Friday, June 25, 2010


President Obama Doesn't Want To Wage A War Against His Own Religion, Islam!!!

"If the people want to raise a great howl against my barbarity and cruelty, I will answer that war is war, and not popularity seeking. Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster." (General William Tecumseh Sherman)

After these long years, it must be obvious to most people, as it is to myself; our nation can not win the war against terrorism and show them mercy at the same time. You can not win in battle unless you fight to win, fighting not to lose is not a good offense, but it will certainly get you killed. I can't emphasize enough that our armed forces, are engaged in battle with an enemy that may prove to be the most formidable this country has ever faced. They are facing an enemy that has never showed mercy, and will show no mercy in their conflict with America. Islam, in their eyes are at war with the Great Satan, Islam is engaged in a holy war. The Muslim is bestowed great honor for killing infidels, they take pride in martyrdom. They will blow themselves up to kill Americans. They've done it in the past, they are doing it now. You can not defeat Islam, by showing them mercy. The Muslims perceive mercy as weakness. The followers of Muhammad, will take advantage of any weakness they see in the American strategy, and or the American ranks. It must be remembered they want to kill Infidels, and unless you are Muslim, you are, and our fighting men are Infidels.
I believe it was General Curtis LeMay that said: " You've got to kill your enemy, and when you've killed enough of them, they'll stop fighting. "When a nation enters a war, if the object isn't unconditional victory over your enemy, then you should not engage in it, in the first place." (Sgt. J. Roth)
Here are some of the rules of engagement our armed forces are required to obey in Afghanistan: "If there are or may be civilians in the area, and you are under attack, disengage; If you see an (insurgent) has dropped his weapon, you can't fire on him, even if he was firing at you; If you see an (insurgent) walking away from an IED (improvised explosive device), you can't engage him; No surprise night searches of homes; No searches of homes without Afghan police or Afghan army present to conduct the search; even when fired upon, do not fire indiscriminately; do not tear down the homes of insurgents. And never, ever use words like Jihad or call the terrorists anything but "insurgents". Is it any wonder why these last few months have been the deadliest for our troops and our allied troops.
General LeMay made this profound statement: "Every soldier thinks something of the moral aspects of what he is doing. But all war is immoral and if you let it bother you, you're not a good soldier." That statement is very true, I know, I've been there, and I've questioned my own morality, and I've asked my God for strength in the heat of battle, and forgiveness when the battle was ended.
No man wants to go to war, no man wants to die for his country, but some men are willing to endure the hardships and the pain of war, so others will never have to. Our military, are hero's every one, they are the sons and daughters, brothers and sisters of Americans. They are not pawns in a war game, that our president has no intention of winning. I say LET THEM WIN, OR BRING THEM HOME!!!


In another feeble attempt to distance this administration and the previous administration from responsibility in the Gulf Oil Leak disaster. OSHA has come forth with a scathing report on BP Oil. But first, let's put a couple of things in perspective. Number one, it was at the insistence of the U.S. Government, and the Environmentalists that BP drill in depths of 1500 ft or more. If my memory serves me correctly, BP wanted to put this particular well at a reasonable depth of 500 ft. Of course that would result in the rig itself being much closer to shore. In hindsight, though, the leak would be capped by now, and all would be well in the Gulf. Also, in my mind's eye, the absolute of this disaster being an avoidable accident, or the work of some insidious individual, or group still needs to be played out. I am not convinced that the accident aboard the Deep Water Horizon was to due entirely to BP's horrific safety record. I believe, up until the incident itself, Barack Obama was scheduled to present an award to BP's Deep Water Horizon rig for Outstanding Safety? I'm sure the award was rescinded. I'll bet all documentation that was used in order for the Deep Water Horizon to achieve this safety award has been expunged. What do you think?
The Department of Interior wrote: To look at the safety records of the offshore drilling companies before the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank on April 20, there was little difference between BP America Inc. and it's peers in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, here comes the revelation, an insider source says that: A broader review of relevant governmental data demonstrates that in fact, BP had a far worse record on safety matters than other oil companies. Okay, watch for the smoke and mirrors!!! Here they come: According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), data compiled and detailed to Capitol Confidential, two refineries owned by BP accounted for an astonishing 97 percent of the most serious violations flagged by government inspectors in the last three years. Furthermore, of a total 862 citations issued between June 2007 and February 2010 at the two refineries, a stunning 760 were deemed "egregious willful", with a further 69 classified as "willful". Did you see the smoke? Did you see the mirror? Well, here they are; OSHA is citing safety violations at BP's two onshore oil refineries, NOT the offshore oil rigs. From what I've been able to glean, the Deepwater Horizon had an exemplary safety record, hence the Safety Award. Also, where were the OSHA enforcers? If, as they report, BP had 862 citations, wouldn't you think the government in all of it's infinite wisdom, would have shut them down, at least temporarily? This lack of rule enforcement strikes a sour note with me. It isn't the violator's violations, it's the turning a blind eye to violations that worries me. The entire reason for the existence of OSHA, is to inspect, locate, and write citations for blatant rule violations. I think that a follow up inspection to make sure the violations were rectified, would also be in order. No sir, BP isn't the only culprit here, not by a long shot. It's extremely obvious to me that OSHA, either dropped a really, really big ball, or someone in our government, has opened up several new bank accounts for himself/herself, within the last three years. Think about it, 860 citations in three years, that's about 24 violations per month. You can't tell me nobody noticed!!!
I am not in any way sticking up for BP, it was their rig, it is their refineries that were issued the violation citations. What I am saying is that if this was an accident, then, there were, and are extenuating circumstances that contributed to this terrible catastrophe. Believe me, there's plenty of blame to go around, and this administration is waist deep in it, as well as the previous administrations. Accountability!!! All I ask is that this administration take responsibility for it's actions, and it's inaction's. Don't use violation citations from onshore refineries to lambaste the offshore oil rigs. It's like comparing apples and oranges. BP's refinery safety records are deplorable, for sure, but OSHA's are even more detestable in this situation.
What do you say, when we elect the next administration, we elect only people who reflect honesty and integrity, and are of high moral fiber.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hats off to Federal Judge Martin C. Feldman of the United States District Court. Judge Feldman issued a 22 page opinion and preliminary injunction against Obama's 6 month moratorium on deep-water off shore oil drilling. Citing economic harm to businesses and workers, Judge Feldman wrote that the Obama administration had failed to justify the need of such a "blanket, generic, indeed punitive, moratorium" on deep-water oil and gas drilling. Of course, the White House has intentions to immediately appeal Judge Feldman's decision.
Although we are all aware of the "what Obama wants, Obama gets" attitude in Washington, D.C., it's really just a matter of time before Judge Feldman's injunction is overturned. It is refreshing however, to see a Judge with enough integrity, and honor to actually stand with the people, and not the Obama administration.
The liberal press is doing all they can to roast Judge Feldman, spewing such rhetoric like; "New Orleans Judge Heavily Invested In Oil." Well, I've got news for the lame stream media, and the Obama press club. The entire world is heavily invested in oil and, off-shore exploration, and drilling. Before bad mouthing this honorable gentleman, you may want to take a look at your own stock portfolios, or that of your 401K. You may realize, that while you're backing Obama on his quest to completely decimate the fossil fuel industry, Obama will also be decimating your retirement fund. The bottom line, Judge Feldman is looking out for the interests of millions of Americans, Brits, and Europeans, who all have substantial amounts of money invested in BP, not to mention the many other oil and gas exploration companies. Judge Feldman did not just decide that his interests were the only interests that required protecting from this tyrannical government. Suffice to say, Judge Feldman's injunction, is in everyone's best interest, even you.
In my opinion, after having examined the streaming video of the gushing oil leak, is that it can be stopped and re-directed by a simple well casing pipe with a series of o-ring gaskets, that would be inserted into the existing gushing well casing. The new casing would also have a flange, that would allow clamps to securely attach it to the flanges on the existing well casing pipe. Out of the top of the new well casing pipe, would be a hose that leads to the surface where there is a tanker waiting to accept the crude as it comes pouring out. I find it difficult to fathom that my idea hasn't already been thought of by the many engineers that are at the sight, this very moment.
The truth of the matter is that more money is being made on this catastrophe than anyone can imagine. There is a company called NALCO, by mere coindidence NALCO is located in Illinois, the home state of our Illustrious president. NALCO manufactures an oil dispersant called COREXIT, this is the dispersant of choice by the government in the Gulf of Mexico. NALCO's profits have soared to unimaginable heights, from three billions dollars at the onset of the diaster to a whopping four billion dollars, since the onset of the oil leak, nice huh? Don't you wish you had invested heavily in NALCO? Me too, but allow me to name some organizations and people who are heavily invested. "The Blackstone Group, Apollo Management L.P.(Apollo Alliance ring a bell), Goldman Sachs, other rumoured investors are, George Soros(go figure), and Al Gore(who would have guessed.) It's also worthy of note, that Goldman Sachs was able to dump two hundred fifty million dollars in BP stocks just weeks prior to the Deep Water Horizon explosion. Just another coincidence, I'm sure.
Judge Martin C. Feldman, is a hero in my book. Even if Obama gets the injunction overturned, and there is no doubt he will, and if he doesn't, well, he will probably overturn the ruling with an Executive Order. Obama hasn't respected the Constitution so far, there is no reason to expect he will in this case either. The puppet congress will of course stumble and drool all over themselves justifying Obama's action, as usual. Once again, at the peril of the American people, justice will not be served. I pray I am wrong, we'll see!!!
God Help Our Nation

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"I am a Muslim," Obama Tells Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheit Islamic Coup on the White House - Atlas Shrugs

Here is a news item that was brought to my attention by the actor, John Voight. I checked it out on "Nile TV", and I also found several Internet news sites that covered this story.
I tried everywhere on the Internet to debunk this story, but alas, I was unable to do so. According to other news sources, this particular conversation with the Egyptian Foreign Minister was broadcast in Egypt. Is it any wonder why Obama is so well liked by Hamas, and most Muslim countries? With the exception of Iran, it seems that most leaders in the Muslim world have nothing but respect of our "Muslim In Chief". Is it any wonder that the terminology "Radical Islamic Terrorist" is no longer allowed in official administration documents and speeches?
According to Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Obama said "I am a Muslim". The Egyptian Foreign Minister continued his statement: "I had a one on one meeting with Obama, in which President Obama told me that " he was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the stepson of a Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and the he was sympathetic towards the Muslim Agenda." In the broadcast, it is reported that, Obama said: " I ask that the Moslem world show patience". Obama promised that "once he overcame some domestic American problems (Health Care), the he would show the Moslem world what he would do with Israel."
It is fairly obvious that Obama is actually showing his true colors and loyalties to Islam. President Obama is single-handedly spreading the worst form of anti-Semitism, both in his rhetoric, and his blatant disregard for Israel's plight. As Israel stands alone as the only democracy in the middle east, it is being shunned and reprimanded by the very president who vowed that America would stand by Israel against all enemies. In retrospect, Obama should not be ashamed of what he says, he is only speaking as the Muslim he is. What he should be ashamed of is the unending lies he has told to the American people, and the world. First and foremost when he told America he was a Christian, and then he tells the Egyptian people he is Muslim. Then he travels throughout the Middle East telling them that America is not a Christian nation. Well, he certainly doesn't speak for America. It must be understood however, that when a Muslim lies to an Infidel, it's not lying. We Infidels are being sold into slavery to Islam by our own president. Those who fail to see this now, will certainly see it in the very near future.
Please click on the link above to read the entire story. Atlasshrugs is a very reputable website. As nations are aligning against Israel, it is important that we Christian Americans let Israel know, that although our president has abandoned them, that "We The People" of the United States of America will not abandon them.
Pray for Israel and pray for America!!!

Judge's Ruling On Drilling Moratorium, is A Joke To Obama

Once again, Obama's message to the American people is abundantly clear.

Obama's rules of engagement in Afghanistan are designed for our troops to fail, and or subsequently die in order to get medals for Courageous Restraint. The Oil spill is still gushing, because Obama wants to make sure the Cap & Trade Bill is passed. BP is taking the heat, because Obama, although in charge, will not take any responsibility. Obama will still not waive the Jones Act, so that other countries can enter the Gulf to aide in the clean up, but Obama owes the unions, so only union recovery barges will be used. Obama places a six month offshore drilling moratorium on domestic oil rigs, but then simultaneously uses two billion dollars of taxpayer money to invest in a Brazilian owned oil company (PETROBRAS) to finance deep water oil exploration and drilling. The American/Mexico border still looks like a sieve, and there is no Obama plan to order it closed. Obama sues the state of Arizona over their Illegal Immigration Law that merely bolsters Federal Immigration Laws that he won't enforce. Obama has a plan in the works to enact an Amnesty Law by Executive Order and give American citizenship to 12-20 million Illegal Mexican nationals. Obama has signed a law that allows INTERPOL to act with impunity in the United States. The ObamaCare Bill was shoved down the throats of the American people. Obama has seized control over 60% of the industries in America, everything from auto manufacturing to student loans, and energy. I'm sure I've missed something, but this should be enough to wake up even the most ardent Obama supporter. If it's a socialist country you want to live in, then it's coming closer to reality every day. If you want everyone to be on a level playing field, where you give up your earned money to those who refuse to earn their own money, it's happening. Before you think that redistribution of wealth is a good concept, better think twice, because it's your wealth Obama intends to redistribute, not his. If you want to be forced to share your home, your land, your food, and pay for inferior health care, well, it's coming, and it's coming fast.
If you are opposed to Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and a One World Order, you need to stand up an vote for a Conservative majority in the Senate and House this November. If there are local elections in your area, you need to vote Conservative there too. Good, responsible government starts from the ground up. If aren't registered to vote, get registered. If you've never voted before, shame on you, but there is no better time than now to rectify that shortcoming. This November is America's last chance to stay free. If Nancy Pelosi is still carrying the gavel in the House come January 2011, this country, and our freedom are doomed. In my opinion, if conservatives do not win overwhelmingly in November 2010, then there will be no free Presidential Election in 2012.

Monday, June 21, 2010


It appears that Barack Obama has chosen his Oil Spill Panel to investigate the Deep Water Horizon catastrophe. As usual, the panel is 99% political, and 1% technical in it's expertise. Out of seven investigative panelists, Obama could only find one with any kind of applied science or engineering education, unfortunately his education is in optics, and physics. However, it is said that the "panel members" will be the ones consulting the best minds and subject matter experts, whatever that means. Needless to say, most of the panel members are there to bolster the case against BP, and of course steer any blame away from Obama and the current administration. I wouldn't have expected anything less from this White House.

One of the panel members is environmental activist Frances Beinecke who wrote in her blog: "We can blame BP for the disaster and we should. We can blame lack of adequate government oversight for the disaster and we should. But in the end, we must also place the blame where it originated: America's addiction to oil." And it is that statement, that has led me to pen this particular blog post.

I have researched several environmental activist websites, and documents over the past twenty years or so, and I have found that all of the accusations point out the same violations, some with credence, most without. I hear the environmental organizations telling me over and over again what is wrong, what we can not do, what we should not do. I have yet to hear any individual environmentalist, or environmental group come up with one "viable" alternative to petroleum, nope, not one. Telling it like it is, is basically rehashing what we are all aware of. There are many supposed experts who are telling me like is, like it should be, but short of putting us all in the "Wayback" machine, and sending the entire population of the world to the stone age, I haven't heard one expert come up with a viable plan. As for Ms. Frances Beinecke, I sincerely hope she will be doing her part by walking to Washington, D.C. for this panel meeting. While she is there with her other environmental activists on the panel, I see no reason for them to meet in an air conditioned office, with fluorescent or incandescent lighting, (if they can find an incandescent bulb in D.C.) Of course, if they should have to report to "The One", I'm also sure that the White House is within walking distance. Do you see how ridiculous that entire scenario sounds. America, and the world are dependent on oil/petroleum, and other fossil fuels, like coal, and wood. It's not an addiction, it's a necessity for the survival of the human species. It's like owning an automobile, sixty or seventy years ago, the car was a luxury, not today. Actually not for the past forty years. The automobile replaced the horse, and the truck replaced the horse and buggy. I know how dirty a word it is to environmentalists, but the whole thing about the Industrial Revolution is, it's "Progress". Yes, the internal combustion engine runs on refined crude oil, that is gasoline, and diesel fuel. The industrialized world isn't just burning and combusting this petroleum, oil is lubricating every moving metal part from your electric can opener, to your lawn mower, to your engine in the jet that transports you. It is anything but an addiction. Oil has been the life blood of every industrialised nation since the turn of the century, and I'm not talking 2000 either.
So far, from all I've read, and I've read plenty, the environmental movement is against, oil, oil refining and drilling anywhere, they are against natural gas, and natural gas drilling anywhere, they are against coal, coal burning, and coal mining anywhere. They are against nuclear power, and the building of nuclear power plants anywhere. The are against hydro-electric, and building new dams to produce hydro-electric power anywhere. The environmentalist used to be pro wind power, until a couple birds got killed, although I fail to see how that could happen. Those wind turbine blades turn a lot slower than any bird I've ever seen flying. Then they were pro solar electric power, oops, not any more, it seems the desert solar farms are not only unsightly, but they threaten the desert Eco-system, so we can't have those either. Which brings me back to the title of this blog post; Alright, what's your answer???
I am all in favor of cleaning up the planet, pollution is something we can remedy. However, until someone comes up with a viable alternative to petroleum (oil), coal and natural gas, cleaning the atmosphere is one of those pipe dreams that ideologists have. If you cut out the oil, cut out the coal, cut out the natural gas, you end up cutting your own throat. That is the fact of it all. So, Ms. Frances Beinecke, the next time you write in your blog, while you're typing take a long look at that plastic laptop, or desktop you're using. The plastic was heated and molded by fossil fuel burning, somewhere on this planet, and the injection mold machine that shaped your computer was lubricated by oil in some form or another. Regardless of how loud the environmentalist screams, no matter how much you whine and cry, the world will not go back to the stone age for you, live with it. Turn your attention, and focus on to something worthwhile, instead of whining about how terrible things are, focus on coming up with a solution. Because truly viable solutions are the one thing environmentalists have not been able to come up with.
The environmental activist community, should be working on their credibility, especially now that Al Gore did so much for your cause. We all know that Global Warming was a giant scam, and you can keep pushing that agenda if you want to, but it's not flying anymore. The global warming people have cried wolf, too many times, and thanks to Our Lord, and His Divine Plan the earth is cooling, and has been cooling for ten years. Praise God.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ever since the first Army was organized, there have always been communication signals, there had to be, how else would the soldiers know what to do, and when. During the era of the Kahns, the Horde army used various colors of flags, and different sounds of the horn to communicate to the men in back of the skirmish line, what was awaiting them when they reached the front. The Roman Legions used flags and trumpets for the same reason. This practice was carried on, even into World War I. Even the navy's of the world got into the act, they would raise flags of various designs to indicate weather conditions, positions of other ships, and location of the enemy vessels. These communication systems still hold true today. One thing of utmost importance in any battle situation, is communication between commanders and their sub-commanders. When to "Charge", when to "Retreat" were vital to an army or navy's success. If the wrong flag was raised, or the wrong sound was blown from the trumpet, it could very well mean life or death for troops in the field, not to mention life or death to the trumpeter or flagman.

America's troops, from the Generals to the Privates, are getting false, mixed, and unclear signals from our Commander In Chief (I use the term loosely). Our troops are fighting against a formidable enemy, in some of the most perilous, and threatening elements, both in location, and adverse weather conditions. Although our troops fight bravely, and courageously, they need more than that personal stamina to be victorious. They need strong, resolute, and determined leaders. They need the communication to be clear, and distinct. Unfortunately, what the troops are getting from the White House, are rules of engagement which tie their hands, and make it impossible to wage a war that will result in victory. Afghanistan, is now America's longest war, I believe it was also Russia's longest war. We can not win a war against this middle eastern enemy, unless we have Field Commanders with orders to fight to win. The orders that are being handed down are, "fight not to lose". It's time for our Field Generals, to stand up to our president, and tell him in no uncertain terms, he doesn't know any more about running a war, than he does about running a country! (Unless you consider running a country into the ground). When the White House indicates it wants to commission a combat medal for "restraint", it's surely time to pack it in, and bring the men and women home. A medal earned in a combat situation for exercising restraint, is a medal for "cowardice in the face of the enemy." I rate the "Medal of Restraint", right up there with "Draft Dodger's Amnesty Award" for deserting their country, and there fellow citizens in the face of the enemy in Vietnam. When the leader of your country does not share the enthusiasm of the troops he sends to be in harms way, there are only two things you can do, impeach Obama, or bring the troops home. I vote we begin with impeaching the treasonous president.

Only a president who never had the courage to serve his country in the military would come up with a "Medal of Courageous Restraint". Neither Obama, or Clinton, took their turn on the wall, never stood side by side with comrades in combat. We had a name for people like them in the Corps, and it definitely wasn't Commander In Chief. I think the medal should be designated as the "Obama/Clinton Medal of Cowardice", and should be immediately retired to the "Hall of Shame" along with it's namesakes. The medal would sure give a whole new meaning to the term "Yellow Ribbon", perhaps Obama could even have a "no fight song" to go with it, pathetic!!!

God Bless Our Troops!!!