Thursday, August 18, 2011


How long will it take for white people to realize they are being targeted by black youth?

Headlines across the country:  Young people in flash mobs attack unsuspecting innocent victims.  Man beaten to within an inch of his life...Young woman thrown to the ground punched and kicked...Milwaukee Fair goers attacked by youth gangs outside State Fairgrounds...
  There are a couple of crucial points missing from the national headlines, and the main stream media commentary regarding these "flash mob" attacks. 
  Number One:  The victims of these "flash mob" attacks are Caucasian (white) and Asian.
  Number Two:  The attackers are Black, period.
  That being said, the only thing the media is getting correct, is the fact that the "flash mobs" are predominantly made up of young folks.
  In this day and age of Affirmative Action, Political Correctness, Tolerance and Multi-Culturalism, many of these flash mob instances are being virtually ignored by the main stream.  The one thing that is foremost on the ignore list, is the fact that these "flash mob" attackers are all black, and the victims are all of a lighter color skin.  At the risk of making a racial comment, "I think the reasons these Black youths doing the attacking on unsuspecting white people, are racially motivated.  The facts are pure and simple.  These Black youth go out at night, sometimes broad daylight with the sole intention of seeing how many white people they can do harm to. "  In my mind these acts of violence are pathetically barbaric at best.  As far as I can tell from the news video clips, the Black youth responsible for these crimes are the ones who have chosen to remain uneducated and more than likely are recipients of government assistance.  They will refer to themselves as victims of White oppression, but the simple fact is, they have all the exact same, if not more opportunities than the Whites, upon which they choose to exact their misplaced anger.  It is not the total responsibility of these Black youth, they are way to uneducated to realize that the best way to get ahead, is to get and education, and actually work for a living.  Instead, there are those Black community leaders like Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr. who are driving huge wedges between the races in order to keep their jobs.  Unfortunately the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons are gaining their own fortunes and notoriety at the expense of their own people.  Preachers like Jeremiah Wright are constantly bombarding the adult Blacks with messages of hate the White man, and you are all suffering at the hands of the Whites.  These people who attend church at Rev. Wright's, are not bright enough to realize that it is the White folks and the working Blacks in this country who keep the welfare, health care and food stamps coming.  The leaders of the Black community are teaching their own people that if you bite the hand that feeds you, you'll get even more out of them.  My message to the Black community leaders, is this.  "You are pursuing and leading your people down a very dangerous path."  How long do you think that White people will sit back and take these attacks, not only on their character, but on their personal being?  How long do you think White people will remain tolerant of these abuses?  How long before the White people see the news videos and realize that Hey, all those attackers are Black, and they are harming only White people for no apparent reason.?  After that awakening, how long will it take for the young White population to begin to exercise some self defense, and perhaps some aggressive retaliation upon the Black community? 
  This is still America, and in this country there is an ingrained instinct for self defense.  When will the Whites decide that enough is enough?  Even the most politically correct, liberal, pacifist, tolerant White man will want to exact revenge, when he or one of his own is being brutally beaten for no reason, other than some thug decided that it's once again time to hurt or maim another White woman or man.
  Our nation is on the brink, the eve as it were, of destruction.  Blacks and Whites and Asians and all others need to realize that we are being manipulated by those who would see America destroyed.  The implementing of the One World Government depends on how quickly the Progressive left can bring America to it's knees.  Those who are encouraging these young Black folks to attack Whites, are simply using them to the elites own ends.  They want this to continue until White people have no choice but to defend themselves.  The elite, both Black and White I might add, are using the uneducated masses to do their bidding.  Why do you think it's so easy for a minority to get on a government entitlement program?  Why do you think the elite want to raise taxes to continue entitlements for minorities?  They make it easy for minorities to become comfortable in their poverty, by giving welfare money, food stamps, free health care.  What a great life right?  You don't have to work for anything and the more you get the more you want, it's a perfect plan, for those on the elite left consider minorities on government assistance "useful idiots".  By the same token, the elite left will pile more and more responsibility on the Blacks and Whites that are working to provide for those chosen by the elite to get paid for not working.  It's diabolical, and it's working, believe me it's working.
  It isn't enough for me to state; that if confronted by a "flash mob" of young out-of-control Black youth, I will not lay down and allow myself, my wife or my grand children to be accosted.  I will self defend in all ways at my disposal."  Blacks who consider joining these destructive gangs of thugs should consider that not all White men will be intimidated.  When that point arrives, there will be race riots that will make the 60's look tame by comparison.  
  My advice to the Black youth:  "Choose your direction wisely!"  My advice to White people out at night, take all necessary precautions to defend yourselves, you may have to.
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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