Monday, November 2, 2009


Don't believe that Satan has a hold on America, well, read these two headlines from last month: "Pastor's Unite to Support Same Sex Marriage" (Washington Post 10/30/2009) Or, how about this one: "Blacks in US drawn to Islam" ( Associated Press 10/30/2009). Those were just two of the many anti-God, anti-Jesus headlines, there are way too many to list. Are you aware, that the fastest growing belief system, or in this case, non-belief system in America is Atheism? Do we actually know how many people in this country have turned their backs on God? Do we know how many people are shaking their fists to the heavens shouting " We don't need a God!!!"? The answer to both of those questions is, too many! There is no doubt in my mind that Our Lord God is not at all happy with America right now. This country has the largest population of Christians, yet, as Christian's we rarely take a stand for Jesus. Our schools are filled with anti-God teachings, Christian prayer has been banned from Public Schools, but allowances are made for Muslim students to pray. Prayer's around the flag pole have been banned because if offends a couple atheist parents, so the majority suffers at the hands of the minority. I was under the impression that this is still America, and we still have the right to free speech. The community churches really need to band together, and pray with their students at the flag pole, how many people can a city jail hold? Are the authorities going to open fire on it's children and parents for praying? Ladies and gentlemen, we are losing this beloved country of ours. We are allowing liberal far left winger's to take our freedom, and liberty. We are allowing the disguise of "politically correct tolerance" steal our very rights to assembly, to pray, to worship the one true God. Yes, my friends, make no mistake about it, Satan has a strangle hold on America, we can break it, but it's going to take some nerve, and strength, and guts. If we as Christian's don't stand up for our rights, in our country, then surely all of our rights will be lost forever. God Help Us.

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