Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prince Charles urges environmentalists to follow Islamic spiritual principles - Jihad Watch

Oh my friends, you're going to love this. Another Dhimmi (slave to Islam) liberal from the UK speaks out. The one, the only Prince Charles thinks we should all follow the Islamic examples of how to exist with nature. The best thing however is, the Prince is calling for greater population control in the developing world. I'm not sure which developing world he's speaking of. Surely he's not speaking of castrating, and or neutering the Royal family. He's probably just calling for population control in the more peasant like areas, like Africa, and Asia. It is a very dangerous thing, when environmentalists like the Prince start calling for population control, the next thing you know, if he's really serious, he may be sneaking sterilants into the drinking water in Soho, or even Middlesex, or worse yet, London. England needs to keep a watchful eye on their Prince.
It is also the advice of Prince Charles, that Islam has it right with the environment, and everyone else obviously has it wrong. I wonder, has anyone ever measured the carbon footprint of a suicide bomber's successful mission. Where is your "bloody" head Prince Charlie??? Charles, excuse me, I seem to have forgotten my etiquette, His Royal Highness, the Prince of Whales, and now the Duke of Bedlam, who purports to be a practicing Christian, now there's a joke. He spoke of his in depth study of the Qu'ran which he says; "tells its followers that there is no separation between man and nature, and says we must always live within Natures mean and limits." He followed that up with this ridiculous statement: " From what I know of the Qu'ran, again, and again it describes the natural world as the handiwork of a "unitary benevolent power." A unitary benevolent power?!? What's that supposed to mean? Is the Prince insinuating that Our God, the Almighty, the Alpha, and the Omega, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, is merely some "unitary Mush God", that is every one's God, regardless of their faith? Let me tell you something Prince Charles, you practicing Christian, you Sir, need to get yourself into your Bible, perhaps, to re-acquaint yourself with the One True God. I know you've studied the Qu'ran, but let's keep things in perspective, shall we? It's one thing to study a book written by the false prophet Muhammad, it's another thing to start believing it. As you study these writings of Muhammad, remember he was a homicidal, pedophile, and he is dead. You can try Buddha, but you will find that he is dead also. Jesus Christ is every one's Lord and He is the Saviour of the world. Jesus Christ was victorious over death, and he is alive. I have also read the Qu'ran, and I found it to be nothing but a bunch of mumbo jumbo rantings of a mad man. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It advocates the killing of Christians and Jews, not to mention all Infidels in general, unless they bow to Allah.
God Help Us if we ever start quoting Muhammad instead of Christ.

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