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Espionage and Counter Espionage, there is nothing new about it!
Obama's Wrecking Ball: Germany, France, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, et al - Atlas Shrugs

    There are two things I find extremely painful in these days.  The 1st runner up would be a colonoscopy and the winner would be, standing up for Barack Hussein Obama.  So there you have it, my "Top Two Repulsive List".  That having been said, I'm not really taking a stand for Obama, more accurately, I'm taking a stand for America.
  The headlines I'm reading that are condemning Barack Obama for the NSA listening in on private conversations of leaders and dignitaries of our allied nations, make the act of espionage sound like it was something that only Barack Obama could have thought up.  Let me assure you, the practice of espionage and counter espionage were well established long before Barack Obama was born, regardless of where he was born.
  The thought that Germany's Angela Merkle is totally flabbergasted that America has been listening in on her private conversations, actually makes me laugh.  Perhaps she doesn't remember that is was Germany that brought spying on other nations to a fevered pitch way back in the 1930's.  Covert spying between nations is not a new concept, nations have been spying on their friends and enemies for ages, believe me.  America is not the only country that spies on other countries, not by a long shot.  At the end of WWII, spying became the most played game of the Cold War.  Not many people can relate to the cold war, it's not taught in schools anymore.  You see, the meaning of the word "covert" is: in the shadows, under the cover of darkness, you know, it was a secret.  Perhaps that is why this new revelation of blatant espionage through new technology seems so unconceivable, and yes underhanded.  Countries that had and still have active spies in the United States are numerous; among them are Russia, Iran, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Japan, China and the list could go on and on.  None of this should be surprising to anyone who has been even remotely connected to the Internet.  I mean c'mon, Google, MSN, Yahoo all spy on you, and even your enemies and friends spy on you through this new invasive technology.  Spying, is one of those things that has evolved with the years and with the progress made in technologies during these past years.  What the NSA is doing, is simply a step into the future of "Spydom".  It's not new, it's just different.
  The spying that has been approved by Barack Obama is no different than the spying approved by previous Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors and Potentates of espionage capable nations around the globe.  The United States is not the sole perpetrator in this international espionage game, and we're not the first either.  I hope that no American citizen is so na├»ve as to believe that the only ones doing the spying are domestically initiated by our President.  It is, or should be common knowledge that all the nations I mentioned and more than likely a few dozen more, have eyes and ears on America's leaders, and America's citizens.  
  I would venture to say that America has few true allies in the world today, or yesteryear for that matter.  It is/was through the efforts of American undercover and covert personnel that America's allies and enemies are and were established to be one, or the other.  Espionage and counter espionage has been used to find out if a leader or representative of another country was being truthful or dishonest while reaching out to shake hands with America, and vise-versa.  There has never been real trust between nations, never in world history, and that's a fact.  The history being made today will be seen as no different than in the dark ages and before that.  Don't even think that Julius Caesar didn't have spies working for him and against him, do the Ides of March ring a bell? 
  So, when you read headlines like:  "Obama's Wrecking Ball:  Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil et al" or "US hit by new spying row amid anger in France and Mexico" or "Spain Summons US Ambassador on Spying Allegations". Please do not be too alarmed, because America is not the only guilty party here, no, not even on a good day.
  We have to put espionage and counter espionage in the right perspective.  More allies have been made through access to knowledge secured by covert spying, and more enemies have been uncovered through those same techniques than we'll ever know.  Look at it this way, wouldn't you like to have a listening device in Obama's Oval Office, because if you want the truth from this President, that's the only way you'll get.  It's not what the alleged enemy/friend says to your face, it's what he says behind your back that determines the degree of trust you have in his words. 
  The uninformed people of the United States took Obama at his word, and the only promise he ever kept was to fundamentally transform America.  Wouldn't it have been beneficial to know what he was saying and thinking when he lied every time he opened his mouth after that?
  I do not condone NSA spying on American citizens without just cause, but I have no problem with America listening in on conversations of foreign leaders.  After all, those foreign leaders have been listening in on America's leaders all along, make no mistake about that.
  In closing, we Americans have bigger problems than to worry about spying on foreign countries.  In my opinion, America has nothing to gain from listening to the leaders of France, Mexico, their nations are already in ruin.  The enemy we have, is already within the walls, and the destruction of our country is imminent through the efforts of our own President. 
God help us!
The Watchman

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