Friday, February 10, 2012


What, me worry? 

  Has it occurred to anyone that Obama is not at all concerned about getting re-elected?  In recent days, every photograph of Obama shows him with an eerie look of peace and tranquility on his arrogant mug.  I can't help but wonder where his confidence comes from?  What does he know that "We The People" don't know?  When asked about any of his controversial ideologies, he grins as if to say, "I don't care what you think, or how you feel, things will be done according to my dictates, one way or the other."  An air of confident arrogance surrounds this man, as no other I've seen in my 63 years.  
  Has Barack Obama tapped into some secret, some diabolical secret knowledge that assures him of success in all he does, regardless of how evil it may be?  Does he know that there are enough voters that have fallen under his spell, that re-election doesn't pose a threat in his mind?  How else is he able to tell lie after lie and get away with them?  It appears his confidence grows with every day, the more lies he tells, the more times he is given a pass.  There is something evil, not only in the things he says, but in the things he does, and even more so, in the way he pulls the wool over the eyes of even the savviest of journalists and talk show hosts.  With the exception of Mark Levin, and at times Rush Limbaugh, most commentators unknowingly hand Obama a pass.  Even after three years of lies and deceptions from Obama and his staff of minions, very few people actually recognize the fact that YES, Obama does realize what he is doing!  Not only does realize what he is doing, but he planned to do these things, and tell these lies all along.  The man has no fear of being held accountable for his actions, and that is the one attribute about Obama that concerns me the most.  
  Every time Obama walks onto a stage, whether it be the podium in the Oval Office, the stage on Jay Leno, or even on one of his so-called campaign stops, the title of a movie comes to my mind;  "Something Wicked This Way Walks".  Obama for some strange reason has an uncanny control over those who work for him, and even those who profess to oppose him.  Obama's presence in the face of his enemies turns them to jello.  Not having met Obama face to face, I have no idea what these people feel when Obama is around.  I can guess however, that a feeling of at least limited helplessness encompasses them.  Obama's captivating aura seems to throw all of his opposition into kind of a stupor.  
  In this Obama/Sibelius attack on not only the Catholic religion, but all religions and charitable organizations for that matter, is a prime example of Obama's confidence.  Even though VP Joe Biden and Obama's former Chief of Staff warned him about the ramifications of forcing religious affiliated organizations into covering the cost of contraceptives, including the morning after pill, and sterilization procedures of their respective employees and knowing full well that these things were directly contrary to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, Obama ignored the warnings, and executed the mandate requirement.  This mandate of course has grown into a huge controversy as to the Constitutionality of Obama's order.    The mandate itself is unquestionably unconstitutional as it plainly goes against more than one stipulation of the 1st Amendment.  Did Obama know this?  Of course he did, and he still does.  Understanding Obama, is relatively simple when one takes into consideration that he has no respect for the U.S. Constitution, and that this isn't the first time he's done something that is unconstitutional.  He knows that he can get away with imposing his will, regardless of it's constitutional accountability, because, simply put, no one holds Obama accountable for anything.  Not congress, not his cabinet, not the media, not the military, no one.
  I know that I've said this before, but, I'd be remiss if I failed to reiterate, "Obama is well aware of what he is doing, and saying.  Obama knows that there will be controversy and adverse reaction to the things he does.  He doesn't do things for the same purpose as other folks.  He perpetrates an action, not for purpose of the act, but for the "reaction".  In this action where he is being accused, and rightly so, for attacking the Catholic Church and the 1st Amendment, it's a prime example.  Obama couldn't care less about contraceptives, abortions, or even morning after pills.  He couldn't care less that his mandate is unconstitutional.  His intention is to divide people, and to continue the chaos.  Don't think for a moment that Obama isn't aware that many Catholics have been using contraceptives for years.  Many Catholics are just like the Secular folks in America's population, they feel entitled to receive insurance paid access to those contraceptives, regardless of what the church doctrine dictates.  So, in this mandate, he will manage to divide the Catholics against themselves.  It is true that as of this moment most all Catholics are up-in-arms, but remember it was a huge Catholic vote that helped put Obama in the White House in the first place.  It should be noted that at the time of his election in 2008, everyone, including the Catholics and many other Christian denominations, knew full well that Barack Hussein Obama was pro-abortion and pro-Gay.  So, I have to ask, how long do you think Obama's Catholics will actually hold the grudge?  Not long, in my opinion!  It won't be long before Obama runs out of everyone
else's money, and when that happens, the "gravy train" will come to a screeching halt.
  I strongly urge all leaders of the many religious denominations to take a stand with the Catholic church and with "We the People" in opposing Obama's assault on the 1st Amendment.  If Obama succeeds in causing the Catholic church to cave on this issue, the other denominations will fall like rusty old lawn chairs.  Keep in mind however, that Obama is holding all the trump cards.  Even though the Catholic church is extremely unhappy with Obama's mandate, the Pope will not instruct his church to "not vote for Barack Obama in 2012."  Neither will the Protestant denominations for that matter.  Like I said, Obama holds the trump card over all of them.  It's called the "Tax Exempt" card.  Unless the Catholics and the Protestants are willing to throw off that slavery yoke, not one church leader, be it Pope, Bishop, Elder, Pastor or Deacon will speak against Obama by name, or encourage the people to vote for a good Conservative Christian candidate.  The fear of losing the "tax-exempt" status is too strong.  Make no mistake, should a Pastor, Preacher or Priest speak political rhetoric from the pulpit, Obama will play the trump card on those who oppose him.
  I have deep concerns as you well know, that Barack Obama will not give up the reins of control without a fight.  Do not be surprised if he finds a way to keep power.  Whether it be with congress or without congress, Obama is a dictator, and he feels he has the right to be where he is, doing what he's doing.  His "in your face" attitude will not stop at election time.  It can't happen in the United States, you say?  If I'd have told on 9/12/2001 that today in 2012 the American people would be inviting the enemy to live amongst them, you would have told me I was crazy.  By order of Obama, you can't even call them enemy.  Think about it!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman    

Sunday, February 5, 2012


  Since this nation's founding, over two centuries ago, Atheists along with Communists and Marxists, and now Progressives have been secretly chipping away at the very foundation of America.
The United States of America born from an ideal that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In the first amendment of the Constitution, our founding fathers saw to that Americans were to have freedom of religion, and that the government could not establish a religion, nor infringe upon the free exercise there of.  Today, in this, the year of our Lord 2012, the government of the United States through President Barack Hussein Obama has decided that infringement on freedom of our religion is now required.  A direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and unlawful in every way, the President of the United States is attempting to dictate policy and exact rules upon religious denomination, and especially that of Christian denominations.  Barack Obama, through Kathleen Sibelius is telling the Catholic Church that they must provide abortion services at their charitable hospitals, they must pay for health care services containing abortion, contraception, sterilization and morning after abortion medication.  All of these are contrary to what the Catholic Church has believed, teaches and adheres to.  Basically, the government now sees fit to dictate church doctrine, undermine belief structure, and force Catholics to violate their consciences.  Catholic hospitals have been given a year to find a way to ignore the religious convictions of their doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, who vehemently believe that these practices are sinful.  The government, if not already, will enforce the same rule on all religious run charitable institutions, under penalty of fines, and even incarceration of those in charge.
   Make no mistake, this government encroachment into religious organizations has absolutely nothing to with abortion, contraception or sterilization practices and procedures.  It does however, have everything to do with control, and dismantling religion, especially Christian religions in this country.  The attack on Catholics is just beginning.  As I mentioned earlier, the chipping away at America's very foundation began almost as soon as the nation's emergence as a free country, with freedom of religion as one of it's primary tenets.
  This President has been the most outspoken anti-Christian president this nation has ever had.  He is also the most hypocritical, as he professes to also be a Christian.  Needless to say he shows no outward signs of being Christian.  He also touts his understanding of the Constitution, while at the same time shredding it beyond recognition.  It is Obama's intention to fundamentally change America, and eliminating Christianity, religion, worship and God from all public places is just part of the change he has in mind.  Obama listens to a man named Cass Sunstein, his regulatory Czar.  Sunstein is co-author of a book titled "Nudge".  In essence, the book is a tutorial on how to control masses of people, by simply nudging them in the direction you wish them to go.  Subtle changes, as in this case with the Catholics being given a mandate.  It's not the mandate itself, it's what will happen when and if the Catholics actually cave in to Obama's mandate.  The entire scenario has to do with results, not necessarily actions or reactions.  If the Catholics should find a way to appease the President on this mandate, it's not the mandate that is victorious, it's Obama.  The terms of the mandate imposed on the Catholic church are irrelevant in comparison to the psychological victory Obama will attain over them.  The Catholic church is by all accounts the largest of all organized religious Christian denominations.  The Catholic church is also a church that pretty much controls it's members through doctrine.  If Obama can attain even a modicum of victory over the Pope and the Bishops, he has "nudged" the entire church in the direction he wants them to go.  If he can undermine the Catholic Church's principles and ethics even just a minute amount, in time he knows that they will be vulnerable and eventually fall under his dominion.  As the Catholic Church goes, so goes the other denominations, one at a time, like dominoes.  Do not be lulled into a false sense that Obama is not that powerful, because he is, believe me.  He is not accomplishing this calculated demise of organized denominational religion on his own.  For decades, infiltrators have made their way into the inner-sanctum of virtually every religious denomination from Catholic to Baptist, from Methodist or Presbyterian.  There are priests, ministers, and pastors who have been awaiting the rise of a Socialist regime in America, and now they have one.  The Atheists and the Communists, Fascists, and Progressives will not let this chance to establish a very far left government in America go by.  
  If it is not already to late to bring down this treasonous shadow government, it can at least be slowed.  We have three things that must be done:  One, is to have all religious denominations cast aside their differences in doctrine, and take a stand, (regardless of the consequences), together against this tyrannical government that has taken a foothold in our nation.  Not on every issue of doctrine, but primarily on government dictates into religion as a whole.  You've heard of "just say no", well that's what the churches must do at all cost, "JUST SAY NO!!!"  All churches must stand shoulder to shoulder and strongly against any unconstitutional mandate that this administration tries to impose.  Number two, this election, if in fact it is free and fair, all conservative Christians and anyone else who is a constitutionalist must vote conservative.  The election of a conservative President, and congress, Senate and House will send a message to the far left liberal/Socialist Progressives, that we love America the way it was, and we're taking it back.  Number three, pray, pray and pray some for the Lord's divine intervention.
God Help Us
The Watchman