiling at you as you try to pull far enough over to allow them to get by. (I should mention that holding your ground and staring them down until they back up, or move over for you, would be an exercise in futility at best.)
Here are a few statistics regarding Illegals: You should know that 43% of all Food Stamps are given to Illegals in America.
95% of all murder warrants in Los Angeles are for Illegals.
Less than 2% of Illegals are actually working in the agricultural industry, but 41% of Illegals are collecting U.S. government assistance, paid for by the American taxpayer.
Over 66% of all new births in California are from Illegal Mexican alien families.
60% of all HUD properties in America are occupied by Illegals.
More than 39% of students in California grades 1-12 are Illegal Aliens.
75% of Los Angeles' most wanted list are Illegals.
U.S. companies using Illegal Aliens in 2005 profited over 2.36 trillion dollars. All at the expense of American citizens who are now collecting unemployment. So you see, on this one the taxpayer is paying twice. How you say, well, the employer is paying the Illegal less than minimum wage, and they are paying him cash, NO Taxes that way.
Merchants who cater to Illegals are the ones that boast about being multi-lingual. Stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and a host of others. I was even at a dentist's office last week and he was boasting to me that his office is the only bi-lingual dentist in town. That really didn't impress me very much. When we visited that office again, it was no wonder the waiting area was full of non-English speaking little brown folks all gibbering in Spanish. I doubt I will go back. Just as I refuse to hire a company to do work on my place that uses Illegal Alien labor, I will also not go to a dentist who caters to Illegals. ( I probably shouldn't shop at Walmart either, but with the taxes I pay to support the Illegals, I am forced to save some money somewhere.) Understand, that I hold no grudge against Spanish speaking people, but because my state, county and other local taxes are being used for TennCare and other Social programs specifically designed to enable Illegals, I do take umbrage to that form of taxation. Remember, entitlements are only free to those who are on the receivng end, not to those who have already paid or are still paying their fair share. Unfortunately many of the folks on TennCare are illegal, and I'm paying for their dentistry work as well as mine, and I can't get TennCare. Bottom line, Caucasian, English speaking, working taxpayers in Tennessee and many other states are being discriminated against. The government takes our money through the tax system so that others can take advantage of state and federal insurance programs that we can't have access to. If that's not discrimination and redistribution of wealth, I don't know what is. And in this taxpayer's humble opinion, this practice must be stopped.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ