Friday, June 18, 2010


President Obama's solution to the Gulf Oil Spill, Cap & Trade, what else?!? If Obama manages to shove through his Energy Bill, the price of a gallon of gasoline with hit near $7.00 per gallon, by the year 2020, according to a recent Harvard University study. I'm more inclined to think that it will much sooner than 2020, more like 2014. Hey, that will be a big boon to the economy though, right? Once again, Joe Lieberman and John Kerry are hard at work for the "anointed one", they've even gone so far as to tweak the title from Cap & Trade to the "American Power Act", basically rolling all those global warming bills into one tidy package, with a title that makes me want to say "hey, sign me up, twice!!!" With a gallon of gas hitting $7.00, I wonder how many Americans will be able to drive to all those "Green Jobs"? My guess, not too many!!! As an added note, how many of you are aware that since Obama put into place a six month moratorium on off-shore oil drilling, he thought it would be in this country's best interest to send two billion dollars of taxpayer dough to the Brazil, so they can drill off-shore, only in deeper water than "Deep Water Horizon was in. I have to hand it to "Obama The Arrogant", there is just no end to his generosity with American money, let's hear it, hip, hip, hooray!!! It's easy to be generous with other people's money, just ask Obama, Dodd, Reid, and Pelosi. This administration's motto appears to be: "Don't have it, borrow it. Can't borrow it, print it. Who cares, it's not my money!" Collapsing the economy is number one on the Obama agenda, make no mistake about it. Obama doesn't really need the help of his Muslim friends to do it either, but that won't stop the Muslims from lending a hand. Islam is always willing to help out a bother, whether it be the Palestinians in Gaza, or Obama in the White House.
Remember last year in Chicago, a radical Islamic group had their recruiting convention? You remember the convention with the catchy title: "Fall of Capitalism & Rise of Islam"... Sounds pretty harmless to me, unless you are a Christian, or Jewish Capitalist that is. Well, guess what that same Islamist group is coming back to the Windy City for another recruiting convention, this one has an even better title: "Emerging World Order; How the Khilafah Will Shape The World". I don't know about you, but that sounds a little ominous to me. Then again, from the sound of the convention title, it could have come right straight out Obama's or Rahm Emanuel's mouth. Yea, Islam is a peaceful religion, they have no designs on ruling the world, nawww, not them... Just for information's sake the name of this Muslim group is, Hiz ut-Tahrir America, they are committed to establishing a caliphate, or international Islamic empire. Okay, so they're meeting in Chicago, and Obama, and Rahm, are both from Chicago. Is there a connection there? I don't know, but if I were to gamble, I'd say Oh Yesssssssssssss, there is a connection there.
So, here we are, trying to figure out the right, and the wrong of it all. Is America's greatest threat the infiltration of Islam, or our own president? One would assume that these are two distinct threats, I'm not so sure. Our president, and the nation of Islam both want a One World Order. One would think that Obama wants the One World for his own selfish reasons, and Islam of course for their own selfish reasons. I am of the inclination that both Obama and Islam are hand in hand on this one. One World Order with Islam and Obama in command. I can think of nothing more frightening than that lethal combination. Unfortunately, I think that that is exactly where we, as a world are headed.
Just for general principles, I looked at the well casing from the Deep Water Horizon. I'm not an engineer, or deep sea diver, or even an oil man. But, I think this thing could have been stopped a long time ago. It hasn't been stopped for a reason, and I think that BP is taking the hit, but I think that Obama, is going to make all go away, very soon, but only when this disaster has done what it was supposed to do for Obama. When the Energy Bill passes, and Cap & Trade, and the Lieberman/Kerry American Power Act is in place, a miraculous cure for the oil leak will be found.

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