Thursday, June 10, 2010

When Any Doctor Will Do?

Soon, the demographics may change in the American health care system. It's a well known fact that many doctors said they will quit/retire from their practices if Obama's health care reform bill is passed. Well, it has passed, and the United States may now find itself in a quite the pickle. If physicians begin leaving their practices, and young potential doctors decide not to attend medical school, as they feel the doctor business will not be as lucrative as it once was. What's the United State to do? The United States has already begun working on the problem. America is importing foreign born doctors and medical students by the droves. They are being enticed to come and get free taxpayer paid medical educations in America, and other taxpayer incentives are being offered to doctors from many foreign countries to come set up practice here.
The real question is, just who, is the government is luring to America. Many of these doctors, and students are coming from predominant Muslim countries. Is there anyone actually scrutinizing these people? Considering the nonchalant way president Obama views terrorism, and terrorists, I doubt that many, if any have been thoroughly background checked.
Just a point to ponder, I had occasion to visit a local hospital just last week. On the counter at the entrance there were pictures and information fact sheets describing the newest doctors to that hospital. There were seven fact sheets, with pictures. Five of the new doctors were of East Indian descent, one was from the Ukraine, and one was American. I do not begrudge any doctor from any country from coming to America, because, I think we're going to need them. I just pray that our government is using all the tools at their disposal to vet these people, prior to allowing them into our colleges and hospitals. A thought to keep in mind, India has the third largest population of Muslims in the world. The fact that Muslims in essence, desire to take over the world, and spread Sharia law wherever they reside, well, it bothers me to say the least. I have been treated at the VA hospital by an East Indian doctor, a Ukrainian doctor, a Korean doctor, and an American doctor. I liked all of them, they were very professional, a couple were a little difficult to understand, but I was able to deal with that. I didn't ask any of them what their religious preference was, but if I should discover that any of them were Muslim, I would be extremely reluctant to have them treat me.
I do not believe there are any moderate Muslims, and I don't believe there are radical Muslims. I believe that if they are Qu'ran believing Muslims, then they are followers of Muhammad, a homicidal maniac, who wants his followers to murder Christians and Jews. I doubt foreign doctors take a Hippocratic Oath, and if they do, are they lying?
God Help Us.

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