Saturday, July 23, 2011


Anders Breivik, Oslo's Mass Murderer

  For the past 2 years I have been warning the citizenry about the threats from Islam.  Yesterday, in Oslo, Norway, the unthinkable happened.  The man pictured above allegedly blew up some government offices and proceeded to a youth camp, where, dressed as a policeman, pulled weapons and brutally murdered some 80 people, most of them teenagers.  Whatever his motive might have been, the crime is inexcusable.  He should be prosecuted and sentenced without mercy.  I do not believe that Norway has a death penalty, but if they do, I can think of no better instance to employ it, than with this man.  The act was senseless and evil.  Justice will, I'm sure prevail in court here on earth, but most certainly by the Lord Our God.
  There is no doubt that the left-wing has already jumped on the fact that this murderer is not a Muslim, although ties to Muslim influence have not been ruled out as yet.  The description "Christian" has already been over used in this tragedy, as a label, a "scarlet letter" if you will.  As if it were somehow Christian doctrine that turned this guy into the homicidal maniac he appears to be.  Anti-Christian and anti-white accusers will be all over this one, mark my words.  Let me say this one thing, there is nothing Christian about this man, and nothing in the teachings of Christ to lead anyone to commit such a heinous act of violence.  If this man was a follower of Islam, his actions would be conceivable, as the Muslim extremists are known world wide for their brutality and murder of non-believers.  It is condoned by Muhammad in the Koran, so we expect it from Muslims.  The first thoughts of everyone when the car-bomb went off in Oslo, was understandably, Muslim terrorists.  When something like this happens, it is quite common to look to those violent people who are 9 out 10 times responsible for acts like these.
  The terrorist style acts committed by Anders Breivik will certainly be the fuel the Department of Homeland Security needs to justify their assumption that Conservative Right Wing citizens are terrorists.  From now and for all time, when conservatives bring argument that Middle Eastern looking people need to be profiled at airports, the TSA will merely bring up the blond haired, blue eyed Norwegian named Anders Breivik, and the terrorist act he perpetrated upon the innocent people in Norway.  A home grown terrorist murdering 80 or more of his own people.  
  I submit that Anders Breivik is not a terrorist per say, but a common criminal who was berserk enough to commit a abominable crime, resulting in terror.  I contend that this man is a homicidal maniac, and he wanted attention.  I believe that he is not part of a large group of fair-haired Norwegians set to wreak havoc upon the citizens of Norway or anywhere else in the free world.  Anders Breivik is a sick and twisted individual, and what he did, although heiness, is a one time isolated incident.
  The crime of Anders Breivik should not cause the world's focus on an enemy Islam to waiver in any way.  The spread of Islam and Sharia is as real as ever.  When the terrible memories of what happened yesterday in Norway begin to fade, Islam and the re-building of the new Caliphate will be alive and well.  Believe me, the Muslims in Norway will cheer over this episode and take advantage of this moment to further their cause, just as they did on 9/11.  America, we can ill afford to ignore or deny who the real enemy is.  
  My heart and my prayers to the families of this, Oslo's most terrible tragedy, God be with you all.
May we never forget that this is Satan's domain, and evil lives here.  Evil things happen, and evil comes in all sizes and shapes, colors and creeds.  In these times, we must be vigilant, especially Christians.  The Lord warns us of persecutions for His name's sake.  The one thing that Satan is good at, is finding ways to lay the blame on Christians for things he has caused.  
God Help Us
The Watchman    

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