Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Is this still true?  I think not!

Dateline:  September 12, 1782
Subject:  The Congress of the United States approves the Aitken Bible (written in English)for use in American schools.

  In the early to late 1780's the Aitken Bible (the first to be published in America) was not only the Bible approved  for use in schools, but in many cases the Aitken Bible was utilized as the first primer (reader) in both homes and schools in the colonies and in settlements to the West.
  Where has America gone wrong?  The Holy Bible, once the mainstay for all laws and principles has in 235 short years become a controversial Christian hate book.  How can a book filled with God's word be read and preached, then suddenly become the target of the American main stream?  I think that Samuel Adams hits the nail on the head with this statement:  " A general dissolution of principle and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy.  While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue, then they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader."  A few thousand years ago, somewhere between 384BC and 322BC, Aristotle wrote:  "Tolerance is the final virtue of a dying society."  If Aristotle were more aware of the coming Savior, perhaps he would have written: "The tolerance of evil is the final virtue of a dying society."  Because Aristotle lived so very long ago, I guess we'll have to give him a pass on that one, although he wasn't very far off in his prediction.  America is the longest lasting democratic republic to exist on the planet, and now we see the principles upon which it was founded eroding away with time.  It is the tolerance of evil the will be the demise of America.  Most other European countries have already fallen victim to tolerance of evil and ungodly things.  As Europe is today, America will surely follow.  America has but one "virtue" left, TOLERANCE and it will be the underlying factor to cause the certain death of this once great nation.
  America was once a country that prided itself on it's Christian heritage, and now through the tolerance of homosexuality, same sex marriage, support and protection of Islam and it's false god "Allah", laziness, apathy and last but certainly not least America's shunning of God and God's laws, America is well down the road to perdition. 
  The new media and media standards in America are a sure sign that Satan as prophesied will have a hand in the destruction of America.  Media giants like:  Google, Apple, Microsoft and many more have decided what information and what speech will be disseminated or omitted from the Information Super Highway, as it was once called.  Today we just refer to it as the Internet.  Many of these media outlets have recently banned any and all Christian and Jewish information, including advertisements, and Biblical speech of any kind.  The Holy Christian Bible, the first Congressionally approved text book has now been deemed hate speech, and therefore must be censored from the public eye.  The media giants and lobby groups have begun to champion a movement to remove God and God's laws from the public forum.  There will soon be no debate of what's right, and what's wrong.  The beginning of the second Dark Age is upon us, make no mistake about that.  Blindly, Christians will be going through what I call the second persecution (the first being the prior Dark Age).  There is no doubt that soon, gag orders will be handed down from liberal courts to Christian preachers and priests that preaching certain scripture text from the Bible is forbidden from the pulpit.  Under the guise of political correctness and tolerance, any sermon containing statements condemning what the Lord has already condemned will not be allowed.  Men of the cloth will be tried and jailed, and Christians will be forced to either stand, or cower in fear, and run.  
  As George Washington stated:  Will American Christians prefer to die on their feet?  I ask, will American Christians today, after years of apathy, prefer to live on their knees?  
  I for one, will not use Facebook, as it is anti-Christ and anti-Christian.  I do not know how long this blog I write will be allowed to be published as I believe that Blogspot is affiliated with Google in some way.  As things are right now, I'm not sure that this article will be allowed.
  Points to Ponder:  APPLE has twice removed applications that contained Christian content from it's iTunes App Store.  Apple admitted that the apps were denied access because it considered the Christian viewpoints expressed in those applications to be "offensive". Of the 425,000 apps available on Apple's iPhone, the only ones censored by Apple for expressing otherwise lawful viewpoints have been apps with Christian content.
FACEBOOK has openly partnered with homosexual activists to eradicate anti-gay comments on it's platform.  All of which suggests that Christian content critical of homosexuality, same-sex marriage, or similar practices will be at risk for censorship by FACEBOOK.
MYSPACE has already enacted a policy banning "homophobic" content.
  If you think the second persecution isn't right around the corner, think again.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

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