Wednesday, August 17, 2011


  Well, I'm not ready to refer to Texas Governor Rick Perry as the pro-Sharia candidate just yet.  Much research is still in the offing.  Rest assured though, I will research this man's relationship with Islam, Muslims and Sharia Law.  I cannot in good conscience condemn a man for having a good relationship with anyone.  However, if Rick Perry actually recognizes Islam as merely another religion, then I am going to have a serious problem with him.  It is well known that our current President, if not a Muslim himself, is surely a Muslim enabler and is loyal to Islam.  The inroads Muslims have made into all levels of government is strictly due to Barack Hussein Obama's strong support of Islam in America.  I am not willing to have the reins transferred from one Muslim enabler to another, it would be like cutting ones nose off to spite ones face.  Jumping from the frying pan into the fire, as it were.  Suffice to say, any American in a power seat, whether it be Governor of Texas, Mayor of Small Town USA, or a police Chief, anywhere in America that has a good working relationship with Islam and the Muslim community, raises a huge red flag with me, and that flag is sporting a crescent moon.  It would be extremely difficult to embrace Islam, without embracing Sharia Law, as they go hand in hand.  If you query any Muslim in an American Muslim community as to their loyalty to the US Constitution or to Sharia, they will answer that "Sharia takes precedence over all man-made law."  I don't know about you folks, but that sends a chill up my spine.  Rick Perry's true relationship with Islam still remains to be seen.  I have yet to see him bow to a Saudi King or Prince, but that doesn't mean he won't after he's sitting in the White House.  So that means we as American voters have to get this one right!!! 
  Let me go on record once again, I have no animosity toward Middle Eastern people, my problem is with Muslims and those loyal to Islam and Allah the moon god.  I can live peacefully with any race, creed or color.  I do however, have a serious problem with anyone who worships in a so-called religion that calls for them to dominate the world, especially my world, and that of my family.  I also take exception with any American that doesn't see Islam and it's quest for world domination as a problem.
  The antipathy between Barack Obama and Governor Rick Perry is certainly no secret.  They have an obvious dislike for one another.  I have to ask myself why is that, where does the dislike stem from?  Could it be that both Perry and Obama have a more than cordial relationship with American Muslims?  Could it be that being the new Caliph of the new Caliphate is a shared goal?  Far out, you say, I'm reaching and I'm paranoid.  Perhaps, but take a long look around you.  Ask yourself, who and what so-called religion in America has the most exceptional rights and perks?  Is it the Catholics, the Protestants, the Mormons, the Buddhists?  If you are honest with yourself, the answer is "none of the above".  Only the Muslims in America have the right to pray in school.  Only the Muslims in America can call for jihad against Jews and Christians in America, and not be reprimanded for it.  Actually, anything a Muslim does in America is ignored by the law enforcement, and the politicians.  Oh yes, my friends the Muslims already have special rights, that Christians will never see.  
  So, are we ready for another Muslim enabler in the White House?  I don't know about you, but I'm certainly NOT!!!
God Help Us
The Watchman 

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