Tuesday, December 13, 2011

US Navy paying $15/gallon for green fuel

By an Obama Executive Order, the U.S. Navy is now paying $15.00 per gallon for Green Fuel.
Millions of Americans are protesting the Canada to the Gulf Keystone pipeline.
I have to agree, I would not want to have that oil pipeline running through my back yard, nor would I want it to be constructed on the proposed route.
I, however am upset over the fact that there needs to be a Canada to Gulf pipeline in the first place.
  I personally think that the protests against the Keystone pipeline construction are aimed in the wrong direction.  A pipeline that carries that much oil over so far a distance although not inherently dangerous, would be terribly unforgiving should a mishap (a breach/break) should occur somewhere along the span, that is not under constant human oversight.  So I totally understand the misgivings of the folks who live where the pipeline route is proposed.  To that effect, we need to examine the whys and wherefores of this Keystone project.
  The only reason for this pipeline proposal is that we have an administration who has done all it can to keep this nation reliant and dependent on foreign oil.  Understand that foreign oil doesn't only mean oil brought to our shores by super tankers from the Middle East.  Foreign oil also comes from Mexico and Canada.  Those two countries may be our neighbors, but they are still foreign countries, and America is still purchasing the oil from them, so the resulting semantics are the same.  Foreign oil is foreign oil!  Contrary to what the Obama administration says, it is dead set against any oil or natural gas drilling on U.S. soil.  It is also profoundly against the mining and or burning of coal or any other fossil fuel, clean or dirty.  So, in order to slow our dependence on Middle-Eastern oil, the U.S. oil companies have opted for a less expensive oil they can access from nearby neighboring countries.  It should be noted that simply because the Obama administration touts the environmental virtues and benefits of green fuel, bio-fuel and other supposed green energy sources, green energy hasn't a chance of replacing fossil fuels.  I'm certain that there will always be places where wind generated electricity will be very beneficial to smaller communities, some may actually be able to sustain solely on wind power, for the most part however larger cities and towns require much more energy than wind power could hope to generate.  There are viable solutions like combining energy sources and resources to provide the necessary power America needs.  Unlike the Obama administration's idea of abandoning substantially more inexpensive fossil fuel for substantially more expensive green energy, is ludicrous at best, and will not work, at least not in the near future.  
  Forcing the U.S. Navy to purchase $15.00 a gallon green fuel has two advantages for the present administration.  Number one, it keeps Obama in good standing with the environmental community, and two, Obama gets to grease the palm of T.J. Glauthier a member of the Obama transition team and a well paid strategic advisor for "Solazyme" the California company, that just happens to be selling a substantial portion of the bio-fuel to the Navy.  What a coincidence, huh?  It is also noteworthy that Glauthier worked on the energy-sector portion of Obama's 2009 stimulus bill.  What were the chances of that?  
  The bottom line here is this:   There is absolutely no reason for the Keystone Pipeline Project, because there would be absolutely no need for the Canadian oil, if Americans were allowed to drill in America.  Oil drilled in the Gulf States, would already be in the Gulf States.  American citizens should not be protesting against oil per say, but against this administration which is strangling the nation's economy.  What better way to show military financial waste than to force it to buy $15.00 a gallon fuel?  In turn, what better way to cook the numbers and the books regarding the profitability of bio-fuel companies.  Then turn around and demand that the Defense Department cut military spending.  I tell you, Obama is diabolical.  He is always 3 steps ahead of any Congressman or Senator.   Obama has been groomed to financially destroy America, and that is what he is doing, and there isn't one legislator in D.C. that sees it, or at least none will confront the President about it.  Meanwhile our nation continues down the track at full speed and around the next curve, the bridge is out.  
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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