Saturday, November 7, 2009


I just spent a couple of very troubling hours watching the news, and scouring the Internet. Why is it I keep hearing about poor Dr. Hasan? This is really beginning to make me want to puke, I mean it. Poor Dr. Hasan was troubled, who cares if Dr. Hasan was troubled. I'm troubled, all of our troops returning from the Middle East are troubled, I mean, give me a break already. In one article, I read that poor troubled Dr. Hasan stated that Muslims shouldn't be in the military, and Muslims shouldn't be killing Muslims. What kind of ridiculous statement is that from an Army Major. Instead of being deployed to the Middle East, he just decided it would be better to just stay here, and shoot returning soldiers, that way he'll have some kind of reason to be proud when he meets Allah, or what? I am appalled at the amount of sympathy this cold blooded murdering terrorist is getting. Something tells me that if a real soldier was to drive to a mosque somewhere, and open fire into a bunch of Muslims, that he would be getting the same kind of understanding, somehow, I doubt it. He would be portrayed as a cold blooded American soldier who hated Muslims, and he would be tried has a perpetrator of a hate crime, and sentenced to death. Unfortunately, I'm hearing things that make me think that somewhere in the not to distant future, that some liberal, maybe Obama himself will be a hanging a medal on this Hasan guy, for valor. I don't know what this country is coming to, it's all upside down, and backwards. The real hero's are scoffed at, and the terrorists are elevated to some kind of sacred place, and treated as defender's of their faith. It is by all accounts disgusting.
Here's a little food for thought, poor Dr. Hasan said "Muslim's shouldn't be killing Muslims". What does he think is going on in Iraq and the the rest of the Middle East? Doesn't he know that more Muslims are murdered by Muslims than any thing else? Who does Dr. Hasan think is strapping on the suicide vests, and blowing away civilians in that part of the world? Does he think that American soldiers are disguising themselves as mentally challenged women, and blowing themselves up in crowded market places. This entire "poor troubled Dr. Hasan" defense is all bull puckey. He was, is, and always will be a person who planned on killing Americans, PERIOD!!! That's what he did, it's not alleged, he did it, he got shot doing it, he's guilty with a capital "G". He is a traitor to his country, and he should be treated as such, by the law, both military and civilian. There is NO good defense for this domestic terrorist, and no punishment severe enough!

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