Tuesday, October 8, 2013


"The most closed, control-freaked administration I've ever covered."  David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent, NYT.
  Well there is a reasonable explanation for your statement Mr. Sanger.  The main reason that comes to my mind is that we, you and I are not dealing with an administration here.  Instead all journalists and the people of the United States are dealing with an anti-American Progressive regime, and it certainly is one that has much to hide.
  Let's face the facts, shall we?  Barack Obama ran for the presidency the first time on a platform of promising "hope and change".  The hope of course was his, in that he had hopes of completely undermining the very foundation and principles upon which this great nation was founded.  The change of course was convincing the people of America that we were bad, both domestically and on the world scene, that America was always the aggressor in every war and in every battle.  In Obama's twisted mind, as in the minds of many of his biological father's people, and in Obama's birthplace, Kenya, Africa, Americans and the British are viewed as Imperialist aggressors and occupiers of the lands we conquered.  This attitude was instilled in him as young man studying the ways of Muhammad and Islam. It carried well into his later more formative years, and is totally ingrained in his mind to this day.  Although Obama was able to fully utilize the benefits of this nation, his gratitude is fully surpassed by his need to destroy all things American, and all things America stands for or has ever stood for.  This explains his world renown apology tour after his 2008 election.  His obvious admiration for past world leaders like Karl Marx, Chairman Mao and Fidel Castro and Che Guevara should have been an indication to most Americans as to Obama's loyalty.  Unfortunately, the main stream media were also awestruck by those same Communist/Progressives and are still very much in favor of Liberal ideologies.  Which is why Obama is still President of the United States.  
  Obama was a well coached student of political deception, and has since become a master at saying one thing, doing the opposite and blaming everything on everyone else.  This guy is by all standards of evil, the best president money can buy.  By that I do not mean that Obama seeks or has gained personal wealth.  What I mean is; a lot of wealthy people spent much of their wealth grooming a single man do their bidding, without realizing he's being handled.  You see, Obama does not desire personal wealth as much as he desires the success of his personal vision.  Those who paid to have Obama placed where he is, never have to worry about him insisting on a raise for his sinister deeds.  Obama enjoys the power, the game if you will.  He sees America and Americans as his enemy, and he is determined to destroy his enemy, and he is more than willing to do it for free.  
  So far Barack Hussein Obama has played his game to perfection.  He promised transparency in his administration and there has been nothing transparent since his inauguration in 2008.  He promised honesty and truth in action, yet he has only spoken the truth one time, and that was prior to his 2008 victory.  The only truth he spoke was made in a final campaign speech, when he told his disciples that they were just 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America.  Now, that was certainly the truth, look where we are now.  I can remember when Obama was touted as the great "Uniter", and he has proven himself to be the greatest "Divider" in American political history, if not in world political history.  Since Obama's first election to office, America is more divided than ever before, on all fronts.  He has divided the Blacks against the Whites, the Poor against the Middle-Class and the less wealthy against the very wealthy.  Oh yes, this president knows how to divide and conquer.  He has done all possible to bring morality to new lows, and evil to new heights.  He has brought a once strong and prosperous nation to a weak and borderline bankrupt nation, and he isn't finished yet.  No, not by a long shot, Barack Hussein Obama is just getting started, mark my words.  His accomplishments differ from ours, because as Americans we don't see things through his eyes.  America has always basically right and just and yes even moral.  We have always viewed accomplishments to be a positive thing.  Obama's idea of a positive accomplishment is another nail driven into America's coffin.  He's driving the nails, and he's blaming the hammering on someone else.  He always does, because it always works.
  The typical Obama ploy is to point the finger at someone else while he is the one making the mischief.  This is one president who takes no responsibility for anything, he makes none of the decisions, and yet takes credit for everything that appears to be the right thing to do.  I have never in my 64 years ever seen anyone capable of political side-stepping like Obama does.  I have never witnessed a man capable of lying with a straight face and getting away with it like Obama does.  He is either Lucifer's human rival, or minion, I'm not sure which, perhaps both.  Either way, deception is way for Obama, and it's working flawlessly.
  To refer to the Obama dictatorship as an administration is really a misnomer.  Call it a regime, if you will, that would very close.  But an administration, I hardly think so.  
  Look, Obama is the president of the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic, founded on Biblical principles, steeped in honor, integrity and respect.  Why is he allowed to openly appoint, Muslim Terrorists to high office?  Why is he allowed to appoint open Communists to his cabinet?  Why is there always an intent to usurp the Constitution without reprisal from the people or the peoples representatives?  Why?  
  I believe our elected servants of the people quake in their boots when Obama walks by, and puddle their britches when Obama speaks.  I believe fear has a strangle hold on our representative's hearts and minds.  I believe that Satan has exercised his dominion over this world by corrupting governments to a point not seen since the days of the Roman Empire.  Point to ponder, the Roman Empire is nowhere to be seen.  
God help us.
The Watchman     


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