Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When he realizes he can't get re-elected, and nobody is listening anymore, what will he do?

 The polls show that if a presidential election was held today, that Obama would more than likely lose to any generic republican.  I imagine that means the Obama illusion is coming to a close, but is it?  In the latest from Robert Gibbs, one time Obama Press Secretary and now 2012 campaign manager.  "Obama is not worried about reelection, he's concerned for the people, not himself."  That translates into something completely different in my mind.  
  In case you haven't noticed, despite the fact that America is demanding less spending, holding and cutting taxes on small business and curtailing if not eliminating the over spending on some entitlements, duplicate government entities and useless  programs, Obama seems to show no sign of relenting.  He is still calling for higher taxes, more spending of borrowed money and growing government.  One has to ask, what is he thinking?  How does he expect to get reelected if he continues to discount and ignore the obvious will of the people?  That indignant arrogance on Obama's part is what really rubs me the wrong way.  I keep asking myself, what am I missing?  There must be more to this than what appears?  My answer is this; there is always more to the story, especially this story, than meets the eye, I'm sure of it!
  I think the big question here is:  What will Obama do and how far will he go to maintain his power seat?  When Barack Hussein Obama realizes that he is going to be a single term president, will he merely bow out of the way or does he even consider that it will come to that?  Judging from Obama's past performance , I don't see him stepping quietly out of the limelight and riding off into the sunset.    When Obama realizes that it is inevitable that he will be giving up the reins of the free world to someone who is not a Progressive Socialist as himself, I fear he will not give up so easily.  We all know from listening to news casts, that the entire world is once again in chaos and on the brink of another world war.  Is it feasible that Obama will push the world over the edge in order to cause enough world chaos so that he can declare a Marshall Law state, and hold on to power?  Is he just determined and angry and mad enough to want to expedite the New One World Order?  Is his ultimate goal to be the first Caliph of the New Islamic Empire or perhaps the first New World Order dictator, strong enough to drive him to do something so diabolical? 
  It is enough to state that Barack Hussein Obama isn't a quitter, and there is plenty of evidence to show that he doesn't take no for an answer very well.  Does he already have a "plan B" as it were?  In his mind does he already know that he will not have to relinquish power?  If time is running out, is it running out for Obama, or is it running out for America?   What is the real reason Obama is not at all worried about the upcoming election?  Perhaps he knows something we don't.
  Here is something to ponder, Obama as we speak is virtually unelectable, yet there is noone in the Democrat/Progressive party who will challenge him, by asking for a Democrat primary election, why is that?  Obama at this time has been abandoned by his far left base because they don't think that he is far left enough.  He has been abandoned by the Independents who were instrumental in getting him elected in the first place.  He is consistantly losing any support he had among the women and young voters, and he is even losing the Black and Hispanic voters.  Is he worried?   NO he is not!  Why not???
God Help Us
The Watchman


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