Friday, July 8, 2011


Notice the blindfold, it's there for a reason!

I rarely comment on sensationalized current events, but this entire Casey Anthony drama has gotten under my skin.  For three years this tragic story of a baby girl's life being snuffed out has permeated every media outlet.  It has in recent weeks become part of every ones daily life, the case has been the main topic I'm sure at every company's water fountain and break room.  Opinions in cases such as these run high and rampant, it's human nature.  Listening to testimony one evening, and discussing it the next, is America's national pastime.  The whole thing plays out like a real live reality show.  The difference of course is that the result of this reality show, is that a person's life ultimately hangs in the balance.
  In the picture above, "Lady Justice" holds in her left hand a balance scale, in her right hand is a sword, and it must always be emphasised that she is blind folded.  The scales are where evidence, both pro and con are to be balanced.  This evidence is to be put forth in order to prove guilt.  Innocence does not need to be proven in America's justice system, as one is "presumed innocent until the burden of proof submitted tips the scales into the guilty direction."  The burden of proof is and must always be on the shoulders of the prosecution according to our system of law.  "Lady Justice" is blindfolded, because justice is to be above all corruption and must remain impartial, it is only through a preponderance of evidence of guilt that can remove a person's innocence.  The blindfold is necessary for justice to remain impartial.  In "Lady Justice's right hand is the sword, the sword is depicted to dole out swift justice in sentencing by the court/justice system.  It is my opinion that "Lady Justice" in this day and age should also be wearing a set of ear plugs. 
  There has been and always will be trials with verdicts that go against the very moral fiber of our souls and conscience.  However, we must always remember that just as many innocent people are currently doing time, as are the guilty who remain on our streets, having gotten off on some technicality.  Our system of justice is not perfect, only God's justice is perfect.  Human beings are flawed, there can only be one final judge, the Lord our God.  The Casey Anthony trial is one of these cases.  Unfortunately, it is also a case that shows how America's justice system really works.  The acquittal verdict for Casey is a direct result of a completely botched prosecution.  The prosecutors in the trial had no hard evidence to submit to the court or the jury that Casey Anthony committed 1st degree murder upon her own child.  The prosecutor should have known that he would never be able to remove Casey Anthony's innocent status under the law, and therefore should not have proceeded with arrest and trial before he was ready.  I can't help but think that the prosecutor in this case was hoping for a trial and verdict to come from jury of public opinion, obviously that tactic proved futile.  The jury in this trial had the wear with all to make judgements on the presented evidence, and not on public outcry or sympathy.  Evidence of Casey Anthony's guilt on the charge of 1st degree murder simply was not present in the courtroom.  It is my opinion that neither the judge or jury in this case are responsible for the outcome.  The burden of proof was on the prosecution, and they simply were unable to make the charge stick.  The jury in this case, instead of receiving the ire of the public, should actually be commended on their discernment of the evidence provided and their decision to acquit on that evidence and only that evidence.  In a true court of law, and in a jury room, there is no place for personal opinion.  I have no doubt that many, if not all held the same opinion as to Casey Anthony's guilt as most of America.  It is my considered opinion that she is quite guilty of either the murder of her daughter, or conspiracy in the murder of her daughter, and more than likely in one form or another did in fact aid and abet the act of murder of her daughter.  In actuality however, I have no proof of those accusations made against her and neither did the prosecution in this case.  My opinions are merely made up of theory and conjecture, and in our form of justice system, circumstantial evidence, theory and conjecture should not be considered sufficient to take a person's life.  Casey Anthony's behavior after her daughter went missing is appalling.  The fact that she repeatedly lied to law enforcement, and made up stories as to what happened to her daughter, certainly lends itself to suspicion, but in no way to her guilt in 1st degree murder.
  I do not feel that the jurors in this case should be allowed to profit from their written stories about what may or may not have occurred in the jury room.  That, in itself lends to suspect their integrity as jurors.  The simple fact that they may have discussed in the jury room "what verdict would afford all of them the opportunity to make more money off the trial", is just too repugnant.  Could it have happened that way?  I'm not sure, and that means no one can be sure.  (Now, there is another can of worms)!!!
  Profiting, from the deaths of innocent people, man, woman or child has always been prevalent in America and the world.  Stories about Billy the Kid, Jessie James, Al Capone and even Bonnie and Clyde helped many authors, both professional and amature become quite wealthy.  Many of those stories couldn't actually be documented.  Were they all factual?  I don't know.  Which of course raises making a profit on the death of innocents a moral issue.  Is it legal to write these stories?  Is it legal to sell inside information for profit?  The answer is yes it is legal.  In our society that is presently suffering from severe moral decay, is it moral?  According to our moral relativistic society, if it's okay with the writer, it must be okay and accepted by society.  Morality is a personal thing, I find it deplorable that anyone should profit over this loss of an innocent child.  Mark my words though, when the books and movies come out, people will be lining up around the block to read them and see them.   
  Condeming the jury in the Casey Anthony case is nothing less than killing the messenger.  Perhaps America should spend more time examining its morality instead.
God Help Us
The Watchman 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



This may come as a surprise to those Americans who remain in denial as to the intentions of Islam in the west.  Useful idiots such as those listed above, but not limited to those listed above are facilitating the demise of America, it's Constitution, it's laws, and it's freedom, including, but not limited to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and of course freedom of thought.  Ladies and gentlemen, America and I dare say all of the western hemisphere are riding on the train to Perdition, and Barack Obama and his Muslim and Progressive minions are taking turns as engineers.  It appears to me that apathy and fear are fueling our Perdition bound train.  Fear mostly, I'm inclined to think.  Fear of what you ask?  Fear of Muslim reprisal, that's what.  Persecution of Christians and Jews never seems to incite violence, but the perceived persecution of Muslims incites violence every single time.  So, if you were going to throw someone under the bus, would it be the peaceful Christian and or Jew, or would it be a violent Muslim?  It's a no-brainer, isn't it?  The plain and simple truth, is that Islam scares the he** out of every nation and religion it comes in contact with.  Only once before in the 235 year history of America has our nation and our way of life been in such peril, and that would've been the rise of Adolf Hitler.  Many liberals and progressives will say that Adolf Hitler was never real a threat to America, but that attitude was wrong then, and it's wrong now.  America in the 1930's actually invited Adolf Hitler to New York, New York City actually gave Hitler the key to the city, and literally thousands of American citizens showed up at Madison Square Garden to celebrate and yes, even join the Nazi Party of America.  It was only Divine Providence that kept America from becoming another Nazi Germany.  In the '30s, America had Nazi Youth Camps throughout the Northeast, New York, New Jersey and I believe even Pennsylvania.  No my friends America was never that far away from becoming a Socialist, Fascist or Communist state.  It was the west's Christian principles and our faith in God that kept us all from falling into line with Nazi Germany.  America and many other western nations suffered great sacrifices of blood and treasure to defeat Hitler and the evil he subjected the world to.  Hitler's hatred for the Jews, didn't stop there.  Hitler also murdered  thousands of Christian too, there were many Catholic and Protestant believers that fell to the sword of Adolf Hitler before he was stopped, and his rain of terror ended. 
  Today my friends it's easy to see that although Hitler was stopped, his ideologies were not.  Many of Hitler's ideas are still quite alive and well right here in western society.  One need only read the paper or watch the news to see the new hatred for Jews that is being propagated throughout America and the world.  Look around and you'll see that once again the defiance of God is becoming the norm, especially among the young people.  You see, evil doesn't cease to exist just because it is ignored.  It grows quietly underground and in the shadows of society until it once again rears it's ugly head.  Today we have new Hitlers, many of of them.  We have the false prophets and churches that the Bible has warned us about.  The western world is for some reason embracing Islam and their false god Allah and rejecting Jesus Christ the only One and Living True Saviour.  I believe it is out of fear that Islam is being accepted so readily in our society.  People don't fear the God of Creation anymore, because they have been indoctrinated to believe that the one True God is passive, and that there are many ways to get into heaven, and they have been taught these falsehoods by  Christian priest and preachers.  Feel good religion feels good, that's for sure.  It isn't real however, God created hell as well as heaven.  The pathway to heaven is narrow and the pathway to hell is wide.  Hell was created because God knows that only those who have accepted the gift of salvation will make it through the narrow gate.  Both heaven and hell, are eternal, it is humanity's choice, I suggest we choose wisely.
  Do not be afraid to question the things you see and hear, if they go against the God's principles of good, then they are not good, those who do evil will suffer the consequences of their actions.  The God of Creation is not a mean God, but He is above all else a just God.  When the Lord doles out rewards and penalties at the throne of judgement, the rewards and the penalties will be permanent and eternal, of this make no mistake.
  "One can no more deny the existence of God, than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word "darkness" on the walls of his cell."  (C.S. Lewis)
  A Godless nation cannot stand against the evil of Satan!
The Watchman