Sunday, December 25, 2011


What can you say about Bill Maher?
Maher, Bill:  Cable TV Talk Show Host (Comedian?).  Other synonyms describing Bill Maher:  vile, offensive, abject, degenerate, depraved, despicable, disgraceful, disgusting, immoral, ignoble, loathsome, nauseating, repugnant,repulsive, sinful, vicious,vulgar and worthlessly wretched.
  There are more descriptors for Bill Maher, but then I would have to lower myself to the same depths of slime this so-called man obviously inhabits.
     I am not in the habit of lambasting anyone in my articles, but in the case of Bill Maher, I find that I must make an exception.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that of course includes Bill Maher.  I do have to draw the line however, when that man insults my God, my Savior, and my Faith and those with whom I share my faith.  In this particular instance, the subject of Bill Maher's despicable comments is one, Tim Tebow the rookie quarterback of the Denver Broncos.  We all know how devoted Tim Tebow is to his Christian faith, and how he makes it known that he praises God openly for all the things that happen in his life, including his successes.  Tim Tebow, is a stand up for Christ kind of guy, he is perhaps the best example for the young people in this country and around the world.  His dedication to his faith, is nothing less than exemplary.  In actuality, he is an example for all closet Christians to follow.  Tim Tebow is being mocked by low-life's like Bill Maher, because he is not afraid to wear his faith as an outer garment.  The rest of us, in my opinion are falling short of our faith, because we are not being subjected to the same ridicule as Tim Tebow.  So many of us call ourselves Christian, but we hide it from the public, as if we're ashamed to be follower's of Christ.  So then, where are we when we're ashamed to be Christians in the big scheme of things?  There is now doubt in my mind that Tim Tebow is pleasing to  God, the question is, are we?
  In the case of Bill Maher, his judgement will come, and he will be judged by his actions as we all will.  The Bible says, judge not lest you be judged, it does not say do not judge.  Our Lord and Creator gave us the gifts of free will and discernment, and yes with those gifts, we are able to choose whether we actually watch and listen to a moron of Maher's caliber or not, and we are able to discern whether the rantings of an Atheist who also happens to be an ingrate, are dangerous and damaging to our thoughts, our faith and the thoughts and faith of our children.  So with my God given gifts, I for one, refuse to watch or listen or patronize Bill Maher or those who sponsor his program.  
  If the young folks in this nation were encouraged to use Tim Tebow's dedication to his faith, and take example of his courage and fortitude, this nation would be a much better place in which to live. 
  Clicking on the Title of this article will link you to the full full story about the despicable ranting tweets by Bill Maher regarding Tim Tebow. 
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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