Monday, November 15, 2010


That's right, as of today 11/15/2010, the Obama administration has granted 111 waivers to companies and organizations that will exempt them from compliance with the new Obama Care Law. So, who is going to be left holding the bag once again, the families not affiliated with any of the 111 companies, unions and religions that have managed to secure the exemption.

Still think that our boy Obama and George Soros aren't trying to collapse the system? Still think that Obama isn't the most divisive president ever in America's history? What better way to divide the people than to make laws that some have to obey and comply with, and then exempt a few elite with an administration waiver. Does anyone realize the ramifications of this ploy by Soros and Obama and the other elite? You can bet your sweet bippy that Soros and Obama know the ramifications, oh yes, they know, and that's exactly why they are doing it. The Obama Care Law was never intended to provide health care for everyone, or anyone, it was placed into law so it could be used as a tool by Soros and Obama, to divide and conquer the people. The plan is as plain as the ears on Obama's head, nose on Soros' face and is as prominent as Michelle's caboose. All you have to do is look at it from a Socialistic perspective.

America, listen to me, these people are running a game on us, they give, and they take away before anyone even gets. Do you understand? Look at it this way; you have three children, for Christmas you buy the exact same expensive gift for each one, right, how wonderful and fair is that, it's great. But, that's not the end, on Christmas morning your three children are opening their gifts, but you tell one of them not to open his, but to go to his room and bring you his piggy bank. Like the good and obedient son he is, he runs to his room and brings you his piggy bank, by this time, the other two have open their magnificent gifts, they are awestruck by how much you must have borrowed to pay for these expensive gifts. You turn to the piggy bank child and tell him that his still unwrapped gift is exactly the same as the other two received, his face lights up with glee, he hugs you with gratitude, then you tell him, he can't keep his gift, you have to return it because you borrowed too much money to buy all three, and then you kick him while he's down, because in order to help pay for one of the other two gifts, you must take his piggy bank money. Think there won't be any animosity there? Well, that's the scenario, and that's how this is going to play out. It's a diabolical scheme to divide the classes, and force them to fight among themselves. It's mean, it's cruel, it's dastardly, and it works every time, and Soros and Obama and their minions know it! Also, by granting waivers to these special companies and organizations, Soros and Obama know that the employees will now for all intensive purposes be forced to purchase health care insurance on their own, and where must they turn? That's right Obama Care!!! The single payer system that the government Progressives want every American on, in the first place. The list of companies and organizations that have received these waivers is a virtual who's who. There are restaurant chains, health care corporations, unions ( there's a surprise) and even insurance companies. Did I say insurance companies? Yes I certainly did. The Conspiracy Theory is no longer a theory my friends, it's a fact. Instigating class warfare is an intrinsic piece to the puzzle, keep the people at each other's throats, so they will eventually beg the government to save them from themselves. Read "The Coming Insurrection", and "Rules For Radicals", classic Cloward and Piven, and it's being played out right before your eyes.

Ever wonder why, in all of Obama's travels, he always visits a mosque? Ever wonder why he has never, no, not once set foot in a Synagogue? Ever wonder why Obama professes to be a Christian, but has absolutely no visible Christian values or principles? Ever wonder why Obama speaks so highly of his black heritage, but omits anything about the fact that he is half white? Ever wonder why he travels the globe apologising for America, when America has nothing to apologise for? The answer to all these questions is: "Satan inspired divisive techniques". Soros and Obama know that there will always be those who will support the president for the simple reason that he is black. They also know that the far, far left will support him, because they hate America, and Obama and Soros share their sentiment. They also know that there are patriots and conservatives out here that will reject the socialistic/communistic agendas of the left. So, what do you have when three rather large groups of people are divided in their core beliefs? You have animosity, and with animosity comes unrest, and eventually violence. Oh yes, make no mistake, violence in the streets of America is inevitable. To add fuel to the fire, security at airports, pat downs, full body scans, and mark my words, Muslims will be exempt from the full body scans and the full body pat downs. Even though it was Muslims that struck this country on 9/11, it will be the Muslims who will not be subjected to the same TSA molestation as your 90 year old grandmother or your little children. Soros and Obama know the combination of all these things will be like a combustible as a pile of gasoline soaked rags, it's just a matter of time before the American people explode. And, as I've said before, THAT'S THE PLAN!!!

It is important to note, that Mr. George Soros owns 12,000 shares of Rapiscan Corp., guess what they manufacture? If you guessed body scanners, you guessed correctly. Placing body scanners in airports is just a tool being implemented to get the American people accustomed to being scanned, do not be surprised when Soros' body scanners begin showing up at the local malls, and in public and private schools.

America has taken the first step toward slowing down the Soros and Obama agenda, we can not let up now, the entire future of all the free world is on our shoulders, today is the day, the time is now. If we fail to stop the Soros' and Obamas of the world, we fail the entire global population. Without the United States of America, there is no freedom left in the world. The beacon in the lighthouse that has been America for nearly 235 years, is growing dim, and will eventually be snuffed out unless "We The People" reconcile to God, and pray the He give us the strength to climb the stairs and reignite the beacon of liberty for all the world to see. Just as Jesus Christ is The Light unto our spiritual path, America's shining beacon must lead those who are adrift in the darkness and fog to safe refuge upon our shores. Just knowing that America still stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness gives courage those lost in other lands. We can not let the beacon go dark, we must not.

God Help Us

"The Watchman"

"Ulla Tempore Ullo Situ"

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