Friday, June 4, 2010

The Death Of The Republic Is At Hand, R.I.P.

June 3, 2010 Headline, National Examiner (Sara A. Carter): Mexico Opens California Office To Provide ID Cards for Illegals

That's right, you read it correctly, the country of Mexico will be opening an office on Catalina Island, CA. The office's sole purpose is to provide illegal Mexican aliens with "matricular" ID cards. Basically, a "matricular" ID card is given to Mexican nationals that are LEGALLY living outside the country of Mexico. These cards will, first and foremost, make the illegals appear legal, as if they had permission from the American government to be in the U.S.. In actuality, the "matricular" card was designed by the Mexican government to enable the Illegal Immigrant to skirt around U.S. Immigration Laws. In other words, the Card, is as Illegal as the Illegal alien. Even more amazing, the Mexican government has requested that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement suspend the enforcement of Immigration laws on the Island of Catalina while the cards are being issued to the Illegals, subsequently, making them, right before the agent's eyes. Where is Governor Arnold "Terminator" on this one you ask? No body seems to know, my guess is he's still sucking up to Obama, looking for a bailout by U.S. Taxpayers for the state of California. For a big Conan the Barbarian type, Governor Arnold seems to be the weakest link in his state. Pushed, with his back against the wall by environmentalists, Mexican activists, ACLU, Gay Liberation Front, and a host of other special interests that have bankrupted California, there is no doubt that Arnold will fold up like an old lawn chair on this situation too.

At the other end of the country, Governor Jan Brewer had a meeting with the Muslim in Chief. The meeting was to discuss the border breach and illegal alien problem on the border of Arizona and Mexico. As I thought, the meeting really didn't amount to a hill of beans, no pun intended. My respect for Governor Brewer grows stronger every day, as she stood her ground with Obama, and of course he still thinks that the Arizona Immigration law is misguided, which surprises most people who have actually read the law. The Arizona law actually mirrors this country's federal immigration law. The president, and I use that term loosely, encouraged Governor Brewer to be his partner in establishing new and far reaching Immigration reform legislation. In other words, AMNESTY!!! Bi-partisan, of course. That means all Democrats, and no Republicans. It is my sincere hope that Governor Brewer told Mr. Obama where to put his Immigration Reform, and just enforce that laws we have on the books at present. The federal immigration laws are quite adequate, and if they had been enforced over the last three decades, we wouldn't be having a border problem today.

Where has the American Ideal gone? How is it, our government invites the President of one of the most corrupt nations in the western hemisphere, and sits idly by as he scolds our nation's law enforcement, laws, and state governments, simply because they are trying to save our republic from an invasion from his country. The most profound proof of this country's loss of principles, ideals, and values, is when Filipe Calderone finished telling us how bad we are, the entire White House staff, and every Democrat gave this hypocrite a standing ovation. I suppose I am just being remiss, because when you sit down and think this whole thing through, there is only one conclusion. The Obama administration is equally as corrupt as the Mexican government, if not more so. Obama does not care that all this upheaval is occurring, as a matter of fact he seems to be doing all in his power to propagate the divisiveness, and chaos. In his mind, the end will justify the means. As of this minute, you can bet that Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sunstein, and Barack Obama are shoring up their positions of power in the One World Governance that's coming down the pike. This BP oil rig catastrophe is going to provide them with the Perfect Storm they need to push their Socialist agenda.

The "Perfect Storm" clouds are gathering, if you aren't preparing for it, it will blow you and your house down. The storm is coming, and when it hits, it will hit with a vengeance, make no mistake about it. There is definitely something on the wind, and it's a dangerous and foul wind that's blowing this way. Rahm Emanuel: "Never waste a good crisis." Believe me, they won't allow this Oil Spill Crisis to pass by without capitalizing on it.

God Help This Nation, He is the only one who can!!!

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