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Easy Glenn, we'd all like to be with you in Israel!

Restoring Courage: Israel/Glenn Beck
August 21-25, 2011

  Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" taking place in Israel is a more than worthwhile endeavor.  Just taking on such a monumental task is impressive and takes much courage on Glenn's part, and that of his staff, hat's off Glenn!!!
  You should know Glenn that there a great many of us that would like nothing more than to stand side-by-side and arm-in-arm with you in Israel.  There are many of us who love Israel, and most of us are Christians who have a true understanding of the Holy Bible, and we also understand the significance of Israel in God's plan.  Those who cannot be with you physically, are there in spirit.  We all pray that the Lord will protect you and all who attend your "Restoring Courage Rally".
  Be that as it may, the trip to Israel and the accommodations while there are extremely expensive for most of us.  This may be something that you've forgotten in the last few years of your new found wealth.  I am not berating you for your wealth, you have earned it, every cent, and we Americans thank you and appreciate all you have done in educating us.  Unfortunately our gratitude carries little financial influence, either in Israel or here in America.  As you must know, many Americans are in a struggle during this economic situation our would-be Socialist government has put us in.  You must also realize, speaking for myself a TEA Party member and all the conservatives that elected representatives to congress, to in essence, hold the line on spending.  Many have kept that promise, many have not.  Those who didn't will more than likely lose their seats in the House to new conservatives who will keep that promise.  Let it be known right here, right now that I did not agree with John Boehner's raising the debt ceiling proposal. I see it as a complete and total cave-in and compromise of conservative principles.  That being said, in my heart I do believe that John Boehner has made the correct decision regarding the  many congressmen and women who would like to be in Israel with you.  I don't believe that Speaker Boehner barred or banned any legislator from attending the "Restoring Courage Rally".  What he did do is save the American taxpayers somewhere between $210,000.00 and $500,000.00 according to my calculations.  You see, as you taught us Glenn, our congressional leaders don't go anywhere cheap, and they have never been frugal when securing accommodations.  It is not unreasonable to expect our congressmen and women to absorb the cost of a little vacation to Israel.  It's not like they aren't being paid enough to handle it.  Although this trip could be construed as politically motivated and beneficial to our country, in essence, it is not.  Support for Israel has become a personal thing, not governmental, and therefore the cost of the trip should not be placed as just one more burden on the taxpayer.  By the same token, I have no doubt that had this been a "Restoring the Caliphate Rally" being held in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, the taxpayers would not only be picking up the tab for the entire legislature, but also the President and his entourage.  I would love to see your "Restoring Courage Rally" be attended by as many American politicians as would want to join you.  Let's just see how many of the 30 or so actually will show up in Israel, when it has to be at their own expense.  If anything, Speaker Boehner has given you a free gauge in which to judge just how many legislators are actually standing up for and supporting Israel.  I sincerely hope you won't be disappointed Glenn.  As for me, I think the turn out of American politicians will be meager, and that of course, will cause me great disappointment.
  I do not place much faith in my fellow man, I do however place unending faith in God the Creator of all things.  The Lord said, I will not leave you or forsake you, and I believe that with my whole heart and mind and soul.  May God be with you Glenn Beck, and with all those who stand with you in support of Israel.  All of us supporters of the cause of Israel back here in the U.S., pray wholeheartedly for your safety and those with you.  May Almighty God smile upon your good work in support of His people, and smile upon this nation as we pray for the well being of our nation and for all peaceful people of the world. Amen
The Watchman

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