Tuesday, November 15, 2011


What do we think the actual chances are for successful and productive solutions from this committee? 
Answer: NONE

  If there ever was a committee designed to fail, it is this one.  What was going through the mind of the guy that thought this "Super Committee" idea up, anyway? 
  Putting myself out on a limb assuming the man behind the Super Committee idea, was none other than Barack Hussein Obama, I imagine that in his eyes, this is about as successful as he expected it to be.  Although Obama feigns an irritation at the lack of deficit reduction progress by his committee, inside he's once again laughing at these useful idiots we have elected to represent the people.  Let's put the formation of this Super Committee in perspective.  Obama's idea of success, is the creation of more chaos.  These dopes, on both sides of the aisle know that by placing 6 far left Liberals and 6 right wing Conservatives in a room, with the assignment of deficit reduction, can not and will not be fruitful in any way, shape or form.  So, what did the Commander of Chaos do?  He suggested just such a committee, and the Republicans fell for the idea hook, line and sinker.  Obama and his Democrat Socialist/Progressives successfully out maneuvered the Republicans once again.  The only suggestions that will come forth from the inner sanctum of this committee, is the conclusion that raising taxes is the only way to reduce a gigantic deficit that Obama choreographed in the first place.  It is no doubt that the Republicans on the committee are going to cave to the Dem's, and in the end, Obama gets exactly what he wanted in the first place, to raise taxes to cover his extreme spending.  Meanwhile, all of America is watching another one of Obama's orchestrated events, "Occupy Wall Street".  There is no rhyme or reason to OWS, there doesn't have to be.  Obama needs to do everything he can to keep the focus off the White House, and off Eric Holder.  Obama is the "Sultan of Sleaze" the "Duke of Bedlam", and the iPod, iPad and iPhone preoccupied American people haven't the slightest idea what their President has planned for the demise of freedom and liberty in America.  
  There will be no solutions from the Super Committee, and Obama will convince the American people that cutting $600 billion dollars from our defense budget is one of the only ways to cut the deficit.  This way Obama has his cake, and eats it too.  Obama has no use for the military,  nor is he concerned with national defense.  Since coming to office, Obama has taken all the necessary steps needed to weaken America's military capabilities.  He began with his apology tour of the world, in order to undermine our nation's reputation as a formidable military might and staunch ally to our friends.  He has disrespected every ally we had, beginning with the UK, and just recently ending with turning his back on Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East.  His nuclear arms treaty with Russia requires America to disarm while allowing Russia to proliferate nuclear arms.  He has taken the side of foreign governments against states in the USA, i.e., Arizona and now Alabama regarding state legislation concerning illegal immigration.  Knowing full well that no state should or would be in the position to make such legislation, if the Federal Government was in fact doing their job.  Obama has signed over the coastal shore line and the control over the Great Lakes and our inland waterways to the U.N.  Thanks to Obama, INTERPOL can operate within our borders with impunity.  All of the above detrimental decisions made by Obama, were made without the consent of congress, so in essence Obama has succeeded in making congress irrelevant.  
  Obama is the King of Chaos, and anyone who thinks that the formation of this so-called Super Committee is anything more than just another distraction, has their heads in the sand.  The Obama Super Committee was destined to fail, because it was designed to fail.  While the American people are worried about the economy and jobs as Obama so eloquently puts it, over and over again, he continues to kill any and all ideas that create jobs in the private sector.  Let's face it, Obama has destroyed any chance for America to be energy independent for at least the next ten years.  We need oil, are we drilling? NO!  We need natural gas, are we drilling? NO! We need coal to make electricity economically and efficiently, are we mining?  NO!  There is no logic to the predicament America is in, but there are people to blame, and regardless of the imbeciles occupying Wall Street, the blame doesn't belong to bankers, oil companies, coal companies, or any other big or small business.  The blame belong squarely on the White House and it's occupants, period.  It's not the jobs or the economy, it's the preservation of the greatest nation that ever occupied space on the face of the earth, the USA.  
  America's worst enemy is the enemy within, and he and his cronies are in control.  The occupation of America must be brought to an end, and the occupiers and the enemies of freedom and liberty must, at all cost be ejected from the White House.  If America can not accomplish this task at hand with the peaceful election in 2012, there is no doubt that task will have to accomplished the hard way in the near future.  Is this a call to arms?  Perhaps.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

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