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Phil Robertson, Patriarch of the "Duck Dynasty" Family
  LGBT Community up in arms over statements made in Phil Robertson's GQ Magazine interview.  But why?  Is it the Biblical truth or the conviction that Biblical truth brings upon the homosexual, deviant lifestyle?  I have read the GQ/Phil Robertson interview, and I was unable to recognize any malice of forethought in Phil's comments.  They were merely comments regarding his belief and the beliefs of many other's of like mind.  We must keep in mind, that comments are not accusations or allegations pointed at any one particular individual, because comments are personal thoughts projected into word form, and nothing more.  Such is the case with the off the cuff comments, solicited by GQ, and made by Mr. Phil Robertson in response to questions asked by the GQ interviewer.  A rather strange interview in my book, GQ interested in what the Duck Dynasty patriarch has to say.  I may be wrong, but I see a trap being laid for, and sprung on an unsuspecting Phil Robertson.  What possible serious interest would a magazine like GQ have in a long-bearded, camo-wearing Christian outdoors man?  I imagine GQ could be interested in the success of "Duck Dynasty" the family program on A&E, but somehow I doubt it.  More likely, the fear that a show, with well known, high moral and Biblical standards could catch on and where would that lead?  As my mother used to say, "something smells fishy here!" 
  I was never a man with predominant conspiratorial thought processes, at least not until our present President was re-elected to a second term, after a disastrous first term.  The ensuing lies and deceptions of the left in this country's politics has brought me to the point where I see almost everything in a different light, and from a different angle.  This entire "Duck Dynasty" thing, has me smelling a rat, a big vicious diabolical leftist rat.
  By it's own admission, A&E networks have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community.  So, why air a program like "Duck Dynasty" in the first place?  A&E had to know from the outset that the entire Robertson family were outspoken Bible believing Christians.  A&E also had to know even before the "pilot" for the program, that the Robertson's were not shy about their Biblically based morals and principles.  So why the big shock when the family patriarch paraphrased Biblical scripture regarding sin in an interview with a magazine?  I don't think there was any shock by the A&E executives.  I think Phil Robertson's comments were expected and solicited on purpose.  I think the "Duck Dynasty" was set up for a fall of epic proportions.  Why? You ask.  Why set up the Robertson family?  Why, after promoting "Duck Dynasty" with every possible avenue and gimmick to make literally hundreds of millions of dollars by making "Duck Dynasty" famous.  Every store a consumer walks into, they are inundated with "Duck Dynasty" toys, tee-shirts, dolls, you name it, so why destroy the dynasty?  Because bringing down the morally principled Robertson family makes a huge statement, that's why.  That statement being;  morality is dead in this country.  Moral relativism is the new way, and the leftist immoral society in which we all live, can make and break success at will.  Let's face it, "Duck Dynasty" has been promoted like no other entertainment phenomenon in recent TV history.  A&E and retailers across the nation have turned the show "Duck Dynasty" into a real dynasty.  A dynasty that was built for the sole purpose of being destroyed, by it's own architects.  
  A&E and GQ knew full well that one or more of the Robertson's would eventually make a statement of direct scripture or as in this case, a paraphrased rendition of scripture, and that statement would be the spark that begins the firestorm needed to destroy the moral dynasty.  
  The Robertson family was lulled into believing that an extremely Liberal, LGBT supporting network could be trusted.  Phil Robertson never saw the GQ interview coming.  Both A&E and GQ were playing possum, pretending to be dead, and the Robertson's forgot the one most important basic rule that all outdoors men and hunters know.  Never assume your prey is dead.  Make sure it's eyes are open.  A&E and GQ caught the "Duck Dynasty" by surprise, the eyes were closed and none of the Robertson's noticed.
  In essence, the Robertson family didn't know when to "duck"!
  Hopefully, good Christians across the country will stand up next to, not behind the Robertson family.  I pray that will be the case.  However from past Christian participation in cases like this one, I don't expect Christian interest will last very long.  I pray I'm wrong.
God help us.
The Watchman

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