Wednesday, December 21, 2011


If Muslim students are allowed to pray in Public school, why aren't Christian students afforded the same courtesy?  Is there suddenly a double standard in America's Public School System?

  Because there is a huge, overpowering double standard in America.  Simply put, if you belong to a so-called religion (Islam) that kills, and threatens to kill innocent people, you get treated special.  However, if you belong to a truly peaceful religion (Christian), and you won't stand up for your rights, then you get treated unfairly, even persecuted.  It is all an attempt to appease Islam in America.  I mean, after all the government isn't afraid of Christian reprisal, neither are the school districts, or state and local governments.  Plain and simple, if your religion/faith doesn't threaten the safety of others, be prepared to be stepped on, and ignored.
  This one-sided affair that liberals and those politically correct school officials are having with Islam, is the direct result of the truth not being preached from the pulpit, and because our local, state and federal governments are terrified of offending Islam.  The affair with Islam is also being encouraged by the lack of interest in the goings on in local public schools.  In the picture above left, you see Muslim students in a Green Bay, Wisconsin public elementary school taking time to pray.  This picture was not staged, it is an actual photograph.  The picture above right of course is something we used to see in classrooms around the country in our public schools.  Christian prayer is now forbidden in our nations public school, but Muslim students are given the right to pray within our public schools, even to the point of leaving an in-session class to do so. 
  I honestly feel that the Christian families and especially the parents have no idea this in school Muslim prayer is common practice.  I also feel that Christian and Jewish parents do not understand that we are in fact, in the midst of a holy war.  The parents of Christian students who attend public school need to make themselves aware of this Islamic infiltration into the classrooms across America. 
  Christians around the globe are as I said, in a holy war, and the holy war in which we are engaged is with Islam, make no mistake about this.  It is important to remember that Christians did not instigate this holy war.  The holy war is the result of the false and violent teachings of Islam.  Muslims have been educated to believe that there can only be one religion in the world, and that is Islam.  They have also been taught, that it should be the goal of every Muslim to expand Islam at all costs.  If it takes violent jihad or stealth jihad, the Muslim goal is the same, eradicate Jews and Christians and establish Islam as the only religion on earth.
  This Muslim prayer exercise in public school, is not a faith based rite, it is a form of brainwashing the children from Christian families.  Remember, it is NOT necessary for Muslim children to pray during class time, as they can make up prayer time after school.  However, the insistence of classtime prayer is a direct effort by Islam to steal the minds of your Christian public school children.  You think I'm off the deep end on this one right?  Well, let me explain, then you decide.
  Elementary school age children are very gullible and anxious to learn, for the most part anyway.  Quick question, how many times has your child asked you for something, and when you tell them NO, they come back with Johnny and Billy's parents let them have it?  Don't deny it, that retort was used by all of us when we were children, and your children have or will soon use it on you.  Nine times out of ten, children want something for the simple reason that some other child has it.  Not because they need it, or life wouldn't be bearable without it, but if Johnny and Billy have it, they want it too.  This is a normal reaction, and the purveyors of Islam know it.  Brainwashing is something that Islam and the Muslims have mastered over the past century and a half.  Christian parents can ill afford to make the mistake in thinking that Islam can not reach your child.  Because they can, and they are trying to do just that with every passing day.  I caution you to give some thought to this fact.  Islam is offended by Christians and Christian prayer.  Because it offends them so, they have managed to jump on the same band wagon as the Atheists in this country.  Banning words like Jesus, Lord, Amen, Christ, Benediction and God from all places, public and private.  While at the same time, securing special public Muslim prayer rights.  Suddenly God is forbidden, but Allah is now to be accepted in the name of political correctness and non- discrimination.  Truly I ask, is no one able to see that Islam is being protected, while Christianity is being persecuted?  I see it where the Ten Commandments are being removed from city halls and schools around America.  Where Christian prayer, the wearing of crosses and even saying Merry Christmas is now deemed offensive.  Yet, Muslims claim the right to pray 5 times a day, they actually demand time be set aside to pray, and in the name political correctness, the Muslims are achieving their goals, and Christians are being forced back into caves.  Do not assume for a moment that just because you are raising you children in a house that worships Christ that they will somehow be immune to the pressure at school.  When Christian children see that they are not able to leave class early to go pray like their fellow Muslim classmates, they will question it.  They will see that Muslim students receive special treatment and privileges that Christian and Jewish students do not receive.  It will not take long before your child wants what the Muslims students are getting, it's just natural.  That's the brain infiltration the nation of Islam is looking for.  Showing that one is entitled to special treatment just because one is Muslim, will certainly make Islam much more appealing to young fertile minds.  Islam knows they can't possibly convert all older Christians and Jews.  So, they need only for the parents to accept Islam and look the other way when special rights are given to Islamic students.  The childish wants and envies will take care of the rest.  Soon, your 8-10 year old daughter will come home wearing a burka or hijab because she wants to be Muslim at school.  Think it can't happen?  It will happen, believe me.  More than one Christian has been converted to Islam, and they start young, very young.  Islam knows that it cannot achieve the ultimate goal of world domination through 100% total violence, so it's through the indoctrination of the minds of our children that their successes will come,  however, only if Christian parents allow it to happen.
  This is the alarm I sound, get involved in your child's school and the curriculum they are being forced to study.  If it isn't right, it's up to the parents to change it.  If special treatment is being doled out on the basis of religious belief, parents must take action to bring those privelges to an immediate halt.  There is no time to wait.  In the infamous words of John Wayne, "We're burning daylight."  For every moment Christian parents remain in the dark, it's a successful moment for Islam and Muslim indoctrination of our youth.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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