Monday, December 30, 2013


Nothing screams louder than a voice telling you "There's nothing here for you to see."
  When does a lie become the truth?  When it is told enough times, to enough people.  For example, if I took all of the kindergartners in America and began showing pictures of the sky, and telling them it is black in color, in less than 20 years, at least half the population would argue with you, if you tried to tell them that the sky is actually blue in color.  In essence, that is where we as a nation are today.  Lies have become acceptable as fact. 
  Take the simple lie I was led to believe as fact when I was young and in elementary science class.  That crude oil is the by-product of rotting dinosaur carcasses and dead plants.  Are you kidding me?  That scientific theory is about as outlandish as the moon is comprised of cheese.  I didn't mention this lie to start an argument regarding fossil fuel, but to show how statements made long enough and to enough generations of people, are destined to become truth and factual, even though they are not, and can be proven they are not.  A perfect example is the "global warming theory".  It has already be disproven and debunked and labeled "false science", which it is.  So why are we still being starved of coal and coal fire furnaces?  Why are we being forced to use squirrely fluorescent light bulbs?  To save energy?  Save it for who?  Can you store your home's energy for later use?  Of course not.  Energy is produced and it is used, you cannot save it for later.  So, the world is being forced to "go green" because of some already debunked false science, and the world is following like lemmings and sheep to the slaughter.  The LIE of global warming is with us to stay, it shouldn't be, but it is.  Global Warming a perfect example of a lie becoming factual acceptable truth, even though it is not even remotely the truth. 
  I guess my point is this; if you believe anything the present administration tells you, whether it be from the NSA, the State Department, Justice Department, EPA, DHS, CIA or FBI, you are as naïve as they come.  All information being passed along to the public, is false and at best misleading.  All press releases from any of the above agencies, comes directly from the Oval Office at behest of Obama and his handlers who groomed him, and put him in the office, not only once, but twice.  The simple fact that Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected to office, after a disastrous first term, should be enough evidence to give even the staunchest skeptic pause.  If you didn't come away with, "hey, there something fishy going on here", then maybe the rest of us are wrong.
  There is so many diabolical clandestine schemes in this administration, I don't know who keeps track of what, or worse yet, who keeps track of whom.  You can bet on one thing, there are but a few who are in the know, and they are controlling everything from finance, to insurance, to industry and agriculture.  They have super controls over almost all law enforcement agencies regardless of how large or small they are.  If you are skeptical, ask your local police department, sheriff's department or state police for a tour of their facilities and check out the vehicles in the back parking lot of the station.  If you aren't seeing military then you are fortunate, or you are being led through the labyrinth of lies.  
  I am convinced that there is a plan to destroy America's economy.  I am convinced that the plan has been in the works for decades.  I am convinced that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are either knowingly of unknowingly preparing for civil unrest in this country, as never seen before.  I am convinced that DHS, NSA and even the TSA are being equipped to forcibly bring government dissenters to their knees, and are equally ready and able to use deadly force if ordered by the White House against U.S. citizens.  I am convinced that our military will be deployed within the borders of the United States, and they will be ordered to quell any and all protests at all cost, and by any means necessary.  Now, am I detecting more skepticism, are you thinking "wait a minute that would be a violation of the posse comitatus act.  Well of course it would be, I won't argue that.  But give yourself a moment and try to find one part of the U.S. Constitution that this administration has shredded or attempted to shred.  Believe me, posse comitatus will be repealed or ignored due to the administration's concern for the public safety.  Can you call it Marshall Law?  Oh yes you can!  Now I know someone out is still questioning the ability of the Oval Office to activate U.S. military troops within our borders.  I have a question for those skeptics.  Explain to me why Obama has fired so many Command Generals and Admirals and other Command Officers in the past several months?  I'm not making this up, Google it if you have doubts.  In my files I have a list of at least 100 command officers that have been fired, forced into early retirement or simply passed over for promotion.  Why, why do you think Obama has more or less gotten rid of these officers.  Those politicians who have a penchant for more and more power and control, surround themselves with generals and lieutenants who are deemed loyal to the dictator in question.  If there is any doubt as to whether an officer will do the bidding, then he is removed from his command.  Have we not seen a huge drop in funding for our armed forces?  Have we not seen huge increases in funding for Obama's civilian militia.  Billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition purchased by DHS, hmmm, there's a clue worth following.  Hollow point bullets, yep, forbidden by the Geneva Convention.  Yet DHS has just lately acquired them.  What would they do with billions of rounds of ammunition that they can't use in war.  Because the war they expect isn't going to be on foreign soil, it's going to be right here on American soil and against the American citizen.  There is no other reason for a civilian federal agency to stockpile hollow point bullets.  
  If you are waiting for the truth to win out over the lies, you are wasting your time.  The plans have been laid, the overseer (Obama) has been placed in the exact right position.  All we can do is prepare for the inevitable.  They will come for our guns, they will starve the people and destroy the economy.  That is the plan.  UN Agenda 21 is being implemented as we speak, while we are worried about the future coming 2014.  The future is now, prepare for it!
God help us.
The Watchman      

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Phil Robertson, Patriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" Family
  LGBT Community up in arms over statements made in Phil Robertson's GQ Magazine interview.  But why?  Is it the Biblical truth or the conviction that Biblical truth brings upon the homosexual, deviant lifestyle?  I have read the GQ/Phil Robertson interview, and I was unable to recognize any malice of forethought in Phil's comments.  They were merely comments regarding his belief and the beliefs of many other's of like mind.  We must keep in mind, that comments are not accusations or allegations pointed at any one particular individual, because comments are personal thoughts projected into word form, and nothing more.  Such is the case with the off the cuff comments, solicited by GQ, and made by Mr. Phil Robertson in response to questions asked by the GQ interviewer.  A rather strange interview in my book, GQ interested in what the Duck Dynasty patriarch has to say.  I may be wrong, but I see a trap being laid for, and sprung on an unsuspecting Phil Robertson.  What possible serious interest would a magazine like GQ have in a long-bearded, camo-wearing Christian outdoors man?  I imagine GQ could be interested in the success of "Duck Dynasty" the family program on A&E, but somehow I doubt it.  More likely, the fear that a show, with well known, high moral and Biblical standards could catch on and where would that lead?  As my mother used to say, "something smells fishy here!" 
  I was never a man with predominant conspiratorial thought processes, at least not until our present President was re-elected to a second term, after a disastrous first term.  The ensuing lies and deceptions of the left in this country's politics has brought me to the point where I see almost everything in a different light, and from a different angle.  This entire "Duck Dynasty" thing, has me smelling a rat, a big vicious diabolical leftist rat.
  By it's own admission, A&E networks have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community.  So, why air a program like "Duck Dynasty" in the first place?  A&E had to know from the outset that the entire Robertson family were outspoken Bible believing Christians.  A&E also had to know even before the "pilot" for the program, that the Robertson's were not shy about their Biblically based morals and principles.  So why the big shock when the family patriarch paraphrased Biblical scripture regarding sin in an interview with a magazine?  I don't think there was any shock by the A&E executives.  I think Phil Robertson's comments were expected and solicited on purpose.  I think the "Duck Dynasty" was set up for a fall of epic proportions.  Why? You ask.  Why set up the Robertson family?  Why, after promoting "Duck Dynasty" with every possible avenue and gimmick to make literally hundreds of millions of dollars by making "Duck Dynasty" famous.  Every store a consumer walks into, they are inundated with "Duck Dynasty" toys, tee-shirts, dolls, you name it, so why destroy the dynasty?  Because bringing down the morally principled Robertson family makes a huge statement, that's why.  That statement being;  morality is dead in this country.  Moral relativism is the new way, and the leftist immoral society in which we all live, can make and break success at will.  Let's face it, "Duck Dynasty" has been promoted like no other entertainment phenomenon in recent TV history.  A&E and retailers across the nation have turned the show "Duck Dynasty" into a real dynasty.  A dynasty that was built for the sole purpose of being destroyed, by it's own architects.  
  A&E and GQ knew full well that one or more of the Robertson's would eventually make a statement of direct scripture or as in this case, a paraphrased rendition of scripture, and that statement would be the spark that begins the firestorm needed to destroy the moral dynasty.  
  The Robertson family was lulled into believing that an extremely Liberal, LGBT supporting network could be trusted.  Phil Robertson never saw the GQ interview coming.  Both A&E and GQ were playing possum, pretending to be dead, and the Robertson's forgot the one most important basic rule that all outdoors men and hunters know.  Never assume your prey is dead.  Make sure it's eyes are open.  A&E and GQ caught the "Duck Dynasty" by surprise, the eyes were closed and none of the Robertson's noticed.
  In essence, the Robertson family didn't know when to "duck"!
  Hopefully, good Christians across the country will stand up next to, not behind the Robertson family.  I pray that will be the case.  However from past Christian participation in cases like this one, I don't expect Christian interest will last very long.  I pray I'm wrong.
God help us.
The Watchman

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Sandy Hook families launch website includes the names of the 26 victims | Potins News Latest News & Headlines

  I sure hope the families from Sandy Hook haven't offended anyone by setting up this memorial.  Good heavens, oops, I guess I can't say "heavens" either.  The entire town, and parents of the children lost in this senseless massacre could be taken to court if this memorial is on "Public Property".
    I wonder where atheists turn when they feel thankful.  Do you think they just pray to themselves in the mirror and thank themselves for the wonderful things they have? 
  The Atheists paid big money to put up a giant electronic billboard in NYC, that asks and answers their own question.  "Who needs Christ in Christmas? No one" .  Or something to that effect.  In my opinion any Atheist who evens presumes to ask that question, is an uneducated borderline idiot.  One must only read the word "Christmas" to under stand that without the "Christ" in the word Christmas, there is no Christmas.  And, who needs Christ?  Well, that's a simple question to answer.  Everyone needs Christ.  Not all will accept Him, or believe in Him, but in the end, the need for Christ is imperative for eternal life.
  Merry Christmas Everyone, Merry Christmas!!!
The Watchman

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dem Senator: 'We All Knew' Obama Was Lying. THEN THEY ALL DID NOTHING

Dem Senator: 'We All Knew' Obama Was Lying

Thank you Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) for that brief moment of honesty.  Too bad nothing was said prior to this diabolical rape of the American taxpayer by the President and his handlers.  The entire Senate should hand their resignations over to the American people, and on their way out of the Senate building, they need to stop by the White House and escort the  Obama crime family to the nearest Federal Penitentiary. 
  The Democrat controlled Senate and the obviously complicit Democrat minority in the House all knew that Obama was lying when he assured the people that if they liked their insurance, insurance companies and doctors, under Obama Care they could keep them, period!  This revelation certainly doesn't speak well for our elected representatives, does it?
  Senator Gillibrand, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  We the people knew Obama was lying when he promised us the most transparent government this nation has ever seen.  We knew Obama was lying when he said would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan within 6 months of his election in 2008.  We knew he was lying when assured everyone that raising the debt limit the first time would not increase the national debt.  We knew he was lying when he took the oath promising to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  We knew that he was lying when he issued orders to release false information regarding Benghazi and the massacre there.  We knew he was lying when he promised to unite the people in this country and around the world.  There is only one time Obama did not lie Senator Gillibrand, and that was when he said "we are only five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."
  What makes me angry is that "We the People" elect representatives to go to Washington, D.C. to stand up for the rights and liberties of the people and states they represent.  Where does congress' loyalty stand?  Does it stand on the side of their own personal greed and self-serving power hungry egos?  Or is their loyalty to the people that sent them to D.C.?  Or could it be that they are complicit with the administration in scamming the American people out of their money, freedoms and liberties and inalienable rights guaranteed in the Constitution?  Can it be that our elected representatives are so frightened by Obama and his minions that they dare not speak out against him, even if the truth needs to be revealed?  I don't know the correct answers, but I do know one thing, our government is corrupt beyond repair.  Other than a total cleaning of the Senate, the House and the White House there is no hope for this country.
  Senator Gillibrand and the rest of the Senators who knew Obama was lying and sat back on their haunches, watching the American people they represent being duped, do not deserve the offices they hold.  They owe their constituents an apology and a resignation.  They also owe the American people a complete and total refund of all remuneration they've received for the number of years they have been complicit in Obama's lies to the people.  By complicit, I mean knowing of the deception and not calling out the president for it.  Congratulations congress, your silence has been deafening!
  Because all of us can't be in D.C., we depend upon those we elect to watch out for our rights.  They are not there to dictate, or aide a dictator.  I am afraid the American people have created a monster that believes it is untouchable, untamable and uncontrollable, perhaps it is.
  You will notice that Obama shows no concern over his approval rating.  He doesn't care about our health care, he does however enjoy pitting his will against the will of the people.  He intends to break this nation morally and financially.  In that regard, he is successful. 
  I fear that if many more Americans do not wake up soon the facts about Obama and his intentions, then we may have already lost our nation. 
  I am sickened by Senators and Congressmen who have known as I have known that every word from Obama was a lie.  Like the many empty suits that represent us in D.C., I have an empty spot in the pit of my stomach as I have never had before.
  I can not urge the American people strongly enough to arm themselves and prepare for the fight of their lives. 
  Just the other day, a small but determined 200 people met in Washington, D.C. across from the White House.  The rally was called by none other than retired Major General Paul Vallely.  General Vallely is the chairman of "Stand Up America", and they are calling a "National Call to Action".  They are demanding the forced resignations of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner and Mitch McConnell.  Impeachment of these will not work, as there is too high a degree of partisan politics.  General Vallely is right, impeachment will not work.  General Vallely said "Our Federal government is sucking the oxygen out of America."  He is 100% correct.
  Make no mistake, General Vallely and his organization will and should grow to huge proportions from state to state, town to town and city to city.  I, for one, stand with the General.  I also know that a movement such as this is exactly the crisis Obama has instigated and has long been waiting for.  He will call for Marshall Law, and he will attempt to get law enforcement and the military to fire on the American people.  Some will do Obama's bidding, others may not.  Rest assured that there will be bloodshed and fighting in the streets.  We the People must be prepared to stand up to the challenge ahead.  " I pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to the preservation of the Republic of United States of America."  How about you?
God help Us!
The Watchman   

Friday, November 8, 2013


"What, me worry?"

  "Yesterday Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America formally apologized to the American people for deceiving them with promises he never had intentions of keeping." 
  Unlike the president, I am not afraid to admit I lied, the above statement I made could not be further from the truth.  Barack Obama did not apologize to the American people for his deceptions, he apologized because he didn't explain his deception to a degree where the useful idiots that supported him could understand.  In essence, he apologized for not realizing how stupid and gullible the American people were.  Just in case there are any Obama supporters reading this Blog Post, Obama didn't apologize to you, he apologized for you.  I don't believe I can explain Obama's intention more clearly or eloquently than that. 
  At the risk of sounding redundant, allow me to reiterate that Obama is not, nor has he ever been concerned about the health and welfare of the people.  There are but two reasons for the unveiling of the Affordable Care Act (Obama-Care).  Reason number two, is the redistribution of wealth, not his wealth, your wealth.  Reason number one is the looming, and believe me it is looming the Single Payer System, and the single payer will be the Federal Government.  When that happens, the government will control all health care in the country, no insurance companies, no negotiation, no opting out and believe me all the waivers will disappear too.  The fake failure of the Obama Care roll out was designed and orchestrated to cause chaos, frustration and pain to the people.  When all three of those reach unbearable degrees, Obama and his elitists are convinced that the people will not only accept the "government single payer system", but they will beg for it's implementation.  Democrats and Republicans alike will fall into the trap, and forevermore be prisoners of the Obama administration.  It wouldn't surprise me to hear Obama making a promise to both houses of congress;  "If you want to keep your jobs, you'll have to see things my way!"  The Obama Care roll out debacle is only the very tip of this iceberg.  So far the numbers vary considerably but reports tell us that already 15 million insured citizens are no longer insured, and in my opinion that number will double, triple or even quadruple in the coming several months.  Obama is using "percentage terminology", his statement yesterday he said "we're only talking about 5% of the people having insurance policies cancelled."  He uses the 5% because it sounds minuscule.  However when that number becomes 25%, it will have a much larger impact on the pain people will suffer.  In a way, that pain is self-inflicted by the American people.  By electing a Marxist/Socialist president to a second 4 year term, the people may as well have raised the proverbial sword over their own heads.  A sword in that position has only one way to travel.  Without being graphic, let me just say, I don't have to tell you which direction the sword will be directed.
  It should be obvious to everyone that if there is no crisis, Obama will find a way to invent one.  Barack Obama does not apologize, he does not take responsibility for anything deemed detrimental to the people, but he does take sole credit for saving the American people from our dumb and gullible selves.  He sees himself as not only above the law, but as the law maker.  We have more than enough slimy, self-serving Senators to give him continued full rein.  Obama does not make requests to congress, he doesn't have too and he knows it.  Obama makes demands, and executes commands, and he never, ever takes "no" for an answer.  
  I had to pause yesterday morning when I heard on talk radio that Obama's over all citizen approval rating dropped below the 40% mark.   I thought to myself, 39%?!?  I'm trying to figure out how he can even have a 3% approval rating among the people.  Let's wait and see how the rating goes when 25% of the people are uninsured.  A huge drop in Obama's approval rating at that time will be of little or no consequence, as it will be too late to reverse the direction.  By that time, the people will be clamoring for Obama's "single payer system".  When the 25% uninsured mark arrives, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people will have died or be on their death beds because they couldn't afford the "Affordable Health Care" offered in the exchanges.  The people will of course blame the insurance companies for the exorbitantly unaffordable premiums, and you can bet Obama and his minions will stoke that fire for all it's worth.  Then Obama, savior of the people will save the day.  In exchange for mediocre government health care, the people will cede their last ounce dignity, freedom and honor.  
  Make no mistake, when the "government single payer" system is fully entrenched, the death panels that we were warned about will begin making determinations regarding who lives and who dies, all for the good of the people and the planet.
  The time has come for the American people to take a stand, just as our founding fathers did.  In order to protect and preserve this Republic, we too must be willing to pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor in the Republic's defense.  We must seek Divine intercession that can only come from God.  There is power in prayer and strength in God's grace.  This nation was founded convincingly with the Lord's Divine Providence.  Seek the Lord.
God help us.
The Watchman   


Monday, October 28, 2013


Espionage and Counter Espionage, there is nothing new about it!
Obama's Wrecking Ball: Germany, France, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, et al - Atlas Shrugs

    There are two things I find extremely painful in these days.  The 1st runner up would be a colonoscopy and the winner would be, standing up for Barack Hussein Obama.  So there you have it, my "Top Two Repulsive List".  That having been said, I'm not really taking a stand for Obama, more accurately, I'm taking a stand for America.
  The headlines I'm reading that are condemning Barack Obama for the NSA listening in on private conversations of leaders and dignitaries of our allied nations, make the act of espionage sound like it was something that only Barack Obama could have thought up.  Let me assure you, the practice of espionage and counter espionage were well established long before Barack Obama was born, regardless of where he was born.
  The thought that Germany's Angela Merkle is totally flabbergasted that America has been listening in on her private conversations, actually makes me laugh.  Perhaps she doesn't remember that is was Germany that brought spying on other nations to a fevered pitch way back in the 1930's.  Covert spying between nations is not a new concept, nations have been spying on their friends and enemies for ages, believe me.  America is not the only country that spies on other countries, not by a long shot.  At the end of WWII, spying became the most played game of the Cold War.  Not many people can relate to the cold war, it's not taught in schools anymore.  You see, the meaning of the word "covert" is: in the shadows, under the cover of darkness, you know, it was a secret.  Perhaps that is why this new revelation of blatant espionage through new technology seems so unconceivable, and yes underhanded.  Countries that had and still have active spies in the United States are numerous; among them are Russia, Iran, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Japan, China and the list could go on and on.  None of this should be surprising to anyone who has been even remotely connected to the Internet.  I mean c'mon, Google, MSN, Yahoo all spy on you, and even your enemies and friends spy on you through this new invasive technology.  Spying, is one of those things that has evolved with the years and with the progress made in technologies during these past years.  What the NSA is doing, is simply a step into the future of "Spydom".  It's not new, it's just different.
  The spying that has been approved by Barack Obama is no different than the spying approved by previous Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors and Potentates of espionage capable nations around the globe.  The United States is not the sole perpetrator in this international espionage game, and we're not the first either.  I hope that no American citizen is so naïve as to believe that the only ones doing the spying are domestically initiated by our President.  It is, or should be common knowledge that all the nations I mentioned and more than likely a few dozen more, have eyes and ears on America's leaders, and America's citizens.  
  I would venture to say that America has few true allies in the world today, or yesteryear for that matter.  It is/was through the efforts of American undercover and covert personnel that America's allies and enemies are and were established to be one, or the other.  Espionage and counter espionage has been used to find out if a leader or representative of another country was being truthful or dishonest while reaching out to shake hands with America, and vise-versa.  There has never been real trust between nations, never in world history, and that's a fact.  The history being made today will be seen as no different than in the dark ages and before that.  Don't even think that Julius Caesar didn't have spies working for him and against him, do the Ides of March ring a bell? 
  So, when you read headlines like:  "Obama's Wrecking Ball:  Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil et al" or "US hit by new spying row amid anger in France and Mexico" or "Spain Summons US Ambassador on Spying Allegations". Please do not be too alarmed, because America is not the only guilty party here, no, not even on a good day.
  We have to put espionage and counter espionage in the right perspective.  More allies have been made through access to knowledge secured by covert spying, and more enemies have been uncovered through those same techniques than we'll ever know.  Look at it this way, wouldn't you like to have a listening device in Obama's Oval Office, because if you want the truth from this President, that's the only way you'll get.  It's not what the alleged enemy/friend says to your face, it's what he says behind your back that determines the degree of trust you have in his words. 
  The uninformed people of the United States took Obama at his word, and the only promise he ever kept was to fundamentally transform America.  Wouldn't it have been beneficial to know what he was saying and thinking when he lied every time he opened his mouth after that?
  I do not condone NSA spying on American citizens without just cause, but I have no problem with America listening in on conversations of foreign leaders.  After all, those foreign leaders have been listening in on America's leaders all along, make no mistake about that.
  In closing, we Americans have bigger problems than to worry about spying on foreign countries.  In my opinion, America has nothing to gain from listening to the leaders of France, Mexico, their nations are already in ruin.  The enemy we have, is already within the walls, and the destruction of our country is imminent through the efforts of our own President. 
God help us!
The Watchman

Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Last Piece of the Puzzle
Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov't Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers | CNS News
  Now that this last piece of the puzzle has been laid, the U.S. economy will collapse under it's own weight.
  My friends, "reality" has now come to a point where we will all have to deal with it, it can no longer be ignored, it can no longer be something coming down the pike, or something expected in the distant future, reality is here and it is now in real time.  As I've written a number of times in previous posts;  "Reality is not an inherently dangerous concept, but it can be extremely cruel if not recognized for what it is." 
  Here is the reality:  Our nation, under the leadership of the present administration has tipped the proverbial scales of national destruction and tipped them past the point of no return.  Once the point of no return is reached, the nation and it's people will be forced to complete the entire trip.  Allow me to explain:
  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, (I hope you're sitting down)!  108,592,000 (that is 108 million, five hundred ninety-two thousand) are "means-tested" recipients of government benefits.  Broken down:  82,457,000 people receive Medicaid.  49,373,000 receive Food Stamps.  20,223,000 receive Supplemental Security Income.  There are 23,228,000 receiving benefits from the Women's, Infants and Children's program.  13,433,000 people in government subsidized housing programs.  5,098,000 in the temporary needy people and families program.  Okay, we've determined those numbers to all be in the millions of people, and they add up to the original number of 108,592,000 give or take a couple of hundred people at any given time.  The United States has a population of just over 300,000,000, the exact number cannot be determined, as our government has no realistic idea of who was, is, or may be in this country.  Either way, a number approaching or surpassing 1/3 (one third) of the population is receiving some type of government assistance.  Now here is the shocker:  According to the Census of 2011, the number of full-time workers/tax-payers in this country is approximately 101,716,000.  The basic math tells me that our nation now has more receivers than supporters, 6,876,000 less.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is a substantial number.
  Some people ask me; what does "means tested" mean?  A simple way to put it is by example, so allow me to try.  You are a family of four (4), you take your family to a nice restaurant order a pretty fine meal, so far so good?  The management comes to your table, with the check, on the check are charges for two (2) family of four meals.  You question the bill, and here comes the explanation:  "Sir, the manager has determined that you are a family of higher means (income) than another family of four eating right over there.  That family sir, has less income than you apparently, or at least that is what they've related to us.  We are not allowed to question them because inquiry of their income would be offensive.  As a result, we did a "means test" and determined that you will be required to pay not only for your family, but you will have to pay for that family also.  We, the management have taken the liberty to add both server gratuities on you check.  Thanks for dining with us, come back again real soon. "That is how "means testing" works.  Simply substitute the word "management" with the word "government".  Basically it is redistribution of wealth, yours!!!  Welcome to Socialism/Communism/Progressivism at it's finest.  For those who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, especially the second time, may I strongly suggest Harri-Kari. 
  There is no question that the demise of the U.S. has been in the planning stages since it's inception.  Now, all that Socialist planning and scheming has come to it's full fruition.  The long understood way to destroy a country financially among Socialists and Communists has been to find ways to overload the system.  Today, under Barack Obama's diabolical eye, they have accomplished just that.  The day our nation supports more entitlements without enough income to pay for those entitlements is the day the "death spiral" began.  We are now a nation with $17 trillion of real debt and looking to borrow even more, we already have $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities for our grand children and great grand children to shoulder, how can this be sustained?  (Hence, the last piece of the puzzle, all the Socialists/Communists have to do is wait for the collapse.)  The truth is, it cannot be sustained.  At the end of America's death spiral will be a crash of, (dare I say it?) , Biblical proportions.  In essence, and at best the United States of America will be a mere shell of what we used to be.  The biggest culprit "APATHY".
  So what will become of us?  Logically, the all giving, all knowing government will be forced to cut costs, desperate times will result in desperate measures.  First there will larger cuts to the nation's defense budget and of course defenses.  The government, in a last ditch effort will print billions in worthless paper money that will result in inflation not seen since the Weimar Republic.  Then the cessation farm subsidies.  Then the government will cease to buy from the private sector, which in turn will force more and more people toward unemployment compensation.  Stores will have food shortages, but the entitlements to this administration's pet lobbies will be the last on the chopping block.  People will be hungry, there will be less and less jobs, gasoline and energy costs will go through the roof.  There will be uprisings in the streets of this once great nation, there will be blood spilled.  This is the reality of Socialism and Communism.  Eventually government entitlements will be brutally curtailed most will be halted completely.  Because of the earlier cuts to law enforcement, violence will be everywhere, desperate people will do desperate things. 
  I strongly urge preparation for what is inevitable, and it is inevitable.  People will need to turn back to God, as prayer from a penitent and repented nation is the only way to regain the blessings the Lord once bestowed upon us.  At the same time, stocking up on bullets and bottled water should be at the top of the to-do list.  You will, more than likely need both of those items.
  Because we have traveled beyond the point of no return, our nation must experience it's own death. 
  All may not be lost however, because we, for the most part are still Americans, and we are resilient.  So, although America, such as it was, will be no more, when the spiral ends, and the dust settles, and if other country's haven't already divided up the spoils of our fallen nation, we can, and we will rebuild.  God willing!
The Watchman

Thursday, October 24, 2013


  "Defund Obama Care!"  "Repeal Obama Care!"  "Don't Tread On Me!"  "Taxed Enough Already!"  "Remember the First and Second Amendments!"  "We're a Constitutional Republic!"  "We the People!"
  Nobel words all!!!  So why are we now begging Obama to please Sir give us just a little more time, please Sir just 6 more weeks...  How pathetic, I think I'm going to puke!
  Where is it written that the American people have all become loyal, reluctant perhaps, but loyal subjects to the Obama dictatorship?  When Republicans were elected to a majority in the House of Representatives, each and every one of the newly elected ran a campaign with one unified goal on their agenda.  But now, well, where are we now?  Has Obama care been defunded, has it been repealed, has it even been reined in?  No, nothing has happened.  So were all these new Republicans overstating their authority and did their ambition overwhelm their logic, did they even have a remote chance of accomplishing what they were sent to Washington, D.C. to achieve?  I remain disillusioned, dismayed and extremely disappointed.
  Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the Obama Care website roll out happened, or should say didn't happen.  When the website failed, the failure became the number one topic of news agencies and the Republican representatives, not to mention conservative talk radio.  It's almost as if there really was no Obama Care Act in the first place, now it's all about the incompetency of Obama and his minions.  It grieves me to see our highly educated representatives come under the influence of another Obama magical show of prognostication.  It makes me ask the question:  Just how much of the Greatest Sham on Earth can our elected reps. sit through before they realize they've already witnessed this particular performance, time and time again.  Why I ask myself have our once gung ho representatives gone from repeal and defund too, please, oh Ruler of the people, can you just give us more time to shove this mandate down the throats of our constituents?  Please, Sire Obama, please fix your website so that your people can sign up and pay for something they never wanted in the first place?  What happened?  What on earth happened?!?  In the last two days I've heard more groveling on behalf of the people than ever in history.  I'm of the inclination that if the website never comes online, that will be a good thing.  I'm of the inclination that if no one signs on, Obama Care will surely fail, how could it not?  So why are the very people we sent to D.C. to basically obliterate this illegal legislation, groveling before the president to extend the time before we the people will be eventually kicked in the face?  If any one of these truckling, sniveling representatives ever gets re-elected after this piteous display of pleading for mercy from Obama, on behalf of the people, I will throw up. 
  Something I feel led to reiterate, Obama and those he has placed in high office are not by any stretch of the word incompetent.  They are diabolical, they are underhanded but, they are not incompetent.  Anyone who believes that this website failure was the result of Kathleen Sibelius' incompetence is sadly mistaken.  She is an Obama stooge, she has done what she was told to do, and no, she will not be punished for her website failure, simply because the so-called failure was planned.  It was planned to distract the people from asking "why" do we need Obama Care in the first place.  In Obama's eyes, "mission accomplished!"  This sideshow website failure rates right up there with Obama's mysterious fainting woman act.  Is anyone actually buying into the fainting-lady performance anymore?  Do I have to remind you that fainting ladies have been booked for almost every one of Obama's speeches.  I would guess that a quick scan of the president's teleprompter will tell the tale.  Cue:  Obama..turn around,catch fainting lady...    at just the right moment, makes him look caring and concerned, when in reality he couldn't care less.  Theatrics, nothing but theatrics.
  I will be the first one to admit that our American form of health care could have used some revamping.  We'd all like to see those who are without health care, get good health insurance at an affordable price.  We'd all like to see the price of prescription medications rolled down so that people could afford them.  I, for one, think that the price of medications in America are over the top and very unaffordable for a number of our citizens, especially those with diseases as devastating as cancer, but implementing social health care will not make these things more affordable, instead the costs will double for some, and triple for others, and that just shouldn't be.  There is no reason that a nation as strong and as caring as this one is to not be able to find a better way than a world failed Socialist system.  The Socialist's aim is not to raise the standard of living for the less fortunate, it is to lower the standard of living of the more fortunate.  Obama's Socialist/Communist agenda is not much different from all the previous failed Socialist governments around the globe.  There is but one slight difference, it's called Global Socialism, and it's more commonly known as the One World Order.  Don't kid yourself, it's coming and many Americans are already on the One World band wagon.  Why, because the thought of free stuff, without working appeals to many, at least for awhile.  
  I would like to see a national "  WE WILL NOT COMPLY" campaign begin across this nation.  We will not enroll in Obama Care, we will not pay the fine, and should government agents approach our homes with intent to collect or arrest, we will respond in a strong, determined and resistant way.
  People, bear in mind, Obama Care is not about Obama's unending concern for your health, it's about Obama's agenda to control the people.  We are the people, you are the people.  United we stand, divided, Obama and his elitists win.
  God help us!
The Watchman

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


    Just what is Obama Care exactly.  Perhaps I should start out by referring to it as the "Totally Unaffordable Health Care Act", after all, that is exactly what it should be titled.  Then again, should the words health care act even be included in the title of this apparent debacle?  Once again, I catch myself lending credibility to this national sham, by referring to it as an "act" in the first place.  Whatever you choose to call this administration scam, the wrong perspective is at work here.  Allow me to explain.
  Remembering, that this is my opinion, and although I believe what I'm writing to be factual, my opinions are simply food for your thought, and as always, you are free to draw your own conclusions.
  It is my opinion that "Obama Care", or it's implementation have nothing what so ever to do with actual health care, government funded or otherwise.  I wholeheartedly believe that Obama, Jarrett, Holder, or any of the other evil minions in this administration, do not care one iota about whether the American people have health care, or not.  I do believe however, that should two thirds of the U.S. population die of some mysterious disease or convenient crisis, it would merely make Obama's agenda easier to implement. 
  Has anyone other than a few of us asked themselves why is Obama pushing the Obama Care act in the first place?  If you do ask that question, your only reasonable answer would be; I don't know.  In my reasoning, it's not health care or the concern for health care on a national scope that is this administration's motivating factor.  It's control, control, control.  
  There is no possible way that anyone could convince me that after 3 years of planning and tax-payer investments of hundreds of billions of dollars, that our government as lame as it is, couldn't come up with a website that works.  The mere thought is unconscionable.  The fact that this government website isn't working, is because it wasn't designed to work.  The "unworkability" in itself, is what it was designed to do.  In perspective; what is the focus of the press, and all the news media, conservative and liberal alike?  Is anyone actually focusing on the very reason for an Obama Care system, or has the main focus be directed, and quite brilliantly I might add, on the unworkability of the website?  
  Does anyone out there really think that if this administration, or any previous administration for that matter, had a genuine intention of making sure all Americans had access to affordable health care, that it couldn't have been accomplished with a lot less money, and without destroying the entire American health care system as it is/was?  I'm here to tell you, that if concern over the people's health care was the prime mover for government intervention into the free market, it could have been done with much less ado.  There would be no reason to make mandates that would all but abolish the first amendment.  But think, health care is not the prime mover, is it?  Allow me to answer that, no!  The reason for the failing of the website, is to distract from the question; is there really a reason for Obama Care in the first place?  By the time the government solves the website problem, the people will be so tired of hearing about it, they'll rush to the new working website, just to get it over with.  I contend that there is no legitimate problem with the website, and that it can, and will be rectified at just the right moment and most opportune time, with a keystroke or two.  By then, this tyrannical administration would have spent hundreds more billions of dollars, wasted nearly another trillion dollars on a program that is unethical, unnecessary, unwanted and irreversible.  In other words, Obama is still intent on breaking the bank!  Does anyone still believe that our president has the health and welfare of the American people at heart?  I never did, and I never will!  When the dust settles in two or three years, and Obama by some fluke of the justice system is still our president, the American people will have lost everything, because the mandates in the so-called "Affordable Care Act" will be unaffordable, unsustainable and unbearable.  Unbearable enough for the American people to consider the New One World Order as an alternative to mass starvation, mass unemployment, violence in the streets, and a general lack of morality, brought upon us by an oppressive government.  
  Make no mistake, the "Unaffordable Care Act" is another precursor to population control as laid out in the UN Agenda 21.  There will be "death panels", there already are.  There will be genocide, euthanasia will become a common household word.  People born with affliction and those who are no longer able to contribute to the common collective society will be eradicated, all for the good of society and preservation of the planet.  
  The American people are being manipulated by the administration.  Don't believe me?  Google Obama's Czar John Holdren, author of a book titled "Nudge".  I assure you, you'll be astounded by the once outlandish statements this guy made.  Only, in this new society, that has been formed and molded by people like John Holdren the statements are no longer outlandish.  
  The Obama administration, Obama Care, Climate Change, and numerous other programs that make absolutely no sense are connected to UN Agenda 21 and the establishment of the One World Order.  The American people can ill-afford to be so easily distracted by idiotic things like faulty government websites.  The old saying: "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."  I've got a new one for you:  "If it appears senseless and it and it comes from the government, it is senseless and it's meant to steal away more of your liberty, so don't believe it!"
God help us.
The Watchman       

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


"The most closed, control-freaked administration I've ever covered."  David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent, NYT.
  Well there is a reasonable explanation for your statement Mr. Sanger.  The main reason that comes to my mind is that we, you and I are not dealing with an administration here.  Instead all journalists and the people of the United States are dealing with an anti-American Progressive regime, and it certainly is one that has much to hide.
  Let's face the facts, shall we?  Barack Obama ran for the presidency the first time on a platform of promising "hope and change".  The hope of course was his, in that he had hopes of completely undermining the very foundation and principles upon which this great nation was founded.  The change of course was convincing the people of America that we were bad, both domestically and on the world scene, that America was always the aggressor in every war and in every battle.  In Obama's twisted mind, as in the minds of many of his biological father's people, and in Obama's birthplace, Kenya, Africa, Americans and the British are viewed as Imperialist aggressors and occupiers of the lands we conquered.  This attitude was instilled in him as young man studying the ways of Muhammad and Islam. It carried well into his later more formative years, and is totally ingrained in his mind to this day.  Although Obama was able to fully utilize the benefits of this nation, his gratitude is fully surpassed by his need to destroy all things American, and all things America stands for or has ever stood for.  This explains his world renown apology tour after his 2008 election.  His obvious admiration for past world leaders like Karl Marx, Chairman Mao and Fidel Castro and Che Guevara should have been an indication to most Americans as to Obama's loyalty.  Unfortunately, the main stream media were also awestruck by those same Communist/Progressives and are still very much in favor of Liberal ideologies.  Which is why Obama is still President of the United States.  
  Obama was a well coached student of political deception, and has since become a master at saying one thing, doing the opposite and blaming everything on everyone else.  This guy is by all standards of evil, the best president money can buy.  By that I do not mean that Obama seeks or has gained personal wealth.  What I mean is; a lot of wealthy people spent much of their wealth grooming a single man do their bidding, without realizing he's being handled.  You see, Obama does not desire personal wealth as much as he desires the success of his personal vision.  Those who paid to have Obama placed where he is, never have to worry about him insisting on a raise for his sinister deeds.  Obama enjoys the power, the game if you will.  He sees America and Americans as his enemy, and he is determined to destroy his enemy, and he is more than willing to do it for free.  
  So far Barack Hussein Obama has played his game to perfection.  He promised transparency in his administration and there has been nothing transparent since his inauguration in 2008.  He promised honesty and truth in action, yet he has only spoken the truth one time, and that was prior to his 2008 victory.  The only truth he spoke was made in a final campaign speech, when he told his disciples that they were just 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America.  Now, that was certainly the truth, look where we are now.  I can remember when Obama was touted as the great "Uniter", and he has proven himself to be the greatest "Divider" in American political history, if not in world political history.  Since Obama's first election to office, America is more divided than ever before, on all fronts.  He has divided the Blacks against the Whites, the Poor against the Middle-Class and the less wealthy against the very wealthy.  Oh yes, this president knows how to divide and conquer.  He has done all possible to bring morality to new lows, and evil to new heights.  He has brought a once strong and prosperous nation to a weak and borderline bankrupt nation, and he isn't finished yet.  No, not by a long shot, Barack Hussein Obama is just getting started, mark my words.  His accomplishments differ from ours, because as Americans we don't see things through his eyes.  America has always basically right and just and yes even moral.  We have always viewed accomplishments to be a positive thing.  Obama's idea of a positive accomplishment is another nail driven into America's coffin.  He's driving the nails, and he's blaming the hammering on someone else.  He always does, because it always works.
  The typical Obama ploy is to point the finger at someone else while he is the one making the mischief.  This is one president who takes no responsibility for anything, he makes none of the decisions, and yet takes credit for everything that appears to be the right thing to do.  I have never in my 64 years ever seen anyone capable of political side-stepping like Obama does.  I have never witnessed a man capable of lying with a straight face and getting away with it like Obama does.  He is either Lucifer's human rival, or minion, I'm not sure which, perhaps both.  Either way, deception is way for Obama, and it's working flawlessly.
  To refer to the Obama dictatorship as an administration is really a misnomer.  Call it a regime, if you will, that would very close.  But an administration, I hardly think so.  
  Look, Obama is the president of the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic, founded on Biblical principles, steeped in honor, integrity and respect.  Why is he allowed to openly appoint, Muslim Terrorists to high office?  Why is he allowed to appoint open Communists to his cabinet?  Why is there always an intent to usurp the Constitution without reprisal from the people or the peoples representatives?  Why?  
  I believe our elected servants of the people quake in their boots when Obama walks by, and puddle their britches when Obama speaks.  I believe fear has a strangle hold on our representative's hearts and minds.  I believe that Satan has exercised his dominion over this world by corrupting governments to a point not seen since the days of the Roman Empire.  Point to ponder, the Roman Empire is nowhere to be seen.  
God help us.
The Watchman     


Friday, October 4, 2013


Michelle:  " Oooohhh yummy, Let's not show this to the school lunch program students."

  So, I've read that due to this partial government shutdown, some 800,000 non-essential government workers have been furloughed.  My previous research tells me that our government employs upwards of 12,000,000,000 (that's 12 million) people, and I'm hoping that includes military personnel.  For an over-bloated national employer, I'm surprised that they were only able to label 800,000 as non-essential.  Be that  as it may, 800,000 non-essential workers is still at the very least a staggering number.  If given the opportunity I'll bet I could find at the very least in excess of a million non-essential government workers.  In my book, the word non-essential means "not needed or unnecessary, maybe even of little usability."     So, if you have 800,000 unnecessary positions and those are filled with 800,000 unnecessary employees, does that spell wasted taxpayer funds, or not???  I think it does.  
  When I was in the Marine Corps, it was Marines that worked in the mess halls, we took turns and rotated in and out of mess duty.  There was an MOS for cooks, and mess men.  We had Mess Sergeants and NCOs carrying out the responsibility of feeding the other Marines on base and off base.  My understanding is that there are civilian cooks and mess personnel doing the work that already well paid military personnel should be doing.  During my tour of duty in Vietnam, we Marines rotated on and off mess duty.  So what happened?  Did the military suddenly go soft after Vietnam?  It is my understanding that just about every military base, regardless of branch of service employs civilian personnel to handle the PX, BX, Base grocery exchanges of all types.  Am I to assume that mess duty is above the job scope of military personnel?  If it is, it shouldn't be, not even on a good day.  Civilian cooks, janitorial services, etc., etc. are non-essential and never should have been outsourced to civilians in the first place.  
  I do feel sorry for those non-essential government workers who have been furloughed, everyone should be able to work and make a living.  But not on the taxpayer's dime.  
  I'm going to put myself out on a limb here, by showing that picture I borrowed from another conservative website, but I'll bet both of the Obama chefs are still working in the White House, and the president and his family still have no idea where the bread and butter is kept in the White House kitchen.  Well, I take that back, I'm pretty sure Mrs. Obama knows where the chefs keep the butter.
  Someone check things out at Camp David, dollars to donuts that master caddie who keeps Obama's golf cart running smoothly has been just recently promoted too "essential personnel".  
  When I first heard that the government had to furlough/layoff 800,000 non-essential employees, I couldn't help but ask myself how many private corporations employ that many non-essentials?  I never, ever in my military or civilian careers worked in an over staffed unit, or office, or industrial line.  Everywhere I ever worked, everyone was an essential part of the workplace.  I have never worked anywhere where the owners offered me one of those full pay non-essential positions.  
  Right now, without all those non-essentials, the government seems to be running just fine.  This game the president is playing closing national parks, war memorials, libraries, etc., is just that, a game-plan to punish those who disagree with his agenda.  There is no doubt that most if not all of these furloughed government workers will be back on the non-essential rolls, doing non-essential jobs, with full back pay, and once again on the taxpayer's dime.  
  Allow me to pose this question:  What is the difference between taxpayer funded welfare, food stamps and basically unlimited unemployment benefit checks, and paying non-essential government employees to do non-essential government jobs?  The answer is "there is no difference."!!!
  I am hoping that when this Obama crisis is over, that some government official will offer me a non-essential position, doing a non-essential job, perhaps something I can just stay home and pretend to do, at full pay of course and maybe a pension for my wife.  I am almost 65, but I'll be happy to give up my Social Security for a lifetime paycheck of $75,000.00 and a full pay pension for my wife after I'm gone. 
  We are in the middle of a stand-off in this nation.  The President refuses to negotiate unless all his demands and mandates are met.  That is not the definition of negotiation, it is the definition of a tyrannical dictator forcing his will upon the people.  I for one am urging my Conservative representative in Washington, D.C. to hold the line against the Obama edicts.  We are still a Republic, we still have a Constitutional system.  We are not Obama's, Reid's or Pelosi's loyal subjects.  It would be most advantageous that we keep it that way!!!
  I don't place 100% of the blame on Obama, or those Democrats who back him up on this Obama Care fiasco.  The fault lies squarely on the shoulders of the American people who number one, don't know that Obama Care and the Affordable Health Care Act are one in the same.  Because it's those folks who still believe in that no matter how many lies the President tells, it's okay as long as the free stuff keeps coming, they'd elect him for even a third term.  How pathetically blind our people have become! 
God help us.
The Watchman          


Monday, September 30, 2013



  There are many fields of thought regarding what was once referred to as "Global Warming" but has since been changed to "Global Climate Change".  Regardless of what descriptive name the proponents of this false science use, in my opinion the entire agenda has only one underlying reason.  Future mandatory population control implemented by the Elitist rulers of the New One World Order.
  If you are one of those people who are now placing the welfare of the planet and the animals above that of human lives, then you are one of many caught up in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  You may not like it, but believe me, your undying adoration of the earth and not the Creator was prophesied in the Bible.
  Before I go on, it may be good for those Biblical skeptics to know and understand:  God punishes nations in real time, individuals will be punished in eternity for eternity.
  We all need to recognize that what is happening around us is not something new that science just  discovered, and decided to share with us in the last 15 years or so.  The concept of global warming was devised a long time ago, it was devised to provide a much needed crisis among many which will in the end allow for the "elite" of the world to exact their control over the rest of us.  To know that the science surrounding global warming or climate change is false science, one need only ask a couple of questions.  For example:  When did CO2 become a noxious dangerous gas, was it before carbonated beverages or after?  It is CO2 that provides the little bubbles that have tickled our noses for many, many years, and it was always referred to as "carbonation".  When did CO2, a colorless, odorless and harmless gas necessary for plants to convert to oxygen for the air that we breathe, become a dangerous poison green house gas, harmful to the environment?  Was it deemed harmful before plants needed it to survive, or after humans needed to breathe?  The harmful carbon gas is called carbon monoxide (CO).  Another question is:  Where are the global thermometers?  I seem to recall that many are located in parking lots, surrounded by asphalt pavement that not only absorbs a significant amount of heat from sunlight, but retains until well after dark.  No doubt the accuracy of the those temps are questionable at best.  And what about the thermometers that were place in the ground a thousand years ago?  Oh wait, there were no thermometers a thousand years ago, so where are the so-called accurate comparisons coming from?  The answer is this, plain and simple, there is no real way to accurately determine what the earth's temperature changes have gone through any further back than perhaps 60 years.  I'm no scientist, and I'm not a climatologist, but I do have common sense, and I have yet to see any convincing evidence that global warming isn't a natural phenomenon that occurs under natural happenstance and periodically on this planet.  That out of the way, lets get down to what is really taking place in this world under the guise of "global climatic change".
  For about 20 years our schools (government controlled) have been indoctrinating students to believe that the simple act of being born a breathing, inhaling and exhaling human being is a bad thing.  There is a logical, but diabolical reason for this type of indoctrination.  Students will one day be used as implements of genocide for the Elite.  It is a simple thing to understand once you know the end result of the means.  For some reason, Elitists consider themselves more intelligent, more worthwhile and better contributors to the global society they have planned.  The rest of us will someday be judged as useless and undesirable to the global society over which they lord.  Through all their good and noble intentions, the environmentalists will one day find themselves at the very bottom of the food chain.  Don't get me wrong, they aren't dumb, but they are sucking up all this misinformation and false science faster than the Elite can dispense it.  In a way, I actually feel sorry for the sincere environmentalist, because in the end, when their usefulness becomes irrelevant, they will be led to the slaughter like the rest of the uninformed and unsuspecting lemmings of this planet.
  It is important to understand that there are people on this planet earth that feel they are much more deserving than you to inherit the earth.  They sincerely believe that they have been placed here to save the planet from the lowliest of us.  When the One World Order comes to fruition, and it will, make no mistake about that, those in charge will decide that they should not have to share the air, water, forests, food supplies and animals with we, the undeserving.  That's when the genocide will begin.  All around the world mass slaughter will take place, in order to save the planet of course.  Don't let the total arrogance of the Elite escape notice, if we do, it will ultimately be at our own peril.
  There are excuses they will use, but they will refer to those excuses as "justifications".  Here are some examples, soon we will begin hearing spoken in the public forum.  1.)  We cannot grow enough food to feed everyone, after all, we are using 50% of the food supply to create "ethanol".  In essence, humans will be burning their own food to fuel the machines we will not be allowed to own or run.  2.)  The attempts made by the World Government to curb global warming and cataclysmic climate change have failed.  Humans are still causing an over abundance of CO2 through exhalation.  The population must be decreased for the sustainability of the planet.  3.)  Because there are too many people, the World Government has determined that education for this many is undo able, and cannot be sustained or funded.  So those who are impeded from learning for whatever reason, physical or mental, need to be exterminated, for the good of the planet, of course.  4.)  Finally the World government will determine that the very young, and the very old do not contribute to the welfare of society.  So those who are old and those who are unborn to a family already with one child will be eradicated, for the benefit of the survival of planet earth, of course.
  At the risk of sounding Orwellian, they may find ways of eliminating the populace through lotteries and drawings within families to see who is allowed to live or die.  This strategy will be determined by the Elitist World Government as the only humane way of saving the planet from the people.  If any of you think that there is no intention or indication of population control, you may want to familiarize yourselves again with UN Agenda 21.  
  Keep in mind, an Elitist once inscribed on the Georgia Guide Stones that in order for this planet to survive and sustain itself, the human population must be kept at or below 500 million.  While you're at it, remember we past that mark many, many years ago.
  Here are a couple of quotes from Professor of Biology  Eric Pianka from the University of Texas.  Please keep in mind, this man is teaching/indoctrinating students even as I write.
  " First and foremost, we must get out of denial and recognize that Earth simply cannot support many billions of people."
  " This planet might be able to support perhaps as many as half a billion (hmmm, sounds like he's been reading the Georgia Guide Stones) who could live a sustainable life in relative comfort.  Human populations must be greatly diminished, and as quickly as possible to limit further environmental damage."
  " I do not bear any ill will toward humanity.  However, I am convinced that the world WOULD be much better off without so many of us."
  In researching Professor Pianka's writings, I found no personal offer from him to, well....take himself out for the betterment of the planet.  Chances are, being a professor and all, he feels more worthy to remain alive and teach young people that they, especially the underachievers may wish to consider sacrificing themselves.  
  God help us.
The Watchman     

Sunday, September 29, 2013


This dark cloud isn't hanging over the White House,
it's emanating from it.
  Once again the American sheeple are being subjected to Obama administration sleight-of-hand, threatened government shutdown due to the Conservative House of Representatives.  To hear this administrative charade portrayed in the media, one would think that America has been working with a balanced budget for the past 6 years.  Well, surprise, Obama hasn't worked with a government budget for even one year, let alone his entire presidency.  Believe me, if Obama Care is allowed to be fully implemented, there will be more horrific details in the mix than a temporary government shutdown.  How does a total government and American financial collapse strike you?   Look, we already know that the Democrat controlled Senate has sold their souls to the devil, we also know that many, many Americans are eager to sell their souls to the devil too.  It seems unfathomable to me that more Americans can't see that this administration is bribing them with their own tax dollars.  It's almost surreal when I think of so many millions of Americans on the government dole, and yet they never ever wonder where the money is coming from.  The fact is, there isn't an endless supply of monetary funds, only an endless supply of green ink, and rag-paper to print a seemingly endless supply of worthless Federal Reserve Notes.  
  Don't look now, but the United States has been invaded and, is in fact under the occupation of extremely evil and sinister forces, whose entire and ultimate goal is to collapse America and devoid it of all it ever stood for.  There have been so many false flags from this White House, it's difficult to believe not very many have noticed them.  Just for my own peace of mind I have to ask people if they ever noticed, when Obama tells them about the wonderful economic recovery happening all around them and about all the jobs his administration has created, that they are still jobless?  I don't understand how so many of the college graduates can support this administration even though their Masters degrees are now qualifications for a minimum wage position with little or no future or promising advancement.  Then of course I remind myself that this America, is not the America I grew up in, and it hasn't been for quite some time.  The graduating young adults have been indoctrinated with so much Liberal/Progressive brainwashing that they fully believe things are supposed to be this way.  It occurs to me that there will be college grads with six years of so-called higher education that probably will not have to pay back student loans.  They will not be required to work in their chosen field of endeavor because there will be no jobs in their chosen field of endeavor.  But, they've been taught that it's all okay, because the government will provide all for your welfare, and all you have to do is keep supporting the people that supply the free ride.  Now that's independence, or is it "dependence"???
  Back to Obama, the magnificent prestidigitator.  The master of lies, the man who can shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time.  Sometimes I liken him to Brutus and America being Caesar.  Caesar didn't expect the stab in the back, and there are so many unsuspecting Americans that can't see the stab coming either.  Caesar wasn't looking for it, and neither are the distracted millions of Americans.  
  Research tells me that there are some chinks in Obama's armor.  He has had a setback in Syria because his Benghazi debacle has been exposed.  By now, Obama would have had Assad of Syria out and murdered, and the Muslim Brotherhood in.  It will still happen, however not as quickly.  Needless to say, Obama and his minions are visibly upset with the exposure of Benghazi, and they are angry at the roadblock they're facing arming terrorist rebels in Syria.  We owe Obama's negative exposure to conservative media, both radio and TV.  Without them, the truth of Benghazi would have been swept under the rug in the Oval Office.  Up until now, Obama has been a straw man, all the arrows have passed though  him, and nothing has been sticking thanks to mainstream media.  Make no mistake, we haven't gotten the best of Obama yet, and we aren't anywhere near to stopping his agenda, we've just slowed down the process and the progress.  
  The American people need to understand at least this one thing:  We are being lied to by the President and his minions every single day, every time they open their mouths.  
  Contrary to what our government is telling us, we as a nation are not "alright"!  America is broke, we are bankrupt, and not by accident, but by design.  That's right, America's lack of liquidity is part of the plan being perpetrated for our national demise.  A week or so ago, there were some 18,000 die hard Yankee fans who stood in line for hours to claim a bobble-head of retiring baseball heroes.  At the same time, their government and the elitists were looting their pensions and retirement accounts.  Americans are so easily distracted, can you imagine?  Really, 18,000 people, and probably more than half unemployed standing in line to get a free bobble-head.  Sheeple, just don't know any better, do they?
  I wonder if any one of those 18,000 realize that China and Russia are fully aware of Americas dire financial looming disaster, do any of them know that our enemies are and will exploit America's vulnerable shortcomings?  Did even one of those people give a passing thought to the fact that a number of countries and so-called religions are vying for control of their very lives?  There is no camouflage covering up China's intention to dominate the world financially.  Perhaps it just doesn't matter, as long as the bobble-heads are free.  
  Is anyone concerned that Russia and China are conducting joint war exercises?  Or that the 2008 battle simulation pitting the U.S. F-35 fighter jets against the Russian Su-35 heavy fighters, resulted in America's F-35s being beaten like a red-headed step child in every aspect of the exercise?  We do know that China and Russia are aligned with Assad of Syria, and that both of those countries have their own military presence in the air and sea off Syria's coastline.  Let's face the fact people, America isn't frightening to any nation large or small anymore, not since Obama took over as President.  I'd say Commander In Chief but using that term in the same sentence with the name Obama, really makes me want to puke.
  Right now, the American dollar holds the title of World Reserve Currency, but that title is on very shaky ground at best.  The dollar cannot hold it's value or it's status with America in these dire financial straights, so the end of dollar dominance is coming, and it's coming soon.  There are many signs of economic collapse around this country.  The bankruptcy of Detroit, MI. for one, and, New York City is teetering on the same brink.  There will be many more municipalities across this nation that will soon be in the same position, which again, is all part of the plan for total federal governmental control of the populace.  I believe there are some clues that people should be aware of, one of them being this:  If Obama wants you to see it, it is a lie and it is a deception, but most importantly it is a distraction from what is really happening.  Be vigilant!!!  Be prepared!  If you are looking in the direction the government points you toward, you are most definitely looking the wrong way, Brutus is right behind you, dagger poised.
  Globalization cannot happen if the American people cannot be brought under control.  The American people must be made to understand that the planned demise of our Republic began when our country declared it's independence way back in 1775.  The process of our destruction has been long and the elitists have been patient.  But no longer, they can taste victory, and they will destroy our nation from within, using our own laws and our own greed to an end no true American will like.  
  We are at war, don't kid yourself.  Globalization has been a dream and a goal for literally hundreds years, and it's within the grasp of the elite.  There are grand deceptions being used against us, i.e., "global warming"and "green house gas CO2".  There is no global warming, and CO2 is not a dangerous gas, it is a necessary gas.  Has it ever occurred to anyone that 70% of electricity is produced around the globe by "coal fired power plant generators"?  If that's true, and it is, why is the government pushing the use of electric cars, while at the same time shutting down the coal plants that produce the electricity needed to charge the batteries of electric cars?  Doesn't that at least give us Americans some pause to ponder?  It is imperative that all Americans watch both of the president's hands all of the time.  We are all familiar with the adage "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."  It is time for us to put some of those old adages to work in our lives and in the decisions we must make.
  This administration has weakened America as never before.  We are weak financially, and militarily, we have few defenses left economically, and little defense left militarily, in essence, America is ripe for the picking, and without a doubt, our enemies are acutely aware of America's weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  They will not hesitate to use them against us.  
  America's worst enemy occupies the White House this very minute, and this very minute he and his minions are plotting against us.  The time will come when we must either pray and fight, or submit and die.  As for me, I choose the former.
  God help Us!
The Watchman