Sunday, June 6, 2010

Proof: Being Wealthy Doesn't Make You Intelligent

As you all know, I have never written anything about celebrities. Today, I will make the exception. When Paul McCartney was given the Gershwin Award by president Barack Obama, Paul, couldn't help himself, number one, from salivating all over Obama, and number two, insulting George W. Bush. To refresh our memories, this is what the Beatle said: " After the last eight years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is." I'm sure in McCartney's mind that statement came off as humorous and witty. In actuality, it came off as offensive and "bloody ignorant", as Paul might put it. The statement of Paul McCartney is proof that wealth, does not make one intelligent. McCartney, should just stick to song writing. If he chooses to speak on the political front, even if it is his own opinion, he should at least educate himself. Throwing a "library" insult at George Bush, is like calling Mark Twain a no talent journalistic hack. Just for posterity, Laura Bush was a librarian for most of her life. Under the Bush administration, libraries across this great nation prospered from grants through the Laura Bush Foundation for American Libraries. Several thousand libraries received many millions of dollars, solely through the efforts of Laura and George Bush. As a small example, the Laura Bush Foundation in 2010 alone has granted $1,098,634.00 to 188 libraries around the country. There is no doubt that George Bush has read many, many more library books than Paul McCartney.
We get the hint Barack, first it was a standing ovation for Filipe Calderone the presidente' de Mexico, after his hypocritical scolding of U.S. Immigration policy. Now it's the Socialist entertainment buffoon Paul McCartney and his ovation for insulting president George Bush, and Laura in his speech at the award ceremony. It is quite obvious to We the American People, that you will continue to invite guests to this country that hate America as much as you do.
I am repulsed when TV and the News media give any credence to what entertainment "idols" (I use the term idol very loosely) have to say. I usually find the utterances of celebrities irrelevant, and completely disconnected from reality, so much so, that their words aren't even worth repeating.
I have in the past viewed TV shows like Oprah, and The View, and Dr. Phil, and I honestly haven't been able to connect with any of them. Putting myself out on a limb, I think Oprah has been grossly over-rated, she's got big bucks, but she doesn't have Jesus, and she thinks that she is a God in herself. That should be enough for any Christian, woman or man to remove her show from the daily schedule. The View Host's, aside from one young lady regular, are so far left, out of touch, and ignorant, they are, in this writer's opinion, a disgrace and an embarrassment to the female gender. I would find it very difficult to respect the intelligence of anyone who began a statement to me, with the words "Oprah says", or "On the View..., or "Dr. Phil said". Truly, people who give credence to the ramblings of Oprah, The View, and Dr. Phil are in need of a life. I recommend a nice long walk with the Lord.
I would encourage everyone to shut off those lame stream media channels, and tune in to Dr. David Jeremiah on the Church Channel on Sunday nights at 10:00PM CST. Steer clear of ABC, NBC, CBS, and News Channels CNN, and MSNBC. They are socialist owned and operated, and the truth is not in them. Want News? Tune into the FOXNews Channel, watch Glenn Beck, the truth will scare you to death, but the truth will set you free.
Movie Stars, TV Stars, and most Recording Stars, have little or no concept of real life.

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