Sunday, June 13, 2010


Do you know where your heart is? I do. Is it possible that these two are simply making a simultaneous mistake? Or are they sending a message to the world, that in their hearts, there lies a hatred of America. It doesn't appear that this picture was photo-shopped, as Obama's lapel pin is in the right place, on his left lapel. If this photo is a fake one, it no doubt reflects the Obama family attitude regarding America. I believe it was Michelle Obama who stated when Obama was elected president that" "this is the first time in my adult life, that I have been proud of my country." That pretty much said it all too me.
Fellow patriots and citizens of America, we have reached a place in time and space where we have come to a crossroads. The decision we make on the direction we take is crucial to our freedom, liberty, and way of life. It is imperative that all of you click on the link above, read all 53 pages. It is the Progressives Master Plan, and it was devised to reemerge now, at this time, because they now have a man in the White House with the same intentions, and unfortunately the power to carry out this diabolical scheme.
The Revolutionary Group STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement). The group was founded by none other than Van Jones, recognize that name? Van Jones was Obama's Green Jobs Czar, prior to Glenn Beck exposing him as an avowed Communist. Van was removed as Green Jobs Czar, but he is still very active in Obama's inner sanctum. We'll just refer to him as Special Advisor on Green Jobs to the President. Regardless of the title, he's still a self avowed Communist. You've all noticed how Progressives change the names and titles when the original names are not received well by the public. Before Progressives were Progressives, they were Communists, and the Liberals, and know of course they are Progressives again. Even Hilary Clinton said during her campaign for the office of President: "I like to refer to myself as a modern day Progressive." Progressive, Communist, Marxist, Maoist, no matter what you call them, they are Socialist Subversives, whose soul intent is to bring American Capitalism and the entire country into total collapse. When America is in total disarray, that is when they will really put the pedal to the metal. They've been awaiting the perfect storm, their creed is "never waste a good crisis", and if they don't have a naturally occurring crisis, then they will create one. Global Warming was exposed finally as a hoax, but they are still trying to pass Cap and Trade in order to combat Global Warming, only now they changed the name to Climate Change. It is my opinion that Barack Obama, and his appointed Czars are taking over all industry from banking to health care, to automobile manufacturing, to education, and now energy. They will do anything to justify the end.
Albert Einstein had his "Theory of Relativity", and I have "Jerry's Theory of Relative Coincidence." My theory is this: "There are accidents, and there disasters, and there are natural disasters. Natural disasters can not be prevented as they are acts of God. Accidents, and accidents that become disasters, can and usually are prevented, or preventable. Coincidences happen, but more than two coincidences can and probably are connected to a plot. Three coincidental disasters in one month, tell me that the term conspiracy theory , may just not be a theory at all. To many coincidences equal a plan." I strongly urge you all to check out the link above, and if you don't see a diabolical evil plan, please correct me.
We can not continue to deny the facts in evidence. Obama and his minions are destroying this nation. It is a plan, and they are carrying it out right before our eyes.
GOD Help Our Nation. Without God, we are nothing!!!

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