Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, what a revolting development!!! Tennessee lawmakers feel they've been duped. They weren't duped at all, they were stupid, they wanted to be on the "Go Green" band wagon, so they just jumped on, not knowing or caring where it was going, and like a bunch of idiots, they also blew 70 million dollars of Tennessee taxpayer's money for the ride. No sir, the Tennessee lawmakers weren't duped at all, they didn't do their research, that's for sure, but then, who's fault is that? Now they are looking for excuses, DuPont lied to us, we were duped into wasting taxpayer money. Stop it already. You as duly elected representatives of the people of Tennessee, through no body's fault but your own literally burned 70 million dollars.
Let's get down to the nitty- gritty here. Tennessee lawmakers were ignorant enough to fall for the rhetoric being spewed by Tennessee's native son, Al " the planet is warming" Gore. In an effort to be seen as ground floor advocates of the "Go Green" fad, our lawmakers went from ignorant to arrogant and spent money that was not theirs to spend. They spent it, because of "Global Warming", which by the way doesn't exist!!! Global Warming never existed, climate change, that exists. Climate change however, has always existed, and it will till the good Lord chooses to put an end to this world He created. Mortals can not fight climate change, and it would be the height of arrogance to think we could. We as people have to do as we've always done when the climate changes, we have to adapt, improvise, and overcome until the climate changes back to normal, which it will, it always has, and always will, God designed it that way. Amen?!?!
So let's get this straight. You spent our 70 million dollars, on a plant that isn't working the way it's supposed to, right? Who's job was it to follow up on the taxpayer's investment? We have a plant that's not productive, it was built to help solve a problem that doesn't exist, and then our lawmaker's compounded the idiocy by, get this, paying Tennessee farmers to grow "switch grass" that isn't even being harvested for the manufacture of ethanol, because corn cobs work just as well? Do I have this right?
Lawmaker's, listen to what I have to say, and listen close. The only energy crisis this nation has, is the one contrived by environmentalists, and the Federal Government. This nation has the resources to be energy independent, but you won't use them. We have oil reserves, that are as yet untapped, we have natural gas reserves untapped, we have coal, and clean coal technology, we have pioneered nuclear energy power plants, but we won't build any. We aren't using our own resources, so what do you expect? I'm not a rocket scientist, I am however, a thinker, and I can see that the only crisis this country has, is the past and present administrations. I can see a pattern here, why can't some of our highly educated and learned scholars in government see it?
If there is no conspiracy to bring this country to it's knees, then, we have the stupidest, most ignorant legislator's on the face of the planet, and I mean at all levels. Personally, I do not think Obama and his cronies are stupid, they have an agenda, and they are carrying it out. They are using the sheepish state and local legislator's as pawns, and the locals can't even see how completely taken in they are. I think it will be up to us the VOTERS, to do the job. It's time to oust every last Tennessee legislator who blindly voted to appropriate 70 million dollars for this lost cause project. I know we have some competent legislator's in Tennessee, one of them, I consider a dear friend. All I ask of them is to take those other nincompoops and shake them awake, before it's too late.
Stop and think, how many families could have been fed and clothed for 70 million dollars. Or if that money had been distributed to small businesses, how many Tennesseans would still have jobs. I don't know how much taxpayer money went to farmers to grow switch grass, but it sure would have been better spent if those farmers were growing food instead.
Here is a hint to our Lawmakers: If you are growing food to burn in internal combustion engines, it's not a good idea. Burning food for fuel is not a viable alternative, especially if we have the right energy resources beneath our feet!!!
God Help Us

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