Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I keep hearing about this energy crisis we have in this country. The truth is, that it is the government and the environmentalists that are the root cause of all of America's energy problems. We as a country have oil in the ground as yet untapped because of environmentalist protests. We as a country have enough oil shale in this country to produce petroleum for an almost endless number of years, but it is still untapped for the same reason we are not drilling for oil. This country, is the Saudi Arabia of coal resources. Coal can be burned cleanly, mined cleanly and safely, but our president wants to shut down coal mining operations and the coal fire energy plants that use the coal. America has an abundant source of natural gas, untold amounts, are once again still untapped, I wonder why. Not really, I know why!!!

Speaking of a conspiracy theory... Is there anyone out there who knows how many small businesses would expand and hire the unemployed if there was an economical flow of energy? I have a feeling that many places of business that have closed their doors in the past two years, would be still open and profitable. If the United States was actively drilling, refining, mining, and producing the energy resources we have at our fingertips, our economy would not be in the dire straights it is now. I just heard on FOX News, that Obama has just shut down the Yucca Nuclear Fuel Waste Depository, you know, the place that we have all been taxed on our fuel bills for the past 25 years to build. It will now never be used. That's 13 billion dollars gone into a hole in the ground. I guess he shut it down because he also plans on shutting down our nuclear power plants too. So, tell me there isn't some kind of subversive plan in the works here!

A little recap, we as Americans can't have coal energy, we can't have oil energy, we can't have nuclear energy, and we can't have natural gas energy. Have I missed anything? I didn't think so. So, Mr. Obama, what kind of energy can we have? We can import oil from countries that want us dead. We can grow our food, like corn and soy beans, and instead of eating it, we'll just burn it in our fuel tanks, and oh yes, wind power, and solar power. It is a proven fact that bio-fuel, and ethanol are not viable replacement fuels for gasoline and diesel oil, because our choice would be, do we feed the hungry, or drive our cars. Now, although wind power and solar power have great potential as renewable sources of energy, they will never replace coal fire, and natural gas as energy for commercial industry, and domestic home energy needs. At least not yet. Bottom line, Obama, and the radical left do in fact have an agenda, that agenda is as follows: To bring capitalism to an end. What better way to do that, than bring our entire country to it's economic knees. Leaving nothing but an opportunity to put into play a Socialist/Communist controlled nation. The dollar is falling like a rock, but yet, the Obama administration is printing more and more 24/7. Obama knows that the more dollars there are in circulation, the less their value, the less the value, the more people are out of work, the more people out of work, the more poverty, the more poverty, the more control he and his Czars will have over the people. His administration controls, the banks, the mortgage companies, the auto industry, and the energy of this country. Now he wants to control the nations health care. What's next? There doesn't need to be a next, when Obama gains control of all I have mentioned, he will have total control of the American people. Wake Up America, please wake up. God help us.

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