Monday, June 14, 2010


I never thought this would happen, I'm about to quote not only a 17th century Liberal, but a 17th century French Liberal. The man,s name was Alexis De Tocqueville, he was born in France in 1805, and he died in 1859. Alexis was a historian, a political philosopher, and a Classical Liberal. Alexis studied America intently. He seemed to admire America, and the American people. He liked fortitude and the integrity that made America great. It was our form of democracy that he took exception too. Alexis said: " The American system of democracy will prevail until that moment when politicians discover that they can bribe the electorate with their own money." French, yes. Liberal, yes. Profound, absolutely. I have no doubt that Alexis might just have become a conservative, had he been exposed to the conservative ideals of America's founding fathers. I doubt that very many conservative thoughts, and ideas were prevalent in France during the 1800's. To bad, things might be different in Europe today, had conservatism been the dictate of the day.

In this instance, it sounds like Alexis De Tocqueville had America's number. Although, his analysis of our democratic system was correct. It isn't America's system democracy that is failing us, it's the people who have infiltrated our system of democracy. What Alexis didn't understand, or perhaps he didn't live long enough to understand, is that America is a democratic republic. When America's republic was established, our founding fathers knew it was fragile, that's why Benjamin Franklin stated: "We give you a Republic, if you can keep it." It is because of the Republic's fragility that the first and second amendments were given the one, two priority positions in the constitution. Alexis pointed out the failure of America's system of democracy that would fail, but the system was changed from the original system. It was people like Alexis and his liberal ideas that managed to infiltrate America's system, and poison it. Classical Liberalism is another term for Social Justice, our America was founded on laws that espoused Equal Justice. As a nation of laws, and not a nation of people. A nation that offered equal opportunity for a hard working individual to succeed, and or fail of his own volition. America was established with a government that was small, and held a promise for it's citizens to dream big, and realize their individual potential. Liberal ideals have sapped that potential that once was the fuel of the American people. America has been hijacked by Socialist idealism. The institution of entitlements was the beginning of the demise of our republic. Today, the socialists have our children being rewarded in school for failure. In America's schools today, good work ethics are not being taught, and competition is being discouraged. Our children are being indoctrinated into a subservient lifestyle, and government has become there mother and father. They are being taught that there is no God, there is no right, and no wrong, and that the government can and will provide for all their needs. The very fabric that made up the core of America is being torn and shredded in order to provide zombies for the elite and the abundantly wealthy.

It isn't the system of democratic republic, it is the failure of the electorate to recognize the erosion of the nations leaders. America has been bribing the people with the people's own money. Our nation's leaders who are elected to work for us, have usurped that authority, and turned the tables. America is rapidly reached a point of no return. Our freedoms, and liberties are being willingly ceded to the government, with hopes that the government will take care, and provide. The biggest failure of the people was the fact that they lost track of who the government really is. The government is Of the People, By the People, and For the People. We are the government, we pay the leaders, and we are responsible for the debts incurred by our nation.
Remember the movie, "The Time Machine"? Remember the "Eloi" and the "Morlock"? Do you recall, how the Eloi were indolent, androgynous, small, and childlike. They were being fed, and provided for by the Morlock. The Morlock were a race of sub-humans, but they were instinctively intelligent enough to know how to raise the Eloi, as cattle, if you will. The Morlock would use these Eloi as food. The Eloi were trained, and were the recipients of entitlements from the Morlock. Like many of Americans, and non-Americans today, the Eloi weren't required to work, everything on the earth,s surface was provided for them. The Eloi ate, slept, and played until the giant sirens sounded, they were being called to cave openings, where the Morlock were waiting to take them below ground, and put them in pens, and devour them.
Is that what we are to become? Was H.G. Wells a science fiction writer, or a seer like Nostradamus? Was Wells' movie a harbinger of what is to be our future? Will our children and grand children be the Eloi and the wealthy elite the Morlock? More and more, I see the American people walking blindly into the cave openings, and blindly to their ultimate demise. " Those who are willing to give up their freedom for a little bit of security, deserve to have neither."
Food for thought my fellow citizens, no pun intended!!!

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