Wednesday, November 16, 2011


TN. State Rep. Rick Womick

TN. Gov. Bill Haslam

                  Tennessee Gov. Refuses to Denounce Rep’s Anti-Muslim Remarks -
  The state of Tennessee may very well have the only politician in America who is honest and forthright about the Islamization of America and his home state.
  In a speech last Friday, November 11, 2011 (Veteran's Day), the Tennessee state Representative stated that the Muslim Allah is a false god.  Representative Womick also warned Tennesseans about a Muslim Immigrant "population jihad".  I salute you Rep. Rick Womick.  A state legislator that is not quaking in his boots when the truth about Islam must be told.  If only Tennessee's other representatives, senators and governor had the same courage.  I would have thought that the Representative from my district in Middle Tennessee would have come to Rep. Womick's aid and defense, but no!  It appears that all the other Reps and Senators of Tennessee are doing their best to avoid making any comment, and obviously that's their way of distancing themselves from Mr. Womick.  From Governor Bill Haslam to all of our state Representatives may I say, in all sincerity you are the largest group of pathetic pansies ever to cast a shadow in the Tennessee state house.  Although Governor Bill Haslam refused to denounce the statement by Rep. Rick Womick, he stumbled all over himself long enough to spit out the fact that he disagrees with the statement and the opinion of Rep. Womick.  Unfortunately, that tells me that Governor Bill Haslam is caving to Islamic pressure and prefers to live as a dhimmi rather than to live free.  I just wonder how many of our state reps are looking for the Muslim vote, and how many are simply terrified to voice their real feelings regarding Islam and Sharia.  
  My complete and total support for Representative Womick, with the hopes that one day he will run for Governor of Tennessee will be foremost in my mind, especially when Tennessee elections come around.
  It does appear that there is no stopping the influx of Muslims into Middle Tennessee, one should note however, I don't think anyone in this state is actually checking the immigration status of the new Muslims in this area.  Another thing to take into consideration, there are no affluent Muslim neighborhoods in American cities.  All of the areas that have large Muslim populations are in fact ghettos, and just like the illegals from Mexico and South America, Muslims are a big drain on taxpayer funded entitlements, and growing larger every year.  It is a fact that Muslims do believe in multiple marriages, and because plural marriage is not recognized in the United States, Muslim men collect entitlements for one wife, then claim the others as dependents.  I would love for someone to investigate the number of Islamic Muslims who are now on the Tenn Care rolls, just a thought.  Understand that within the boundaries of Muslim communities there is an attitude propensity toward Sharia (Islamic Law).   Those who do not think that Muslim communities will have boundaries, need to visit Deerborn, Michigan.  The safer thing to do would be to research Deerborn on the Internet. 
  I applaud Tennessee Rep. Rick Womick for his courage in sounding the alarm.  I will pray that those who are of the same thought, will find the courage to stand with Rep. Womick.  I just wonder if there are any patriots and true Christians left in the Tennessee State Legislature.  I guess that remains to be seen, doesn't it?  It would not surprise me to see Rick Womick as the only man and last man standing.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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  1. I pray if there is a 'last man standing,' it is Rick Womick!

    May God richly bless him in his efforts against Agenda 21 which attemps to undermine the very foundation that our Founding Fathers intended...FREEDOM.


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