Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Comes After $19.6 Trillion? Total Collapse, That's What!!!

My friends, there is a Demon amongst us, of this make no mistake. The Demon's name, is Social Justice, the apostate in charge, is none other than Barack Hussein Obama. The following is a headline from Reuters: U.S. DEBT TO RISE TO $19.6 TRILLION BY 2015; The U.S. Debt will top $13.6 trillion dollars this year, 2010. That will put America at a ratio of 102% of the GNP (gross national product). What's the big deal, you ask? Well, does total economic collapse of the this country's financial system , mean anything to you? How's that for answering a question with a question. Our economy is in dire straights, and it's not Wall Street, that's causing the problem. The Obama administration is totally and 100% at the bottom of this disaster. To say that "Obama doesn't know what he is doing, or that he is naive and stupid" is just giving him another pass. Obama said 5 days before being elected to the highest office in this nation, if not arguably the world: "We are just five days away from fundamentally transforming America." Many people applauded Obama's statement at the time. I'm not sure how many people knew the fundamental transformation would be from "equal justice" to "social justice." From a "Constitutional Republic", to a "Marxist/Communist State." From a "government of the people, by the people, and for the people", to a "government over the people." I wonder how many people were aware that this administration's intentions were to bring America into total chaos, confusion, and ultimately total collapse? Did the people who voted for this demon president know that within 2 years time, he would seize control over the automobile industry, the Health Care industry, the banking industry, the loan and mortgage industry, the energy industry, and now perhaps the oil and coal and natural gas industry? How many people knew that Obama's presidency would eventually touch, and control every aspect of every individual citizen's life? Reaching into your homes to dictate the thermostat setting, to tell you what you can and can not eat. Many of us saw this coming, we could hear it in the rhetoric that spewed from Obama's mouth. I'm not sure we were all able to discern the sounds of impending doom from Obama's speeches, but many of us did, and we couldn't get the word out fast enough. America is waking up, but is it too late?
I was completely aghast when I heard Barney Frank speaking to Young Democrats on June 8, 2012. He said: " You can reach out to your fellow young people and make it clear to them, that when they may not be satisfied with everything we've done...we're not satisfied with everything we've done. The way to cure that, is to give us more power." I thought to myself, "give us more power", that in and of itself, is one the most inane statements I've ever heard, even if it was Barney Frank. Is this guy living in an empty Tide box somewhere, could he honestly be that far out of touch with voting Americans? Giving this progressive administration more power, is like honing the knife for the man who wants to cut your throat.
Mark 13: 12-13. In Mark 13, we are warned of false prophets who will deceive many. It is my suggestion that everyone familiarize themselves with this book of the Holy Bible. Obama, of course would not want you to read the Bible, and that's all the more reason to begin reading it today.
My advice, be prepared. Save your money, as much as you can. Stock up on the necessities of life for your family. Be prepared to defend what you have, what is yours, because there are those out there who will not prepare, and they will come to take from you what you have saved.
When the other shoe drops dear friends, there will be many against you. Remember, though good friends are hard to find, get the word to them, get the word to your churches. Perhaps organize a church food bank and clothing bank. If this impending doom doesn't come to fruition, then there is no harm done, but if it does, good Christians will need all the life-lines and help they can get.
A word to all Christians: Prepare for persecution that hasn't been seen, since the days of Moses. Things in America, and the world will get much worse before they get better. Get informed, and educated, nations are already lining up against Israel, and with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm of the U.S., Israel can no longer count on automatic help from us. Just as the Jews are about to be persecuted, Christians also are about to face trials and tribulations in this country, mark my words.
This November election of our congress will be the determining factor of which way our country goes. It is imperative that we elect good Christian conservatives to congress, we need an overwhelming majority in the House and Senate. Without that majority, we can not stop the demise of this nation as we know it. There will be no way to get out of this, without bloodshed I'm afraid. If the Progressives retain majority in congress after this November election, I see very little chance of a free presidential election in 2012. By the time 2012 arrives, America will no longer be a sovereign nation. We will be under a new and tyrannical global governance with global laws, and global law enforcers. If that is what you want, don't vote... It will surely happen. God Help This Nation

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