Monday, November 21, 2011


Hey PETA, where are you???

I wish I had gotten a hold of this story a couple of weeks ago.  Only two days before the Thanksgiving Holiday, I regret I'm a little late.  Most American families already have their 20+ pounders at least half way through the thawing process by now.  It certainly will be worthwhile remembering for next year's Thanksgiving, and you can still return your Butterball Christmas bird if you have the wear-with-all to do so.  No telling how many PETA officials are aware of the Muslim/Sharia method of Halal slaughter.  The animal must be awake and aware while their trachea, esophagus and jugular vein are slashed and the Muslim prayer " Bismillah Allahu Akbar" which means (in the name of Allah the greatest.) is said as the life blood drains from each of the animal's bodies.  The folks at Butterball have stated that all of their whole birds are certified Halal.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Thanksgiving Holiday and the Thanksgiving Turkey somewhat of an American Tradition, and weren't the Pilgrims giving thanks to the Lord?  Actually, it's really not the meaning behind or for the Pilgrim's celebration, or even the fact that for all intensive purposes, Allah was probably not mentioned at the first Thanksgiving table back in 1621.  So, why the Halal Turkey?  Stealth Sharia compliance, that's why. 
  For me, it is the way Butterball has been so disingenuous regarding the new Halal way of slaughter and blessing, and the way Butterball decided to keep the Halal certification a secret from the general and predominantly Christian American consumer base.  Who purchases the largest amount turkeys from Butterball to celebrate a predominantly Christian Holiday, anyway?  I guess Butterball figures that what Christians don't know, won't hurt them.  I rarely take offense at menial religious protocol, after all, I have no problem eating kosher hot dogs for example.  Then again, at least the Jews and I worship the same God.  Islam, well I'm not sure which moon god they've chosen as their Allah, but he certainly isn't the Lord of all creation, and therefore, he isn't my God.  To know that the folks at Butterball have taken it on there own to get my Thanksgiving turkey blessed by some Imam who represents the Muslim mush-god they call Allah, well...It is this behavior by Butterball that deeply troubles me.  It is one thing to become Sharia compliant of one's own volition, it is another to have Sharia compliance forced down one's throat, and this time I mean literally.  It makes me wonder how many other meats and fouls we are eating that have been inhumanely slaughtered and blessed in the name of Allah, without our knowledge, to appease the Muslim population.  
  The Butterball corporation needs to know how their largest consumer base feels with regards to their stealth Sharia compliance, and their deceptive ways making almost all of America compliant to Muslim whims.  Since I was a child some 62 years ago, the name Butterball has been an American Institution right along with the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I take umbrage to the way Butterball has in my opinion tarnished both of those institutions with this violation of American consumer trust.
God Help Us, 
The Watchman   

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