Friday, June 10, 2011


"I inherited this mess, don't blame me."

Barack Obama is out of touch with the American people!
Barack Obama is clueless when it comes to the economy!
Barack Obama has no idea what his policies are doing to the American economy!
Barack Obama is just new at these things!
Barack Obama doesn't have a clue when it comes to foreign policy!
Barack Obama is doing his best, he's just inexperienced!

When will the excuses stop?  The above excuses (free passes as it were) are all statements from either the media, Obama's supporters, Obama's opponents, conservative and liberal talk radio and TV hosts.  Time an time again these excuses are bantered about on the airwaves and in the newspapers and magazines.  I'm still asking one question: 

1.  Does anyone still actually believe that this man "Barack Hussein Obama" elevated himself from organizing bake sales in the black ghettos of Chicago to the position of President of the United States by being stupid?
2.  Does anyone still believe that Obama surrounds himself with radical homegrown terrorists, Communists, Socialists, and Racists because he simply has bad taste when it comes to choosing his friends and advisers?
3.  Does anyone still think that Obama bows to the kings and emirs of Muslim nations because he's just being polite?
4.  Can anyone still convince themselves that Obama has the best interest of the country at heart, while at the same time doing everything in his power to kill industry, jobs, energy independence and the entire economy? 
5.  How can anyone still believe that all of the lies and deceit and corruption from the White House, is just some sort of comedy of errors?
  No my friends, Obama is not making mistakes, it's just that We The People can't fathom the fact that our President doesn't love America.  It is much easier for Americans to deceive themselves when it comes to these actions by our elected Commander In Chief.  No one, and I mean no one in America wants to believe that Barack Obama hates his country, it's system of government, it's financial system and he is bound and determined to change it.  Americans can not believe that the man they elected to the highest office in the nation, if not the entire free world, hates freedom, hates free enterprise and capitalism.  Which brings us to the ultimate question:  Is Obama deceiving the people, or are we so blinded by past mediocrity that many Americans are deceiving themselves?  We don't want to believe it, we don't want to see it, even though it's right before our eyes.  Well, rest assured, Obama reads America and Americans like an open book.  Obama and his minions know that Americans will deny to the death that one of our own would be so intent on destroying our nation.  This is why proponents of Obama when confronted with a question come back with, "now, why would Obama do something to hurt his own country?"   The answer is, he's not one of our own, he does not share the love of country like the rest of us do!  People of America, it's time to awaken from this ideological stupor you're in.  Behind Obama's big winning smile is a man so evil, so diabolical, so deceitful that he can and he does grin at you as he lies to you.  His smile is not that of a happy man, an honest man, or even your run-of-the-mill politician.  Behind Obama's smile are cold and calculating plans to destroy your family, your home, your religion and your country, of this make no mistake!!!
  In Obama's own words:  "Under my energy plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily sky-rocket."  Check your latest utility bill, the cost is sky-rocketing.  When energy costs rise, the cost of everything else rises right along with it.  Have you been paying attention at the grocery store?  One thing I have noticed, that the cheap loaf of bread now costs $2.50, instead of the $1.25 it used to cost just a couple of months ago.  Textiles such as clothing is also on the rise, everything you use and or purchase are directly connected to the cost of energy.  Is Obama intent on America being energy independent?  None of his policies regarding research, exploration, extracting and refining America's own petroleum resources reflect a positive direction.  
  I could go on and on naming and numbering all the negative effects Obama and his administration have had on the American economy, but that would be like beating a dead mule.  All of you know the negative effects, many of you are feeling it through unemployment and home foreclosure.  It would be difficult to find someone in America who hasn't been affected by our weak economy.  It will get worse, food prices will continue to rise for as long as America is forced to burn our food in our gas tanks (ethanol).  It is time to realize that global warming is based on false science and twisted theory in order for a few elite to steal from the taxpayer.  There is no reason to burn food as fuel.  We all want clean air and a clean planet, we all want to preserve, but we can not continue to worship the creation and turn our backs on the Creator.  Global climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon, there has always been changes in the earth's climate, and there will always be changes in the earth's climate.  Can we burn cleaner fuel? Sure.  Should we explore alternative energy sources?  Sure.  Should we destroy food, and force more starvation on starving countries to make alternative fuel?  No, absolutely not!  Obama and those like him are intent on controlling the masses.  Can't you see it?  The more people who are out of work, the more people who will become dependent on government for food, clothing, shelter.  The plan is to give as much to as many as possible, to make as many as possible dependent.  Hungry, cold and homeless people can be controlled quite easily with the promise of free everything.  "Remember the Eloy" (look them up.)  
  The next time you hear somebody yell at their TV when Obama once again does something that appears stupid, remember, Obama has an agenda, he is not stupid or inexperienced.  Obama said prior to his winning the election; "we are five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America."  People cheered, many of them are now unemployed and homeless, the cheers should be dying down.  But are they, really???
  Watch this next election closely.  If Obama wins again, the fix is already in, and America as we have known it, is doomed.  Prepare, prepare, prepare!!!
"Before one can defeat evil, one must recognise it for what it is, where it is and who it is." (Jerome F. Roth)
God Help Us
The Watchman          

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Who needs this in the New World Order?

  By now, everyone should know that Barack Hussein Obama doesn't care much about going into the annuls of world history as a great American President.  Because he intends on being remembered as Obama The Destroyer and 1st leader of the New World Order.
  I find it quite remarkable that there are still cars on the road sporting Obama bumper stickers, unless of course right next to it there is an apology sticker that reads "Sorry, my bad"!  It also bothers me that there are, according to the latest poll, some 24% of the American people who think Obama is doing an excellent job as President.  These 24 % must comprised of Muslim radicals, gay & sort of gay people, illegals from all walks of life, and of course just about all the folks on some undeserved entitlement.  "Entitlement", now there's a word that needs a little more clarification.  To be entitled, means one must qualify, i.e., Social Security or unemployment benefits, prior to collecting either of these so-called entitlements one must first qualify, and to qualify one must first have contributed to the entitlement.  Those who have never contributed, can NOT be entitled, because you see they could not qualify.  This is one of those liberal items that has been twisted to say, "if you are here, you are therefore entitled."  
  Back to the subject at hand, Obama the Destroyer.  President Obama is doing everything in his power to not only destroy the American economy, but he is also engaged in the financial destruction of the European Union.  I have a hard time understanding why those who are in power in Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy, and the UK can't see Obama's plan. (Perhaps they've been Socialist too long.)  His plan is to fundamentally change the world, and he isn't hiding that fact, as a matter of fact that is the only thing Obama has been completely transparent about.  Where his administration loses it's transparency is the methodology he is employing to accomplish his agenda.  Remember, as I list Obama's accomplishments, that he's doing them all for our own good, and the best interest of the worlds population.
1.  Obama Care, second only to Social Security is the biggest step to bring America into Socialist/Communist status.
2.  No drilling on or offshore for oil.
3.  No new mining for coal or natural gas, no new coal fire plants.
4.  No new nuclear power facilities.
5.  Hundreds of billions of dollars imposed on businesses in America, i.e., green energy tax, carbon footprint tax, health care tax, business tax, etc., etc.  So many and so much tax that even American corporate giants like Coke Cola are scurrying to set up shop in China.
6.  Taxpayer bailouts of huge banks, mortgage companies, auto makers, need I go on?
7.  Borrowing in excess of 7 trillion dollars from foreign sources to pay our debts. 
8.  Obama said under his plan of a Cap & Trade system, energy cost would necessarily skyrocket.  Does $4.00 a gallon gas ring a bell?  Wait until next winter when heating oil, gas and electricity will be at the biggest premium in the history of the world. 
  Now, if someone reading this blog post can indicate which one of the eight items above are beneficial to our nation, please feel free to leave a comment.  The 8 items above are but just a few of the things Obama has done to ruin this nation.  Here's a couple more to put some frosting on the Socialist cake.  Since Obama's election to office:  Interpol can operate within the borders of our country with impunity.  (That's like having an outside army to carry out Obama's orders, police from other already Socialist nations have no ties here and no loyalty to the American citizen.)  We are borrowing billions of dollars to pay to Brazil to drill for oil where we Americans are forbidden to drill, with the promise that America will be Brazil's largest customer.  How's that for becoming energy independent from foreign sources?  Obama has promised billions of dollars to radical middle-eastern countries, but we don't have those billions, so America has to borrow from countries like China to give to Muslims who want to kill Americans and Jews.  Keep in mind now, government money is taxpayer money, any money the government borrows and or spends has to be paid back with interest, and I mean big interest.  America's debt is unsustainable, we can not continue to spend money we do not have.  Soon, the world, namely China (who by the way has already dumped 97% of American debt it has been holding), will call due the debt we owe them.  Obama will try to pay our debt with worthless printed dollars, trust me when I say "that's not going to fly with China."  The printing of all these dollars, (and you can bet the presses are running 24/7 365) will cause inflation like the world hasn't seen since the Wiemar Republic.  In case you haven't already noticed, the price of gasoline, food and clothing have been rising at an alarming rate.  There will soon be food shortages, it's just a matter of time, and with high inflation it will not be outrageous to see $6.00 loaves of bread, $10.00 a gallon gasoline, $5.00 a gallon of milk.  With inflation comes high prices, and I mean really high prices on everything.  The food shortages will come because we are burning our food in automobile and truck engines.(Corn ethanol).  America used to feed the world, make no mistake if America continues on this same destructive path, America won't even be able to feed itself.
  What am I trying to say, you ask?  Well, I'm saying my friends we are sitting right now on the Eve of Destruction.  I see no way Americans as individuals can stop this inevitable demise of our way of life, except to prepare, prepare, prepare.
  If you are not buying food two at a time, one for now and one to store up, then you should be.  If you haven't got at least 30-40% of your portfolio in precious metals like silver and gold, you should have.  If you haven't armed yourself and your household and keep a healthy store of ammunition, you should have.  Charity is important and giving is good, but being forced to give at the point of a gun is not good.  There are others who will not prepare, and when things get real bad, they will come to take what you have, they will not come to ask for charity.  You must prepare to defend your home, and your family, trust me, law enforcement can not, and will not be there in time to prevent anything.  Prevention is the responsibility of the individual.  Warn your family and your friends, hard times are coming and they're coming much faster than anyone anticipated.  
  At the bottom of this blog post you will see a link, if you are even the least interested in your second amendment rights, you need to read this article.  If you do not own a firearm for home protection, I strongly urge you to go out today, find one, buy one, learn how to use it, and get plenty of ammo.  Hopefully, you'll never have to use it, but you'll be glad it's there if you need it.  If the time should come, do not surrender your arms, as surrendering your arms will leave you helpless.
Trust in God!!!  
The Watchman 

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