Friday, June 11, 2010


America is certainly "one nation under God", and contrary to our president Barack Obama, America is still a Christian nation. America's deep problem is that there are way too many denominations for America's own good. Since the inception of the second organized denominational religion, the saving souls mission, became a numbers game, a competition if you will. I could not even venture a guess as to how many organized Christian denominations there are. The latest count, was done in 1988, and at that time, there were estimated to be somewhere between 20 - 30 thousand Christian denominations around the globe. Now, that's what I call competition!!! This many Christian denominations must mean that somebody, must have it wrong, or, does it mean that somebody has it right. Either way, organized religion has become a numbers game among Christian churches. I can't help but feel that Jesus' initial instructions are, or have been lost in the shuffle, and have ultimately given way to a rush for members. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Jesus' mission to save us from our sins, that we may have everlasting life, with Him in heaven? Weren't the apostles commissioned to go out, and preach the Gospel, and bring people to Christ. The Apostles were simple men, they were not concerned with denomination, but with bringing sinners into the fold, the Apostles weren't Catholic, or Protestant, they were pure Christians. When did the Christian turn from pure Christianity to Christianity Light? When did a Pastor, or Priest, or Reverend's main goal turn from saving souls to growing church numbers? I know that growing church numbers means more converts to Christ, that is not my gripe. It's priorities, priorities, priorities. Is it the sinner we're after, or is it the filled pews we're after? This is a question that every Priest, Pastor, Deacon, and Elder should ask themselves. Many years ago, I was in the Philippines, the one thing that stood out from my trip there, was, the number of Christian churches. What I soon realized, wasn't very Christian. I'm not saying that the missionaries weren't winning souls for Christ, but I was amazed where they were winning them from. The Catholics were trying to convert the Baptists, the Baptists were trying to convert the Mormons, the Mormons were trying to convert the Catholics, and the Baptists, and the Lutherans, were trying to convert the the Presbyterians. It was almost laughable, but in reality, it isn't funny at all. Many of the major religious denominations were competing and battling with each other, not with the devil. My point is, that the same scenario is playing out here in the United States. It is because of this competition between Christian denominations that Christians in general, are losing their rights to freedom of speech, religion, and lawful assembly in Christ's name. It seems that no two denominations will take a stand together against persecution of Christians. However, many Christian denominations are trying to gain the Illegal alien membership. They will push for amnesty and a pathway to citizenship, not for what is right, and good, but to increase the churches numbers. The result of backing Illegal alien amnesty could be quite lucrative, for the right church, especially when tithe time comes around. I know that many churches have good intentions, but in all honesty, when searching your heart, isn't it really a number's game. The word illegal, means "against the law". Abetting illegals, is also against the law. God will not honor a numbers game. I urge all priests and pastors, to reach into their own hearts, and ask themselves: What will my answer be to God on the throne of judgement, when he asks me to justify my actions as a Shepard of His children? Some how I don't think the Lord will be happy, when the answer is, "well Lord, I filled the church pews, and coffers."
Our nation is in dire straights, we have Communists, Marxists, and Socialist Progressives entrenched in our government. These people are anti-God, anti-religion, anti-truthful education. We have Islamic mosques popping up in city after city all across this great nation. They are teaching acceptance, and domination of a false God (Allah) and a false prophet Muhammad. They are attacking Christian minds, and neighborhoods, both in schools, and in local governments. We, Christians are losing a holy war, because we Christians are not engaging the enemy. Christian churches of all denominations; it is time to cast aside doctrinal differences. If Christian churches do not unite as one Christian Front to combat these Islamic and Atheistic hordes, soon, we will, once again be meeting in caves, and hiding from our Muslim masters.
So I ask again, "will American Christians take a stand as one united front for Christ, or will we submit to Islam, and Sharia Law?" It's a simple question, and requires a simple answer. I call upon church leaders, pastors and priests, deacons and elders, contact your organizational leaders, make your voices heard. Ask that the denomination heads contact each other, and discuss forming a Christian Coalition bigger than the world has ever seen. To unite Christians, doctrine must be set aside. Time is running out, Christians can no longer afford to run away, or turn a blind eye to the infiltration of atheism and Islam into our Christian nation.

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