Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One World Government, You Want It? You Got It!

A perfect example of what can and will happen, when Barack Obama signs over U.S. sovereignty over to international rule. Today in Italy, a court made up of a seven judge panel, known as "Europe's Court of Human Rights", has ordered that all Crucifix's be removed from Italy's schools. Now, it is not the ruling that bothers me, nor should it bother you, unless you're Roman Catholic. The disturbing thing about this ruling, is that it didn't come from an Italian Court, it came from a European Court. You see, European countries have signed on to the United Europe concept. This is the exact type of concept our present administration is contemplating. When you sign on to a United anything, you also relinquish your sovereignty. I'm sure that very few countries in Europe, gave that much consideration prior to penning their names to the agreement. Perhaps their respective governments should have explained this to the citizenry of those individual countries. I doubt that any agreement to "unite", would have passed muster, at least not without many stipulations guaranteeing each country's right to govern their own schools, etc., etc.

Be very wary of what our president is going to be doing in Copenhagen this December, he may just be signing away this country's right of self governance. I am not sure that Obama will even attend this meeting, but if he does, do not be surprised if you wake up one morning, and some panel of judges in some other country decrees you can no longer own firearms, or you have to turn your thermostat down this winter to 62 degrees or less. Don't surprised if some international court tells America that our Constitution is now nothing more that a worthless piece of parchment, and you will now have to abide by a new world constitution, which by the way, will super cede the U.S. Constitution. All at the direction of our president, by his signature.

If we allow these far left radical Progressives to continue sliding this country into a Socialist/Communist state, mark my words, this is exactly what will happen. Take heed of this warning, if you are conservative, or liberal, I am sure you don't want to cede the right of sovereignty and self governance to some international tribunal. God Help Us. Look at the UK, and all of Europe, they have sold their liberty and freedom, lets not allow that to happen here.

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