Friday, November 8, 2013


"What, me worry?"

  "Yesterday Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America formally apologized to the American people for deceiving them with promises he never had intentions of keeping." 
  Unlike the president, I am not afraid to admit I lied, the above statement I made could not be further from the truth.  Barack Obama did not apologize to the American people for his deceptions, he apologized because he didn't explain his deception to a degree where the useful idiots that supported him could understand.  In essence, he apologized for not realizing how stupid and gullible the American people were.  Just in case there are any Obama supporters reading this Blog Post, Obama didn't apologize to you, he apologized for you.  I don't believe I can explain Obama's intention more clearly or eloquently than that. 
  At the risk of sounding redundant, allow me to reiterate that Obama is not, nor has he ever been concerned about the health and welfare of the people.  There are but two reasons for the unveiling of the Affordable Care Act (Obama-Care).  Reason number two, is the redistribution of wealth, not his wealth, your wealth.  Reason number one is the looming, and believe me it is looming the Single Payer System, and the single payer will be the Federal Government.  When that happens, the government will control all health care in the country, no insurance companies, no negotiation, no opting out and believe me all the waivers will disappear too.  The fake failure of the Obama Care roll out was designed and orchestrated to cause chaos, frustration and pain to the people.  When all three of those reach unbearable degrees, Obama and his elitists are convinced that the people will not only accept the "government single payer system", but they will beg for it's implementation.  Democrats and Republicans alike will fall into the trap, and forevermore be prisoners of the Obama administration.  It wouldn't surprise me to hear Obama making a promise to both houses of congress;  "If you want to keep your jobs, you'll have to see things my way!"  The Obama Care roll out debacle is only the very tip of this iceberg.  So far the numbers vary considerably but reports tell us that already 15 million insured citizens are no longer insured, and in my opinion that number will double, triple or even quadruple in the coming several months.  Obama is using "percentage terminology", his statement yesterday he said "we're only talking about 5% of the people having insurance policies cancelled."  He uses the 5% because it sounds minuscule.  However when that number becomes 25%, it will have a much larger impact on the pain people will suffer.  In a way, that pain is self-inflicted by the American people.  By electing a Marxist/Socialist president to a second 4 year term, the people may as well have raised the proverbial sword over their own heads.  A sword in that position has only one way to travel.  Without being graphic, let me just say, I don't have to tell you which direction the sword will be directed.
  It should be obvious to everyone that if there is no crisis, Obama will find a way to invent one.  Barack Obama does not apologize, he does not take responsibility for anything deemed detrimental to the people, but he does take sole credit for saving the American people from our dumb and gullible selves.  He sees himself as not only above the law, but as the law maker.  We have more than enough slimy, self-serving Senators to give him continued full rein.  Obama does not make requests to congress, he doesn't have too and he knows it.  Obama makes demands, and executes commands, and he never, ever takes "no" for an answer.  
  I had to pause yesterday morning when I heard on talk radio that Obama's over all citizen approval rating dropped below the 40% mark.   I thought to myself, 39%?!?  I'm trying to figure out how he can even have a 3% approval rating among the people.  Let's wait and see how the rating goes when 25% of the people are uninsured.  A huge drop in Obama's approval rating at that time will be of little or no consequence, as it will be too late to reverse the direction.  By that time, the people will be clamoring for Obama's "single payer system".  When the 25% uninsured mark arrives, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people will have died or be on their death beds because they couldn't afford the "Affordable Health Care" offered in the exchanges.  The people will of course blame the insurance companies for the exorbitantly unaffordable premiums, and you can bet Obama and his minions will stoke that fire for all it's worth.  Then Obama, savior of the people will save the day.  In exchange for mediocre government health care, the people will cede their last ounce dignity, freedom and honor.  
  Make no mistake, when the "government single payer" system is fully entrenched, the death panels that we were warned about will begin making determinations regarding who lives and who dies, all for the good of the people and the planet.
  The time has come for the American people to take a stand, just as our founding fathers did.  In order to protect and preserve this Republic, we too must be willing to pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor in the Republic's defense.  We must seek Divine intercession that can only come from God.  There is power in prayer and strength in God's grace.  This nation was founded convincingly with the Lord's Divine Providence.  Seek the Lord.
God help us.
The Watchman   


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