Thursday, October 24, 2013


  "Defund Obama Care!"  "Repeal Obama Care!"  "Don't Tread On Me!"  "Taxed Enough Already!"  "Remember the First and Second Amendments!"  "We're a Constitutional Republic!"  "We the People!"
  Nobel words all!!!  So why are we now begging Obama to please Sir give us just a little more time, please Sir just 6 more weeks...  How pathetic, I think I'm going to puke!
  Where is it written that the American people have all become loyal, reluctant perhaps, but loyal subjects to the Obama dictatorship?  When Republicans were elected to a majority in the House of Representatives, each and every one of the newly elected ran a campaign with one unified goal on their agenda.  But now, well, where are we now?  Has Obama care been defunded, has it been repealed, has it even been reined in?  No, nothing has happened.  So were all these new Republicans overstating their authority and did their ambition overwhelm their logic, did they even have a remote chance of accomplishing what they were sent to Washington, D.C. to achieve?  I remain disillusioned, dismayed and extremely disappointed.
  Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the Obama Care website roll out happened, or should say didn't happen.  When the website failed, the failure became the number one topic of news agencies and the Republican representatives, not to mention conservative talk radio.  It's almost as if there really was no Obama Care Act in the first place, now it's all about the incompetency of Obama and his minions.  It grieves me to see our highly educated representatives come under the influence of another Obama magical show of prognostication.  It makes me ask the question:  Just how much of the Greatest Sham on Earth can our elected reps. sit through before they realize they've already witnessed this particular performance, time and time again.  Why I ask myself have our once gung ho representatives gone from repeal and defund too, please, oh Ruler of the people, can you just give us more time to shove this mandate down the throats of our constituents?  Please, Sire Obama, please fix your website so that your people can sign up and pay for something they never wanted in the first place?  What happened?  What on earth happened?!?  In the last two days I've heard more groveling on behalf of the people than ever in history.  I'm of the inclination that if the website never comes online, that will be a good thing.  I'm of the inclination that if no one signs on, Obama Care will surely fail, how could it not?  So why are the very people we sent to D.C. to basically obliterate this illegal legislation, groveling before the president to extend the time before we the people will be eventually kicked in the face?  If any one of these truckling, sniveling representatives ever gets re-elected after this piteous display of pleading for mercy from Obama, on behalf of the people, I will throw up. 
  Something I feel led to reiterate, Obama and those he has placed in high office are not by any stretch of the word incompetent.  They are diabolical, they are underhanded but, they are not incompetent.  Anyone who believes that this website failure was the result of Kathleen Sibelius' incompetence is sadly mistaken.  She is an Obama stooge, she has done what she was told to do, and no, she will not be punished for her website failure, simply because the so-called failure was planned.  It was planned to distract the people from asking "why" do we need Obama Care in the first place.  In Obama's eyes, "mission accomplished!"  This sideshow website failure rates right up there with Obama's mysterious fainting woman act.  Is anyone actually buying into the fainting-lady performance anymore?  Do I have to remind you that fainting ladies have been booked for almost every one of Obama's speeches.  I would guess that a quick scan of the president's teleprompter will tell the tale.  Cue:  Obama..turn around,catch fainting lady...    at just the right moment, makes him look caring and concerned, when in reality he couldn't care less.  Theatrics, nothing but theatrics.
  I will be the first one to admit that our American form of health care could have used some revamping.  We'd all like to see those who are without health care, get good health insurance at an affordable price.  We'd all like to see the price of prescription medications rolled down so that people could afford them.  I, for one, think that the price of medications in America are over the top and very unaffordable for a number of our citizens, especially those with diseases as devastating as cancer, but implementing social health care will not make these things more affordable, instead the costs will double for some, and triple for others, and that just shouldn't be.  There is no reason that a nation as strong and as caring as this one is to not be able to find a better way than a world failed Socialist system.  The Socialist's aim is not to raise the standard of living for the less fortunate, it is to lower the standard of living of the more fortunate.  Obama's Socialist/Communist agenda is not much different from all the previous failed Socialist governments around the globe.  There is but one slight difference, it's called Global Socialism, and it's more commonly known as the One World Order.  Don't kid yourself, it's coming and many Americans are already on the One World band wagon.  Why, because the thought of free stuff, without working appeals to many, at least for awhile.  
  I would like to see a national "  WE WILL NOT COMPLY" campaign begin across this nation.  We will not enroll in Obama Care, we will not pay the fine, and should government agents approach our homes with intent to collect or arrest, we will respond in a strong, determined and resistant way.
  People, bear in mind, Obama Care is not about Obama's unending concern for your health, it's about Obama's agenda to control the people.  We are the people, you are the people.  United we stand, divided, Obama and his elitists win.
  God help us!
The Watchman

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