Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If you caught Obama's speech from the Oval Office last night, then the poster above should pretty much say it all. At least it does for me. Do you believe the gall of this guy? If you need a bad guy, create one, if you need a fall guy, create one, if you have to have the perfect crisis to further your agenda, extend one. That's just how Obama works.
Three days after "Deep Water Horizon" exploded, the Dutch government offered the United States the use of their oil skimmers and technology. Obama turned them down flat. The Dutch skimmers could have contained and captured as much as 20,000 tons of oily sludge per day. Of course that oily sludge has since washed ashore, and is currently inundating the marsh lands and beaches along the Gulf Coast. Is it BP's fault? It was BP's accident, (if it was in fact an accident), but it was also the Obama administration that turned down aide offered by the United Kingdom, and the Dutch. Supposedly citing the Jones Act, it would be illegal for foreign vessels to operate in U.S. waters. I'm confused as to why the president didn't just skirt that law, and with the stroke of his pen, through Executive Order, wave the Jones Act, at least temporarily while the spill is being contained.(It's not like he hasn't done it before!) Actually, I'm not confused at all. Obama has an agenda, and he will carry it out regardless of the collateral damage. Obama is not concerned about the Gulf Coast, the people, the wild life, or the loss of jobs. The environment is of little concern in Obama's grand scheme of things. It is my opinion that Obama turned down help from other countries, because three days after the explosion and subsequent underwater oil leak, Obama made a judgement call. That call was based on how much this oil leak situation could further his Progressive cause. Had Obama taken charge, as he should have, and accepted all the help that was offered, this oil leak would have still been a disaster, but hmmm, if it were left alone for awhile, it could work into a major crisis. (One must learn to think like one's enemy.) Obama was right, now, it is a major crisis, the spill/leak will cause untold hardship, not only upon the Gulf Coast residents, the flora and fauna, but the entire U.S. economy. Before this is over, this crisis could be one of Biblical proportions. Yes, it's the perfect Progressive Crisis, that's what we have on our hands. What was it Rham Emanuel said? "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Well, this is a Progressive leader's dream come true. The Gulf oil spill/leak crisis can serve this president well. It will give Obama a perfect opportunity to shove his Cap & Trade (tax) Bill down the throats of the unsuspecting American people. Under the guise that the Bill will be good for the economy, and the environment, and, oh yes, let's not forget those green jobs it will create. Will Cap & Trade stop the leaking deep water oil well? NO, but it will add another huge tax burden on the American people. (Pile it on, Cloward and Piven would be proud!)
I watched the Sean Hannity Show last night after Obama's speech. I still think that Sean is missing the entire point regarding the government's handling of the oil leak. Sean is still giving Obama a pass, but I don't think Sean realizes it. By saying things like "Obama made a huge mistake by not accepting the help from the UK, and the Dutch, and that makes Obama a failure". That is exactly the justifiable rhetoric that Obama needs. If Obama can continue to convince the people that he is inept, because of inexperience, then the "pass" is already a given. Let me assure you, and Sean Hannity, and any other conservative TV or Radio host, Barack Hussein Obama is NOT inept. His administration is NOT a failure. He is accomplishing everything he has set out to do. His agenda comes first in his mind, and his agenda is coming to fruition, not because he is inept, but because he is smart, diabolical, and he seems to be able to stay one or two steps ahead of those who can stop him. I can't stop Obama, but hosts like Sean Hannity, Bill Oreilly, and Rush Limbaugh can. Glenn Beck has finally seen the light that Obama is not stupid, or naive. If only the others would wake up, and begin looking at Obama and his fellow Progressives through Glenn Beck's eyes, we could really stop this Progressive movement in it's tracks this coming November. Will it happen? I don't know. I do know that I will continue to try and wake people from their Obama slumber. I'm just one Blogger, those who read this, if you agree, should pass this along. Those who still place their faith in Obama, and not God Almighty, well, it is said: "You will reap what you sow." God Help This Country.

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