Friday, August 19, 2011


The Racist and the Dufus, now there's a team.
Obama Administration To Review All Deportation Cases, Apply DREAM Act-Style Criteria

  I believe I've made this statement before, "Obama has made the Congress and the People of the United States totally irrelevant when it comes to policy decisions.
  This appalling administration has once again slapped the American citizen in the face, and spat upon Congress by implementing portions of the "Dream Act" (amnesty for illegals) without the approval of Congress.  If my memory serves me correctly, and I believe it does, the Dream Act has not been passed, so where does Obama get his ability to implement.  Obviously, he doesn't need Congress's approval.  Which brings about the question, does Obama ever need Congressional approval to do anything?  Where do our elected representatives stand on this?  They stand on the sidelines, once again watching Obama and his minions destroy not only this country's economy, but our Constitution as well.
  Does anyone in the House or Senate have the guts to stand up, and begin impeachment proceedings against this president?  I think not!  The majority of our congressional servants are no longer servants of the people, but instead, they have become servants of Barack Hussein Obama.  A pathetic showing by our elected representatives at best.  I would call our Congress a bunch of spineless, wimpy, mealy mouth, mental malingerers, blind and gutless, but I won't.  The HE** I won't, our elected representatives with the exception of a few, should be hiding their heads in shame.  It is to bad "hari kari" is frowned upon in this country, as many on Capitol Hill should be sharpening their daggers right now.  This Congress has stood by and watched this administration shred the Constitution, spit in the faces of hard working Americans, apologise for America to numerous countries around the world, bow to Allah, recognize Ramadan and iftars, praise Islam, and never once has he ever recognised the birth, crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and yet Obama claims to be a Christian.  Truely, if anyone has ever brought dishonor to our country, it's those who have the power to stop this madman, and have stood by and done nothing! 
  Never before in my life have I been so sick and so fearful at the same time.  Our nation is being destroyed and our worst enemy is in the White House.  If there ever was a time in American history when We The People should be seriously thinking about implementation of our 2nd amendment, I believe the time is now.
Is it any wonder why the department of Homeland Security has just disseminated a new Public Service Announcement video depicting Caucasian men in business suits as the terror threat to America?  It's called demonizing, and all of us white folks, Christians and Patriots have now been labeled as targets for scrutiny by the Federal government.  Is this country upside down and inside out or what?
  I am in total disgust at those who claim to represent us, all the while allowing this president to dismantle and fundamentally transform America into the Socialist country of his dreams.  I am, as I said before doubtful that a free and honest election will be held for 2012.  I believe that Barack Obama will find some way to keep his position, not so much as president of the United States, but of the new One World Order, as he still has a year and a half to continue his rape of this nation.
  Prayer is needed my friends, revival of God fearing, honest, ethical priciples needs to be re-introduced to America before as I am inclined to believe, "all is lost."
God Help Us
The Watchman

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